10 Things You Can Do to Look More Stylish

Fashionable people don’t just “Wake Up Like That” they work at it.

I’m going to share a BIG secret here….as much as the fashion industry would love you to believe, having great style doesn’t mean buying everything that’s trending at the moment.  Sometimes it’s as easy as knowing when to tuck in your shirt or when not to wear a necklace.

Like anything else you strive to be good at, it’s about planning, research, organization and honing your skills.

Whether you’re setting out with a style goal to become more fashion forward, or you’re hitting the reset button on a lifetime of mistakes, I have put together a guide to help anyone up their style game.

These aren’t steadfast rules, but instead some easy tips and suggestions that can help you transform your daily look from BLAH to AWE.

Plan Ahead

Pick your outfit out the night before.  You did this when you were in High School right?  Well, it’s time to get back into the routine.  Picking your look out the night before keeps you from feeling rushed and gives you time to carefully plan it out.  Try everything on together in advance to make sure it all comes together without last-minute surprises.

Wake Up Early

NO MORE SNOOZE BUTTON!  Give yourself time to get ready.  Getting up early allows you to collect your thoughts, de-lint, steam and add any finishing accessories.

The 14 Day Rule

If you have’t worn something in 14 days after purchasing it, return it.  This keeps your closet from becoming over cluttered and you from drowning in a sea of clothing you will never wear.

Be Inspired

Follow gals whose style you admire on Instagram to get inspiration and sort through fashion magazines online.  Create a Pinterest board of looks you love.  These style-tools are free and easily at your disposal.  Instead of the same-old, same-old it will inspire you to try something new!

Pick YOUR Trends

Not every trend works for everyone.  They just don’t.  Instead of throwing every trend into your closet try sorting through the seasonal must-haves and find what works for you and YOUR personal style then incorporate those into your look.

Wear the Wrong Shoes

I know it sounds silly but fashionable gals know that contrast makes the look.  Swap out your high heels for flat booties, your sneakers for high heels and your sandals for sneakers. The more wrong it feels, the more right it usually is.

Make a Statement

Choose ONE piece to “speak for your look”. Whether it be an on-trend shoe, a statement necklace or an “it” bag with a pop of color let that one piece shine.

Accessorize with Restraint

From the mouth of style icon Coco Chanel , “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” There is a point at which it becomes just too much, and the chicest women know exactly what that point is. Ask yourself if you really need the scarf and the statement necklace? Often, the cut of your clothes — an exposed neckline or bare arms — will tell you just what to pair with it.  Listen to it.

Flatter Me

Are your best features being accentuated? Do your clothes make your figure look good? Only wear pieces that fit and flatter you.  If you don’t like how you look in it why are you wearing it?  If it’s too frumpy, a color that just washes you out or something you just don’t feel happy in- get rid of it.  Why torture yourself and set the tone for a whole day of being uncomfortable and miserable.   Don’t you have a better outlook when you are wearing an outfit you like?   Something that really helps is to take a photo of yourself in the mirror (or to have someone else take one for you) and then review the look.  Looking at it in photo form helps you see what others see.  I have returned many an outfit after photographing it in a mirror.

Add Lipstick

When all else fails add lipstick.  I am a firm believer that adding lipstick can brighten any look.  Even if you have on no other makeup lipstick makes your face looks brighter, your style appear effortlessly chic and your teeth seem whiter!

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  1. All are really great ideas. Is it better to organize your closet by color or type of clothing item?

    1. Really it’s whatever works for you. I am a super OCD and a visual person so I organize by type then color then season season within the color and type.

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