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DIY Scented Vinegar

I LOVE Vinegar.

Vinegar is a laundry and deodorizing miracle. It fights stains, buildup and odors but some people are put off by the smell- even though it disappears as it dries.

Don’t count vinegar out too quickly, there is a way to make vinegar smell less.. vinegary.

You have probably seen “Scented” vinegar sold and it can be a little pricey but you can make your own scented vinegar for a fraction of the cost and DIY Scented Vinegar makes a great gift for your friends and neighbors.

Scented vinegar has all the same cleaning and sanitizing abilities as regular vinegar, but with less of that potent vinegar smell.

All You Need Is:

  • White Vinegar
  • Large glass jar
  • Fresh Orange Peels and Cloves OR Fresh Lemon Peels and Fresh Sprigs of Rosemary for scent
  • Glass Spray Bottle or Chemical Resistant Plastic Spray Bottle
  • Baker’s String


Pour some vinegar into a glass bowl (enough to fill your container) then heat it in the microwave.


Grab your jar and fill it with either orange peels and a few cloves or lemon peels and springs of rosemary. I personally like the Orange/Clove in Winter and Lemon/Rosemary in summer. (This process isn’t an exact science, so don’t worry too much about amounts. When in doubt, add more of the scented item rather than less, since the smell of vinegar is pretty strong to begin with!)


A FEW VINEGAR TIPS: Vinegar should never be used on natural stone, like marble or granite. It also should not be used on aluminum or cast iron. It can pit these surfaces and ruin them.

When making your own cleaner make sure all of your tools are clean. Run your jars through the dishwasher or rinse with very hot water if they’ve been sitting in the cabinet for a while. Brand new jars, also, will need to be cleaned prior to use.

Dilute your scented vinegar at a 1:2 ratio (1 part vinegar to 2 parts water) to clean your fridge, microwave, pet stains, and floors.