4 Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf

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Summer scarves are one of my favorite warm weather accessories.  They are light-weight and add an element of layering that can really finish off a look.

The key to wearing a summer scarf is all in how you tie it.

Start with a long soft scarf.

I am loving New Orleans based Skip N Whistle’s super cute screen printed scarves which are made of a ridiculously soft knit jersey. They are feather-light and feel amazing against your skin.  Plus they have TONS of quirky designs which makes me absolutely giddy!

Here are 4 Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf demonstrated with my Skip N Whistle Sugar Skull Scarf:

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1. Long and Loose- a huge trend with celebs.  This is  easy, quick and simple.  Place the middle of the scarf behind your neck and let the ends drape over each shoulder.

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2. Classic Wrap- begin with the middle of the scarf loosely on the front of your neck to form a cowl.  Wrap each end around and back over your shoulders to drape along each side.  Adjust to get desired length.

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3. Infinity- Normally you would tie each end together but I wanted to show the cute screen print on my scarf so I tied the ends together in a knot just above the screen print which will create a big circle with two bunny ears.  Place the circle around your neck and wrap around until it is the desired length.  Pull the bunny ears over to one side then fluff and adjust.

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4. Half Bow- Place the middle of the scarf behind your neck and let it hang so that one end is longer than the other. Bring the long end over the short end and pull it through the neck loop from the bottom but not all the way. Pull it so that the long end creates a half loop on one side of your neck. Tie securely to form a half bow shape and fluff the bow out.

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You can grab yourself a perfect summer Scarf from Skip N Whistle at SkipnWhistle.com

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  1. Love your modeling! I remember first learning how to wear a scarf at all, after growing up in Florida, where it would just smother you no matter what. I’ve always wanted to learn the half bow!

  2. Loving the ‘cheater’ version of an infinity scarf. Broadens the possibilities for all the scarves in my closet.

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