50 Shades Of Twerk for Halloween

Are you terrified at the idea of selecting a Halloween Costume?

Afraid you may fall back on a boring theme like Vampires, Pirates or Sexy Vampire or Sexy Pirate…lol

I have a wickedly special treat for you.  

My witchy gal pal, Halloween expert and professional make-up artist Melissa Conner is guest posting to help all you Ghouls and Ghosts get it together (even at the last minute) this Halloween with some unique and comic costume ideas!

 Mwah ha ha ha


Halloween is every makeup artists’ favorite holiday and I’m no different.

Planning starts November 1st and every trend, movie character and celebrity meltdown is a possibility.

I change my mind about 20 times and come September, the costume starts to come to life!

Whether you want to go as sexy cop or even sexy corn, I’ve got some creative, simple costumes guaranteed to win a contest or 2.



Totally hot, sexy and more fun to put it together than buying a bagged costume.

Ana gets smokey eyes and flushed cheek & lip, a sexy burgundy dress or white mens’ dress shirt, heels and long dark wig, while Christian can do either a grey sharp suit with of course the grey silk tie or if your date is a lil daring he can go shirtless with jeans unbuttoned, bare feet and silk tie.

Must have accessories: whip, leash, zip-ties, rope and handcuffs.








For ladies who want to be sexy AND funny, this is the perfect costume!

Rest assured you wont be the only twerkers at the party so to set yourselves apart, nail every detail.

Red lips, long fake lashes on top and bottom, tie your hair into 2 knots.

Ill be shaving my head and growing roots out for a literal interpretation…lol

For Robin, A black and white striped suit (I custom tailored a Beetlejuice costume- but the Urban Outfitters one below would work great) gold whistle, aviators, black shirt & leather  sneakers.








I love this costume!

It’s funny, current and creative!

You can dare to DIY or hire a local body painter/airbrush artist to help you out.

Try it with an ironic tee or do the full furry thing.

To take it over the top add a cardboard meme!










This of course is great if you happen to be Preggers at Halloween.

Slick your wig in a pony, add a goatee, a tight floral dress and of course the giant fake butt!

Makeup is uber dramatic smokey eyes, over the top false lashes, heavy on the contour and nude lips.

(If you are not prego pick up a faux baby bump at a costume store)

If your feeling devilish, maybe get your Kanye to wear a t-shirt that say’s,  I’m #1







This can be trendy, sexy and fun!

Big red lips, cat-like eyeliner (Bobbi Brown Gel liner) Leopard bikini and grass skirt, black wig and false lashes.

Maybe add a tiger or parrot stuffed animal prop.








Even after the big day there’s more makeup, fun and costumes to be had…Day of the Dead is November 1 and 2nd.

This is a fun look to do for men and women  but I recommend hiring a pro to really do it up right!

Swarovski crystals with flat backs are available at most craft stores if you want to bedazzle your dead.




Other fun ideas include “What does the Fox say” for a couple, Breaking Bad hazmat Suits for buddies, Duck Dynasty and for kids I love Walter White (bald cap and goatee),  and even 50 Shades of Grey for your pet!




Visit HalloweenCostumes.com’s blog for a complete DIY on how to get the What Did the Fox Say look…click here




For you last minute party attendees…..if you run out of time to get a costume together, go to the drugstore, get the worst wig you can find, oversized sunglasses and be Amanda Bynes meltdown!




Melissa’s Most important Halloween Tip: If you are doing fake hair using Spirit Gum don’t forget the remover!

Otherwise it may be an extra embarrassing walk of shame the next morning! BOO!

Hoping all your Halloween nightmares come true so you don’t make mine come true.

Just say no to bagged costumes!



Want more?  Visit Melissa at www.melissaconner.com

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  1. This is hysterical! And I’m almost afraid to tell you I’m going as a pirate this year. Actually, the entire family are dressing up as pirates and we’re in the process of building a pirate ship jutting out from our front porch. Not sure I’d want to explain to my kids about a 50 Shades costume. 🙂

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