A Decent Man

I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!

Today I had a moment of magical fantastical discovery sauntering through the isles of TJ MAXX when I stumbled upon a product.  I HAD to buy every single one they had in stock and then run home and write about it!

My new love gave me a tender embrace coupled by a big old kiss on the mouth right there in the TJ MAXX isle with its witty, cheeky caption“What’s your Wardrobe MALEfunction” and smart packaging.


The Decent Man’s Grooming Tools are grooming kits for any male fashion emergency- seriously ANY emergency.  Created by the same masterminds behind Hollywood Fashion Secrets– a line we women can’t get enough of!

“The growing demand for the men’s personal care category is what inspired Hollywood Fashion Secrets’ (HFS) new line: The Decent Man’s Grooming Tools (after all, behind every decent man is a good woman!). HFS is the definitive expert, the go-to company, for innovative and easy-to-use clothing solutions.

Gentlemen, here’s the deal: looking good isn’t just for metrosexuals anymore—it’s caught on with all men. Hanging out in front of the mirror, making sure one doesn’t look like a Zubas-wearing schlub before a date, need no longer threaten one’s masculinity. Guys appreciate being able to solve problems and to that end these tools can help you look and stay sharp and polished effortlessly.

Nothing’s more appealing than a guy who exudes confidence. Get groomed. Get some.”

300 (1)

  • Pit Protectors– because we sweat. Protects shirts, suit jackets and sweaters from yellow pit stains. Stop embarrassing underarm wetness


  • Collar Guards-because we get hot around the collar. Protects collar from permanent sweat stains. Taming your collars to stand up better.

300 (2)

300 (3)

300 (4)

  • Deodorant Wipes– because we smell. 2 in 1:  Wipes away odor & re-applies deodorant

300 (5)


  • Non-Sewing Kit– because we don’t sew. Contains:
  • Instant stick-on shirt buttons. When a button falls off, replace with new stick-on button in seconds
  •  Instant pin-on pant button-Ate too much food and your button popped off?  Adjust your pants with the pin-on button.  Looks like the real thing!
  • Hem tape. Pant or jacket hem fall down?  Stick a piece of tape on the fallen hem to repair.  Looks brand new

Check out all of the MANly products at: Drugstore.com  Seriously Guys, it’s hard to find a decent man.  You need these.

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