A Girl an Airstream and her Christmas Pjs

When I was a wee little fashionista Holiday pajamas, were an annual tradition.  We would don our special Christmas pj’s, load the family into the car and drive around the neighborhood looking at the twinkling Christmas lights, while my sisters and I guessed at what Santa would or as my parents would remind us “wouldn’t” bring us if we were naughty.  We sipped on peppermint topped hot chocolate and dreamed of opening presents Christmas morning.

Although these days my hot chocolate has been substituted for Irish Coffee (yeah that’s NOT hot chocolate in my vixen mug) I still feel wrapped in holiday happiness with the magical childlike anticipation of Christmas Eve when I don my festive pajamas.

The better part of the last year I have spent most of my free time restoring a vintage Airstream with my fantastically talented father.  For Christmas Eve my hubs and I plan on having a Christmas pajama jammie jam in our Airstream sleeping outside of my parents house so that we will be front and center Christmas morning with my nieces and nephew to see what Santa delivered.

Today’s Outfit of the Day is what I’ll be wearing Christmas Eve (Minnetonka Alpine Moccasin Slippers, Old Navy Union Suit and Cardigan) shot in my happy place- my 1973 Argosy Airstream.

I have become head-over-pajamaed-heels OBSESSED with Union Suits.

This cozy undergarment has been around for decades. Made famous by cartoons featuring guys in union suits with faulty back flaps, the first union suit was invented in the mid-1800s.

Different from their cozy cousin the onesie which is usually made of fleece the Union Suit is traditionally made of red flannel, wool or cotton with long arms and long legs. It buttoned up the front and had a button-up flap in the rear covering the behind (known as the “drop seat”, “fireman’s flap”).

You can’t talk holiday pj’s without talking slippers!  This ridiculously cute candy cane striped Union Suit pairs perfectly with the coziest slippers I have EVER worn: Minnetonka’s Alpine Sheepskin Moccasin Slipper.  They are seriously like nestling your feet into a super chic cloud.  They’re so FLUFFY !  With leather laces and rubber soles your feet will feel fantastic indoors or outside!  I don’t want to ever take them off.

There is still time to grab a pair before Christmas at MinnetonkaMoccasin.com or at Nordstrom.com 

What will you be wearing for Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning?

Like the Look?  Click to SHOP the Post.  NOTE this exact Union Suit and cardigan are sold out online BUT I have spotted them at several Old Navy brick and mortar locations.

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