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I am obsessed.  Bat $%# crazy for and totally enamored by my latest discovery.

Sam Villa’s Textur Texturizing Iron. 

Most of us gals like a little volume in our hair. I’m not talking extreme “The higher the hair the closer to God” Texas Style volume.  Just everyday volume that gives your look a little more style.

I happen to like mine around the crown, some like a little poof in the back and others desire a little more volume throughout.

The most common ways to achieve this are 1. with teasing or 2. with a texturizing power.  The problem with these methods is that teasing damages your hair and texturizing powders are really only good for one application and one style before you need to wash plus they tend to dry out the hair.

Here’s where my new best friend comes into play!

Yesterday I went to Sam Villa’s Hairshow to treat myself to a blowout.  At the styling stage of the service my blowout glamour gal Marissa asked if I would like her to use the Textur Iron for some volume.  What?  Textur Iron?  What is that?  I consider myself pretty well versed on the latest in beauty and hair tools yet I had never heard of a Textur Iron. How was this possible?  Marissa gave me the 411 on the tool and used it on my hair.  It was love at first crimp.

What is it: Sam Villa’s Textur Texturizing Iron is a micro crimper with titanium coated plates that evenly conducts heat which means no “hot spots” that could burn your hair. Designed by award winning hairdresser and educator Sam Villa (the Creative Director for Redken) the iron features three heat settings for all hair types and Targeted Temperature Technology ensures consistent temperature within +/- 3 degrees.

Why I love it: Gives great volume that lasts with no damage to the hair. The Targeted Temperature settings make it easy to know how much heat you should use for your type of hair: Low – 375° for fine hair, Color-Treated – 392° for most hair types, especially color-treated and High – 410° for virgin or highly resistant hair. Lightweight and easy to use and it even has a auto turn off after 60 minutes for those of us that leave the house and then 20 minutes later worry that we forgot to turn our irons off!

How to Use it: You add the tiny texture pattern to your roots and brush it out to give volume without needing any hair powder or any teasing! Pull up the top layer of your hair like you would do if you were going to tease for volume.


Use the texture iron at the roots of the underneath layers then brush the top layer back over!  Add as much or as little texture/volume as you want.  I just want a little lift at the crown so I only needed one row of micro crimping.






Voila lush hair with stay put lift that you can brush through and restyle without worry!

Where to Buy it: Sam Villa’s Hairshow in Look Style Society at Town Square or at

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  1. You’ve seen my hair or lack thereof…. I’m constantly buying some kind of “volumizing” hair product to give my hair some oomph… hoping for a miracle but still searching. I’ve got to check this out!

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