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I have an exciting olfactory discovery for you that I stumbled upon last week at one of my favorite places to shop, The Forum Shops at Caesars.

While taking the usual route from my top secret easy access parking location (yes, I’ll reveal that to you in the upcoming weeks) heading to John Varvatos to pick up clothing for a shoot, I noticed the Dior Beauty boutique had “had a little work done” aka a store remodel.  So of course I had to stop in and take a peek…what I discovered is pure luxury fragrance heaven.

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Nestled at the back of the Dior Beauty boutique is a truly remarkable fragrance library.

La Collection Privée Christian Dior by Francois Demachy is a collection of authentic, creative, elegant fragrances for men and women, created using only carefully selected and exceptional raw materials.

Each fragrance is inspired by a person, place, ingredient or moment in time dear to the House of Dior.  From the homes in Granville and Milly-la-Forêt so dear to Christian Dior, to his muse and friend Mitzah Bricard.

“Rare ingredients, daring olfactory approaches and creation that know no bounds…This collection reflects the freedom that only true luxury allows.” – Francois Demachy

If you are as much of a fragrance aficionado as I am you need to stop by the boutique to experience fragrance in Dior’s truly luxurious style.


No paper scent strips/mouillettes here, DIOR has you sample fragrances by spritzing them into beautiful bejeweled ceramic funnels.  The fragrance expert told me that this way you get to experience the true scent without any contamination from paper.


Once you find a fragrance that strikes your fancy you can spritz it onto a beautiful fragrance “calling card” labeled with the scents name so you won’t forget!

J’adore Dior!


What were my must-have’s?

Let’s start with GRIS MONTAIGNE. Dior describes it as “If grey were a fragrance”.  Notes of bergamot, rose, patchouli, amber, cedarwood, sandalwood and oakmoss make up Dior Gris Montaigne.

Christian Dior loved pink and grey, the combination was his favorite and Gris Montaigne is the perfect interpretation of this color combination.  The scent feels very much like what you would think a beautiful grey rose would smell like. Etheral, chic, surreal a true “fashion girl’s’ scent.

If you are looking for something dark, seductive and mysterious try OUD ISPAHAN.

The young Christian Dior was amazed to discover, far from his country, the profusion of shimmering colours and intoxicating scents of the Orient. It was an extremely sensorial world, which he remembered, once he had become a Couturier-Perfumer and enjoyed using richly embroidered fabrics and composing exceptional perfumes. Knowledgeable from Christian Dior’s fascination with a fantastical Orient, François Demachy created this unique fragrance. An intoxicating blend of Laos Oud, Labdanum Absolute and Damascus Rose Essence.  This fragrance takes you for a ride!  The ultimate “shared” fragrance, it starts off subtle and almost feminine develops into something earthy and exotic (almost primal) then settles into a dusty, amberish honeyed oud scent.

All of the La Collection Privee fragrances have a true development which is one of the things most coveted about luxury fragrances.  Each has a top note that is the first olfactory impression and the most intense, a heart note which is the fragrance’s core and lasts for several hours and a base note which lasts the longest.

Dior’s full range of La Collection Privee fragrances is so exclusive that it is ONLY available at The Dior Beauty Boutique at The Forum Shops at Caesars in Las Vegas!

Oh Forum Shops, you make this fashion girl’s heart beat a little faster.

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