Agloves A glove that works!

Here comes the cold weather.  I had my first taste of it last night when I left the house in a less than Fall weighted garment and was shivering 1/2 way through the night.

There is one major thing I have learned over the years about cold weather kids: If your  hands or feet get cold then your whole body will be cold.

To combat the brrrr factor, I am a boots and gloves kind of gal but I seem to stumble on the same problem every year.

I, Christie,  am a compulsive email checker, tweeter, Facebook poster and instagramer and in order to do these things on my Iphone I have to remove my gloves which is a pain in the ass (especially if I am on an outdoor shoot).  There I am standing with one glove in my mouth and a phone in my solo gloved hand- as if in some sort of Michael Jackson tribute- its a mess.

Trying to find a solution to this problem I have experimented with gloves that were supposed to be “touch-sensitive”  and had silicone finger tips but they didn’t work plus they looked like some sort of weird condom on the ends of my fingers!

This year I stumbled onto a chic little comfortable glove that ACTUALLY works on a touch screen!  Agloves.

They don’t just work on a touch screen- they are amazing on a touch screen!  Almost better than my bare finger tips!

Agloves are compatible with any and all touch screen phones, camera, multimedia devices, game systems and ereaders!

What makes Agloves different?

Touch screens interpret touch by detecting a change in electrical signal or impulse that is naturally generated from your body (bioelectricity) and transmitted by your fingertips. Ordinary gloves are made with non-conductive materials and block this signal.

The secret to all Agloves products’ design is silver. Silver is the most conductive element on the periodic table of the elements. Each Aglove is knit with real silver threads – no copper nickel or tin alloys – combined with other materials in a patent-pending glove design. Using real silver provides several benefits to Agloves:

  • Greater warmth
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Superior conductivity

…but the most important thing is that real silver threads make it easy for you to use your touchscreen devices: iPhones, smartphones, iPads and tablets. Hooray!


Available in 5 styles Agloves are super-chic comfortable and best of all they won’t “interrupt” your Social Networking signal!  Want to grab a pair for your self?  Click here to buy!

Get ready to tweet with cozy warm hands this winter!  1 Lucky winner will receive a pair of Agloves in the style and size of their choice!

To Enter:

First, if you haven’t already, either “LIKE” this blog on Facebook or SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL- links to both are in the upper right of sidebar.

Then, leave a comment on this post between Oct. 28 and Nov. 3 telling me what style of Agloves  you want and why.  Click here to visit their site to browse styles.

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

Last week’s lucky winner is: Lacey Jones!  Congrats!


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  1. New innovations never cease to amaze me. Whodathunk???
    The Heavy Duty with Grip pair looks pretty cool.
    Thanks for another eye-opener Christie!

  2. Oh wow!!! I really, really, really, want to win this one!
    I would love the ‘grip’ ones because I’m thinking I could finally wear gloves AND push my wheelchair… do you know how hard that is to do with regular gloves?? I’ll tell you… It’s HARD… like… impossibly hard 🙂

  3. Heavy Duty for multiple reasons:
    Grips – If I am going to hold my phone in a hand that is gloved, I would want a sticky surface so I don’t drop it.
    Thickest – If I am going to wear gloves, I want to wear the warmest pair I can.
    Toughness – If I am going to spend my hard earned money on a pair of good gloves, I would want them to last through everything I throw at them; from the mundane daily life to the emergency change of a flat tire in the freezing cold (or to call road-side service).

  4. Where do find these things!? Awesome find! I would like the natural ones because I try really hard to wear items that are not irritating to my skin. And, I really am not a fan of the cold, so I wear gloves ALL the time in the winter, and these would be awesome so I wouldn’t have to remove them to be on my phone (which I also use ALL the time!) PLUS- I’m going to NYC in December, and #1. I will look totally en trend with these haute items and #2. I will probably NEVER take my gloves off the whole time I’m there.

  5. I only occasionally wear gloves while I’m hear in Vegas, but last winner, I traveled back east and was SOOOO frustrated because it was freezing cold and I had to take off my gloves to use my phone. I figured there was no glove that would truly work…the Agloves sound perfect! I’d pick the original agloves in M/L.

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