Animal Print Trend: It’s a Jungle Out There

Animal Print Trend

I’ve been talking, posting and writing non-stop about how hot hawaiian and tropical prints are for SS18 but have I mentioned that for Pre-Fall and Fall 2018 animal prints will be leading the pack?

The animal print trend game is strong this Fall.  The shows were packed with animal prints, from Dior to Herrera, Stella McCartney to Saint Laurent. Designers took inspiration from the notebooks of zoologists incorporating the ENTIRE animal kingdom into their designs everything from Leopard to Zebra, exotic tigers and even snakes.

I know, I know… you are wondering why I am talking about Fall when it’s a 113 degrees outside but in order to make smart clothing purchases now you have to look a season ahead, which is precisely why I became instantly starry eyed when I saw this dress.

It was totally love at first fashion sight.  Picture a rom-com montage of me and this dress laughing, sipping cocktails, walking hand in hand on the beach and riding off into the sunset together.

Yeah it was that and here’s why….first, it has a tropical print so it’s hot NOW and second it has an animal print so it will be hot LATER PLUS it has 3/4 sleeves (I told you all about why I love these HERE) and it’s a shirt dress, which is one of my favorite silhouettes.

Wear it now for summer with sandals and wear it for fall with boots, a leopard or zebra coat and a fun animal print bag.

Yaas! Oh Yaas!

The animal print trend fits in so flawlessly with the tropical print trend that there is really no reason to wait until Fall to start rockin’ it.

Incorporate animal prints into your summer wardrobe by pairing leopard with palm prints or zebra with tropical florals.

A Hawaiian print button down shirt becomes oh so tropical chic when paired with a sleek leopard print pencil skirt or if you just want to take your animal prints as a garish on your tropical drink of a look try mixing in a fun parrot print clutch or tiger striped earrings.

Animal Print Trend

Animal Print Trend

Animal Print Trend

Animal Print Trend

Animal Print Trend

Animal Print Trend

Animal Print Trend

Animal Print Trend

Animal Print Trend

Animal Print Trend

What I’m Wearing: Warehouse Sahara Shirt Dress | TOPMAN Red Hawaiian Print Cross Body Bag | Vintage Belt | Chloe Sandals | Chloe Sunglasses |

Click to SHOP some Wear NOW Wear LATER Animal Prints: 

Animal Prints. The Trend you can Rock Now and Rock Later. Animal Print Trend.

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  1. Animal Prints can be really fantastic if done right and this dress is an example of doing it right – the right colors, fabric and print makes it all worth the effort. Excellent style too Christie!

  2. I’ve never been into animal printed clothes, but your dress looks just awesome. The setting you found for these pictures matches it really well. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! It’s fun you should give it a try- if the “whole look” of animal prints scares you try adding in animal print accessories!

  3. Ok, can we talk about your adorable shoes?!?! That dress is lovely and how perfect that it’s so trendy for both summer and fall!

  4. I’m really taken with the shoes. These slingbacks are so awesome! I really like that you’ve paired them with a longer dress, I usually picture slingbacks with long trousers or a shorter mini-skirt! This is definitely a cute dress for wearing to the museum or out to brunch. I’m also loving the bag. Perfect for a holiday trip!

    I’m trying to envision this fabric in real life, does it have a more starchy, heavy feel? or a lighter poly?

    Very Cute!

  5. I have been so happy with the current tropical print trend, its one of my favorites. But I really love any print if its done right. I couldn’t see some of your pictures on this post though, just an fyi.

    1. That’s strange. I pulled it up on 3 different devices and they all show up fine. Maybe it’s your internet speed?

    1. You totally could! You don’t have to go head to toe, try incorporating a print jacket, blouse or handbag to start!

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