Atelier Cologne Invites You to Cocktail Hour with Cedrat Enivrant



Those of you that know me can asset to the fact that I walk one true blue path that I never sway from when it comes to fragrance.

I am an Atelier girl.

I first discovered Atelier’s Colognes four years ago when I met and interviewed the charming husband and wife duo behind the brand, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel.

They took me on a whirlwind olfactory journey through their collection and the stories behind each captivating fragrance.

It was love at first sniff for me. I had never felt this way about any other fragrance before.  Fresh and energizing each fragrance has its own distinct “personality” giving a magical modern twist to the classic idea of citrus based fragrances.

Many other brands have tried to romance me into wearing their scent but my heart remains true to Atelier.

You will find me in Orange Sanguine during the summer and Vanille Insensee in the winter.

I didn’t think things could get any better.  My fragrance life was complete and satisfied until Atelier Cologne asked me to join them for “cocktail hour”, by sending me a preview bottle of their latest Cologne Absolue, the sixth fragrance in thier Collection Originale: Cédrat Envirant.

Even as I write this I am sniffing in the sweet mood enhancing blend that is Cédrat Envirant.

Inspired by the classic French cocktail The French 75, Cédrat Enivrant is built around a refreshing, quenching blend of lemon and gin notes.

Cédrat Envirant, like all of Atelier’s Cologne Absolues, has a 15% concentration, with an equally intoxicating composition of Moroccan cedrat, Mexican lime, Calabrian bergamot, Chinese mint, Egyptian basilica, Macedonian juniper, Brazilian tonka bean, Haitian vetiver, and Phillipine elemi.

This juicy cocktail is the perfect thing to shake off those winter blues and adopt a disposition that is a whole lot sunnier.

Cheers Atelier, I love you.

Atelier Cologne’s Cédrat Enivrant is available at Neiman Marcus and 

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