We all dread THAT time of the month.

I’m not talking about the time of month you may think, I’m talking about the time of the month  just before your hair appointment- when your roots are at their worst OR even MORE tragic, when you find a dreaded white rabbit, aka gray hair.

I found a hair-tastical little helper that will you get through THAT time looking just as fabulous as if you had already been to the salon:  Gray Disappear from Generation Klean.

Gray Disappear is an easy to use no-mess no-fuss hair mascara that covers roots and/or  grays in seconds.

Generation Klean sent me a  sample of the BLAZE Gray Disappear to try for myself.

I waited out the month, watched my roots grow and then when they were at their peak I put the product to the test.

(above: my roots BEFORE)

(above: easy to use, brush the mascara wand along the problem area from the root out)

 (above: my roots AFTER- vibrant, fresh and so much better)

NOTE: I have tried other “touch up” products in the past but they all recieved a #FAIL grade from me.  They either were a pain to apply or they ran and created drips.

Gray Disappear is a #WINNER because not only did it go on easily and quickly!  Something you could do as you were heading out the door or even in the car- but preferably NOT while it is also Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Propylene Glycol Free (that means NO BAD STUFF)  and is packed full of antioxidants and vitamin E- which are good for your hair!

The  perfect temporary solution that will get to the root of the problem Gray Disappear is  available in 6 colors: Gold (blonde), Blaze (red), Espresso (brown) Fudge (dark brown), Honey (wheat blonde) and Onyx (black).

You can pick some up  for $15.99 at Whole Foods and

This week Generation Klean wants to solve your root issues!  1 lucky winner will receive an Onyx (black) Gray Disappear and 1 winner will recieve a Gold (blonde) Gray Disappear.

To Enter:

First, if you haven’t already, LIKE this BLOG on Facebook.(click here or us the link on the top right of sidebar)

Then, leave a comment on this post between July 8 and July 14th telling me whether you’re a Gold or Onyx and whether your problem is Roots or Rabbits!

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!  Please Leave Comments-I value each and every one!

Last weeks lucky winners: Wig (Fresh Feet), Stephanie (Fresh Baby), Michael (Fresh Male), Carolina (Fresh Female) Congrats and keep it Fresh!


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  1. First!
    Cool product. I’m always “hunting for wabbits”. The Greys are starting to get outta control.
    Thanks for the Fresh Feet!

  2. I love this product, but don’t think I’d be able to use it. However, I think that gifting it would be hilarious 🙂

  3. I am definitely going to try this. I use the “touch-up in a can” and it is sticky and a little hard to apply. This looks great.

  4. I am roots and I am onyx. I want this product. Will be sending my husband to get some for me. Thanks Christie

  5. OK this is music to my ears! I was just staring at my annoying grays at my roots the other day! If I can’t find that product here in Singapore I’m loading up when I’m in the U.S. in a couple of months! Thanks for sharing Christie!

  6. Hope I’m not jinxed now by commenting and that 4 letter word starts appearing! Cool product though. Would be interesting to try for roots that I’m obsessed with!

  7. Roots… Onyx….
    And OMGLeeeee….. I must confess right here, right now… I have totally used mascara to cover that crap up on 2 occasions when I thought I was all “prettiest girl at the party’ and then saw those suckers laughing at me in the mirror… HA!!!! Who knew there was legit stuff to use!!

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