Bare and Bold: Elle Macpherson

Make a smooth spring forward with the new t-shirt bra collection from Elle Macpherson Intimates: Bare and Bold.

One of the most in demand styles on the market, t-shirt bras are designed to be invisible under even the thinnest fabrics.  Perfect underneath clingy tops and lightweight fabrics, t-shirt bras are made with contoured cups and without seams so they offer a clean smooth look.

 “The Bare and Bold collection of t-shirt bras uses a smooth slinky knit fabric over expertly cut moulded cups, providing the ultimate shape and support. Available in a strapless, plunge cup, push-up and underwire style with three types of briefs to select from. The Bare and Bold briefs are designed with a clever double layer fold-back to ensure the vital no visible panty line under your clothes.”

“I wanted to ensure this collection was functional and comfortable under clothes while still being desirable. Lingerie is an emotional purchase for women even when it comes to the t-shirt bra. The fit, style and look must be perfect. Bare and Bold offers the ultimate silhouette regardless of the profile you choose”, says Elle.

(above: from Elle Macpherson Intimates Bare and Bold Collection)

 Elle Macpherson Intimates gave me the Bare and Bold details on their new collection:

Q: Elle Macpherson Intimates is known for ornate/beautifully designed feminine lingerie.  Why a t-shirt bra?

EMI: Elle created her Bare and Bold collection because of high customer demand.  A large percent of the US market is driven by everyday smooth-cup t-shirt bras, so as a brand that listens to its customers we created Bare and Bold to cater to their needs.  We wanted to be able to outfit women for every occasion and to suit their every mood.  We still incorporate Elle’s feminine signature by offering styles with lace trim.

Q: Many Brands have t-shirt bras that tend to stretch out or loose their shape after a few wearings.  How does Bare and Bold retain its shape?

EMI: One of the fabric components of the line is elastane which is exceptional for elasticity.  It is a strong and durable fiber that is highly tear resistant.  Additionally, it’s important that customers properly care for their lingerie.  Hand washing is always best, but if this isn’t an option, then washing the garments in a lingerie bag is an alternative. Always line dry though-the heat from the dryer wears out the fabric.

Q: Tell me what my readers are all dying to know about: the anti-roll briefs! 

EMI: Everyone hates panty lines! Basically, there is no seam or threading on the edge of the brief, so there’s no line to show through.  Our slinky knit fabric lays flat against the skin for a smooth finish!

Q: What does Bare and Bold mean to you?

EMI: Bare and Bold is a new twist on lingerie basics. Bare because you barely feel it’s there while wearing it.  Bold because our unique design offers continuous support with the option of a fashion flare.

 Available beginning in April at Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, in black or American nude. Retail: bras start at $48, briefs start at $22.

Elle Macpherson Intimates wants you to be Bare and Bold this season!

1 Lucky winner will received a set of Bare and Bold bra and panty in the color of their choice.

To Enter:

First, if you haven’t already, subscribe to this blog. (you can subscribe VIA EMAIL at the top right of sidebar)

Second, leave a comment on this post between April 3 and April 9th telling me how you are Bare and Bold.

For additional entries “share” this on Facebook and Twitter.

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

Last weeks lucky winner is Julie!

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  1. First!
    Atthe risk of being inappropriate, I love being “bare & bold”!
    Especially after a night of imbibing adult beverages. 🙂

  2. Happy Sunday Christie!! OMG this blog is phenomenal! I have been bra & panty hunting for too long and now I found the PERFECT ones thanks to you!!! In the summertime it would be wonderful to feel like your barely wearing anything!! 🙂

  3. There’s nothing more comfortable than hanging out in my birthday suit – BARE naked! So being that I pretty much have to wear a bra, I like the ones that I barely feel and that look (and feel) as if you are bare under your clothes (no panty lines or bra lines). As far as being BOLD… well, “Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful.”

  4. Why did I not subscribe sooner to your website? I always love new products or anything else fabulous! The idea of finding the perfect bra is like finding the perfect man. Once you do, Its game over! I am always on the hunt for a great t-shirt bra… my bf laughs because I absolutely hate bras and sometimes wear what he calls a “training bra” I like to feel free and I like to feel myself and somehow most bras make me feel uncomfortable. This line looks amazing and perfect for me and has a more structured “bra” look that my bf will thank you for. Being bare and bold is being comfortable in your own skin. It’s you, stripped of all the everyday crap and still feeling fearless and sexy! I love myself most when I’m just me… Plain and simple. Love your site Christie, adding it to my bookmarks now!

  5. I am Bold and Bare everyday…. Bare-legged that is. I wear shorts all year-round. Even throughout the winter, that’s right, even when there is 2 feet of snow I still wear my shorts.

  6. I love laying in the pool in the sun bare but naked!! Lmao!! I can’t believe I just said that!. “I know it’s very BOLD” but…who cares!! I can picture it.. there is nobody but my floaty, margarita, and the sun! This summer watch out!! 

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