Be Like A Pineapple


Maybe its the season or the fact that I had a ridiculously amazing piece of pineapple cake at the Tommy Bahama Restaurant yesterday but I have pineapple on the brain!

This sweet tasty fruit is not only delicious but is also super good for you!  Pineapple aids in digestion, helps relieve pain from arthritis and is packed full vitamin C, even more than an orange!

The delectable pineapples health credentials also extend to stress reduction since it contains high levels of B vitamins which increase our ability to deal with stress!  Yep ingesting this yummy fruit reduces stress… of course if you have it in a pina colada you’ll be REALLY relaxed! LOL!

Whether you get your pineapple fix in a cocktail, fruit salad, tasty baked good or au natural here are some fun ways to show your pineapple pride and keep tropical trending this season:


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