Beautiful Oddness: Coach Spring 2015

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I am OBSESSED with COACH’s 2015 Spring Collection.

This is Creative Director Stuart Vevers second collection for Coach and this ain’t your momma’s Coach.

Fresh, fun with a 70s rock and roll road trip vibe it stole my heart the second I laid eyes on it.  The sunglasses have gone cat-eye, the pant silhouettes bell-bottomed, jackets exude an “Almost Famous” vibe and metal studs adorn everything from jackets to handbags and even skirts!  Sheer cinematic fashion genius!

“David Lynch was my starting point, and, of course, Patricia Arquette as Alabama Whitman in True Romance,” explains Vevers “I want my Coach girl to have that element of effortless and intrigue.”

Coach describes The Collection as “A journey across America that combines the sub-cultures of music, skate and surf. Referencing the authentic workwear silhouettes of the mid-west. Exploring the tension between utility and luxury, between street wear and luxury–a melting pot inspired by the spirit of New York. Celebrating individuality and creating unexpected juxtapositions. An American dreamer. An optimistic, smart outsider who dresses with a cool, effortless ease and a sense of spontaneous freedom. A graphic, colorful and vibrant take on boyish femininity. A sense of nostalgia and tradition re-mixed. Elevating while simultaneously subverting the authentic and familiar.  A sense of everydayness, twisted. Featuring original drawings by Californian artist and animator Gary Baseman, introducing a series of darkly playful ‘creatures’, each developed with a story of the Coach girl in mind. Celebrating a beautiful ‘oddness’ that’s born of American style and the attitude of New York City.”

Here’s a peek at some of the pieces I am drooling over from the collection- in fact I may die if I don’t get my hands on the fluffy jacket!


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