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You’ve seen them on social media, you’ve heard about them on just about every beauty blog, YouTube channel and TV beauty segment.  They are the hottest beauty tool out there right now: Artis brushes.

Named after the Latin word for skill, these ergonomically designed brushes perfectly fit fingers and hands, while the fibre bundle tips complement facial contours making it easy to get a professional finish.

The line was created by Matthew Waitesmith, a former senior vice president at MAC Cosmetics, who is now a consulting partner at Taiki USA, a leading global brush manufacturer.

Artis brushes are different than conventional brushes. They resemble a fancy vintage hairbrush more than a makeup brush and they are 100% Vegan.  Most high quality makeup brushes are made of animal hair but Artis brushes are made of CosmeFibre® filament.  No animal hairs or by-products are ever used in making Artis products.

Every single CosmeFibre® filament has a tapered tip that ends in a microscopically fine structure which is only a few microns in diameter. This ultra fine tip blends on a microscopic level, creating patterns so small they are imperceptible with the naked eye. This superior blending enhances the makeup look .   Artis brushes on average have 3-10 times as many individual fibres as conventional brushes. More fibres do more work with every pass across the surface of the skin.

I have been dying to test drive these futuristic looking brushes for some time and the best starting place was Artis’ Oval 7 which they describes as  “the perfect size face brush.”


There has been so much buzz about these brushes but do they live up to the hype?

Here’s the skinny…… toss out your Beauty Blender’s ladies because this brush is EVERYTHING!

I cannot even begin to describe how soft this brush is.  Seriously I have never felt anything so soft.  The handle has an angular bent which helps to glide across the contours of your face easily and the rubber grip lets you get a good hold on the brush.  Surprisingly the brush is super lightweight- I was worried it would be heavy but it isn’t at all!

Another highlight is that these brushes don’t shed. Seriously!  They DON”T SHED AT ALL. So even though they’re a bit pricey, these brushes are also going to last a long time.


Photo Aug 04, 1 00 32 AM

Fall is almost here so it’s time to switch up my foundation.  I am moving from Armani Maestro Glow (My top pick for summer) to something with more coverage Armani Lasting Silk Foundation.

Photo Aug 04, 1 01 59 AM

These two are a match made in heaven!

The product applied so evenly and perfectly it blew me away!  It was easy to build without getting cakey and the brush feels so good on your skin!  I kind of just want to brush it across my face all day!

Another revolutionary feature to Artis Brushes is the cleaning process!   Cleaning makeup brushes can be a a HUGE pain.  Artis makes it so easy!

They use an antimicrobial cleaning pad.  All you do is swipe the brushes back and forth on the antimicrobial microfiber cleaning pad (sold separately, but totally worth it) and it grabs all the makeup residue.  No drying time and no having to reshape your brushes so they don’t dry in weird shapes.

Gorgeous, sleek and super luxurious Artis brushes don’t just look cool – they actually perform.  I’m in LOVE.

Photo Aug 05, 12 56 50 AM

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