Beauty Multitasker: LiftLab Skin Regeneration


In today’s world being a multitasker is a must.

We answer emails while in the loo, eat our breakfast while driving and brush our teeth while showering.  It makes sense that with all the multitasking we do, we expect our beauty products to wear a couple of different hats!

As you know I am a HUGE fan of double-duty beauty products, they help you save counter space, time and cash!

My most recent beauty multitasker discovery takes cleansing to the next level:  Purify & Clarify Daily Cleanser & Detox Mask by LiftLab.


What It Is: A mild yet thorough cleanser that also muti-tasks as a mask which contains Cell Protection Proteins® that stimulate cell renewal (first discovered as the secret to survival in plants and marine life that thrive in Arctic waters) ; Aqualumine™, which dissolves dead skin cells; flower and plant extracts to provide long-lasting moisture; and Olivem 300 (olive oil esters) to prevent drying and irritation.

What It Does: Refines pores, balances skin’s moisture levels, boosts skin’s natural regeneration process, brightens and removes the dull outer layer of dead skin cells leaving skin looking fresher, younger and smoother.

How Do I Use It: As a cleanser use morning and night.  Gently massage a pea-sized amount into damp skin and work into a lather. Rinse with warm water.  To use as a deep-cleansing and exfoliating mask, leave on for just three minutes once or twice a week, either all over or on targeted problem areas before rinsing.

Why I Love It: Two products for the price of one! This is the most amazing multi-use cleanser I have tried!  A teeny tiny microscopic pea-sized amount will turn into the lushest lather you’ve ever used, and it also has a mild exfoliant to help slough away dead skin. Leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, yet moisturized and glowing.

Where To Buy It: Neiman Marcus and


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