Black Friday Tips


Black Friday!

The biggest shopping day of the year, also one of the most stress filled shopping days of the year!

People pushing, shoving, grabbing and don’t even get me started on the parking… but oh the glorious deals to be had!

I scored a pair of drool-worthy boots for just $15 last year!

With basically the entire world out shopping and looking for “that deal” you might want to first take a moment to strategize.

Amid the clutter of deals clamoring for attention, smart and careful shoppers are the ones that come out ahead.

To help keep you safe and sane this Black Friday, while still scoring deal-of-the-year hauls, I have put together some helpful tips to Surviving Black Friday in Style:

  • Don’t pile on all the pressure and stress of trying to do your holiday shopping in one day. Look at the whole season.  Retail experts report that the best deals to be had on Black Friday are on cameras, TVs, tablets, major appliances and tools while Cyber Monday offers the best deals on laptops, small appliances, toys and games.
  • Plan it Out.  Keep a list of who you need gifts for, the amount you want to spend, and any ideas you might have for the gift.
  • Shop with Purpose.  This is probably the MOST IMPORTANT tip I can give you.  Make sure you are buying for someone specific and that it’s something they would really want.  Don’t buy something just because it’s a deal.  If you shop that way in the end you will be stuck with a bag full of junk and no gifts for anyone.  Stick to your list!
  • Read the Fine Print.  Watch out for those impulse buys (remember you are going to stick to that list right?) and check your merchandise carefully before you swipe that credit card! When the deals are this good, lots of stores and online retailers mark items “final sale.” Make sure to read the fine print—or better yet, make sure you really want what you’re buying—before you do the deed.
  • Check that Price and Check it Twice.  Make sure to pay attention to signage and prices on tags THEN make sure that is what you are being charged. If there is a sign that says you get another 50% off the already marked down price be sure that the cashier is giving you that deal.  You need to be on top of your shopping game because trust me, the cashiers will be tired and overwhelmed.
  • Timing.   Check what time each store opens and what holiday deals they are offering, both at the actual store and online. There are some retailers allow you to do online shopping as early as two days before Thanksgiving while there are some which start the sale on their website a few hours before they open it on the actual store.
  • Technology is Your Shopping BFF.   There are applications like Flipp and Black Friday Shopping (’s app) to help keep you organized, map things out and alert you to doorbuster deals.  Plenty of retailer apps offer customers special discounts and preview shopping to the sales.
  • Dress Comfortable.  Leave the heels at home when you plan on pounding the pavement!  Sneakers are the way to go.
  • Hands Free.   Black Friday is done best with a mini backpack or crossbody to keep your hands free for scoring deals!
  • Power Up. Make sure to have a portable phone charger with you.  You will want to keep that smart phone charged.  It’s your way to communicate if you get separated from friends and your lifeline to find deals!
  • Speaking of Friends…Shop with one.  Tag Teaming is a way to get through shops quickly and efficiently.  On person shops while the other stands in line then switch!
  • Shake it Off.  There are going to be ALOT of cranky sleep deprived people out.  Don’t get into it with anyone, although we have all been tempted no deal is worth getting into a fist fight for,  just wish them Happy Holidays and be on your way.
  • Enjoy the Season.  Grab lunch, have a cocktail and have some fun afterall tis the season. 

Tag me on your Black Friday hauls on Instagram- I would LOVE to see what you all score!

How are you spending Black Friday?


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  1. Great tips, Christie. I usually scope out my fav stores online first, and depending on the deals I know where it’s worth going. I definitely don’t like to hustle, so online shopping is always an option for me.
    Have fun & Happy Thanksgiving! <3

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