Boozy Easter Basket

Boozy Easter Baskets

The Easter Bunny is ageist.  There I said it.

I know he’s just sitting there on his little bunny thrown laughing and calling us all “Boomers” because we are over the age of 21.

You can stop laughing King Carrot aka: Sir Fluffy Bottom, because this year, I am reclaiming Easter morning for those of us that stopped getting those baskets full of goodies many decades ago and replacing them with the gift of “Boozy Easter Baskets”.

That’s right Mr. Cotton Tail, just because we’ve all grown up, that doesn’t mean we have to deny ourselves a fun-filled basket.

Since we’re all adults now, that Easter basket can actually include adult things — and by adult things I of course mean BOOZE. Who wouldn’t want a boozy Easter Basket!

Ketel One just launched their first ready-to-drink cocktail “The Botanical Vodka Spritz” — the first-of-its-kind. The Ketel One Botanical Vodka Spritz has no carbs, no added sugar, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, is made from 100% non-GMO grain and is only 73 calories per serving. Bubbly, bright, blooming — everything that Spring is — with real botanicals it’s the perfect centerpiece for a Boozy Easter Basket.

I went ahead and filled my basket with a few more things to compliment the Spritz, like:

  • Dark Chocolate. Homemade chocolate infused vodka has become really popular lately.  Folks have been brewing-it-up all through lockdown so of course I just had to add some yummy organic dark chocolate to the basket.
  • Along with some fun paper straws to make sipping oh so easy.
  • Delicious fruit infused Jelly beans. Have you ever had a martini with a jelly bean dropped into it? Heaven!

Now, throw in some decorative grass and a ribbon. Viola! There’s your Boozy Basket.

Become a “Creature of Rabbit” and keep this new tradition going, one that will make Mr. Easter Bunny impressed.

Hop-to-it !!

Boozy Easter basket

Boozy Easter Basket

Ketel One Vodka Spritz

Ketel One Vodka Spritz

Boozy Easter Basket

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Mixed Florals

Mixed Florals

There is one sure fire thing you can bet on every Spring, that a floral pattern of some sort will make an appearance.

I mean it makes sense, flowers signify new beginnings, which is really what Spring is all about, right?

Spring 2021 is delivering us a fresh bouquet of florals in an all-over approach by mixing florals head-to-toe.  Yes, mixed florals! You know my love for print mixing so, of course, I’m excited AF about this.

Whether romantic soft florals are your thing or the punchy in-your-face type of floral sparks joy, create your own arrangement by mixing floral prints of different sizes and types.

When rockin’ mixed florals (or really any print) the key is to have one color that continues throughout. As long as the prints have at least one color in common, you can use contrasting colors.

If you feel like it’s too printastic ground your look by pairing with a solid to kind of calm things down a bit.

After spending the last year in sweatpants and leggings it’s time to have fun with fashion again. Dive into your closet, dust off those bag and heels, find some florals prints and start experimenting. It’s time to make your long-awaited fashion reemergence and why not do it in mixed florals!

Mixed Florals

Mixed Florals

Mixed Floral Prints

Vintage Blazer

Floral prints Spring 2021

Mixed Floral prints

Mixed Florals

Mixed Florals

Vintage Floral Prints

What I’m Wearing: Vintage Velvet Blazer with Bakelite Buttons  | Vintage Skirt | Vintage Belt | Marc Jacobs Navigator Saddle Bag | Free People Boots | Ann Taylor Blouse |

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How to mix Floral Prints

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The New Canadian Tuxedo

The New Canadian Tuxedo

The Canadian Tuxedo.  It lives in fashion infamy.

Also known as “denim on denim”, love it or hate it the look has popped up decade after decade from the streets of Milan to celebs like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus.

This season all things retro are the BIZ so of course that means denim in all it’s iterations but with a modern twist. The New Canadian Tuxedo.

On the runways we are seeing new ways to layer the utilitarian fabric by switching up silhouettes and adding contrasting materials. Printed denim and layering varied shades and colors of denim lead the way while softer approaches pair feminine pieces like denim skirts with the rough and ready fabric of a tough denim jacket or denim shirt.

When gathering your gear look for oversized 90’s inspired denim jackets, printed or logoed denim skirts, vintage inspired jeans aka straight leg, flared and boot-cut denim, chambray tops, denim coveralls and anything with color.

The key is to pair the denim so that the look has depth.  Even though you are wearing denim head to toe there should be little moments that let each piece shine individually while still being cohesive as a whole look. Don’t shy away from color or pattern- they are your BFF for creating a look that has interest.

Give the new denim on denim aka Canadian Tuxedo a try this season, I promise you’ll look nothing like early 2000s Britney and Justin.. unless you want to.

Fashion Facts-

The Term “Canadian Tuxedo” is a misnomer: It was an American, crooner Bing Crosby, who first donned the ensemble, wearing an actual denim tuxedo jacket that Levi Strauss made for him after he was denied entry from a Vancouver hotel with a strict dress code.

The New Canadian Tuxedo

Denim on denim Trend

The New Canadian Tuxedo

Denim Jackets Spring 2021

The New Canadian Tuxedo

Denim on Denim

Western Belt

Mulberry Bayswater Tote

The New Canadian Tuxedo

What I’m Wearing: Vintage Floral Print Denim Skirt | J Crew Denim Top| High Heels Suicide Denim Jacket | Scotch & Soda Bandana| Scotch & Soda Western Belt| Givenchy Booties| Mulberry Bayswater Tote|

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Hot Spring Trend The Trench Coat

Trench Coat trend

More than a trend, the trench coat is once again at the top of our fashion lists this season.

Spotted at the likes of Max Mara, Louis Vuitton, Nina Ricci and Victoria Beckham, the classic trench coat, which many of us already own, has had a slight twist for spring/summer 2021.

Redesigned and reworked each designer has given us their own spin on this classic wardrobe staple. From dramatic lapels to interesting slits, drop waists, and bold sleeves, oversized, midi, maxi, tight, colorful, with leather or in the traditional sand and camel shades, the trench coat is THE BUSINESS this season.

This will seriously be the EASIEST piece to style in your closet- rock it with a sweat set and sneakers like a celeb, pair it with a maxi dress for a more bohemian feel, rock it with work essentials for a downtown vibe or with straight leg cropped jeans and a tee for an oh-so retro 90s vibe.

Honestly, Trench Coats are the throw-on-and-go insta chic you have been looking for.

Can’t find a fit that exactly right?  Don’t forget to check the men’s section. Not only is there a HUGE array of great men’s trench coat this season, they also most often come at a better price pint than women’s! Case in point the GORGEOUS John Varvatos trench I’m wearing.  Check out all the cool details!

Trench Coat trend

Fringe Bag Trend

How to style a trench coat

Spring 2021 Trench Coats

Rachel Zoe Dress

Trench Coat

What I’m Wearing: Rachel Zoe Dress| John Varvatos Trench Coat| Scotch & Soda Belt| Ramy Brook Fringe Bag|

Click to SHOP Trench Coats:

Spring trend Trench Coats

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70’s Inspired Fashion

70's inspired fashion

The 70’s are back and I’m not mad about it!

The runways were packed with groovy 70’s inspired looks. Everything from crafty crochet at Valentino to folksy frocks at Dior.  Designers are revisiting the 70’s in all it’s incarnations from full on glam to easy California Surfer styles.

The 70’s was an era of good vibes, cultural shifts, iconic fashion and great music.  So, it makes sense that after the year we have been through designers are feeling nostalgic for one of fashion’s greatest eras.

The biggest colors for the season feel like they are straight out of Bianca Jagger’s closet.  Think rust, sunflower yellow, chocolate, burnt oranges and all the warm earthy tones of the ’70s.

You’ll also want to revisit everyone’s favorite material corduroy, pointed collars, clogs, head scarves, floral prints, bell sleeves, oversized sunglasses and flared trousers for fashion inspiration.

70’s inspired fashion is a style that’s comfortable but commanding. It’s really broken in, a super-relaxed, chic, with a vintage feel.

..and it doesn’t stop at fashion. 70’s hair is back too. Center parts, curly bangs, modern mullets and shag haircuts. Everyone will be rockin’ retro cuts for SS21.

Always remember- you don’t have adopt a head to toe 70’s style.  No one want’s to look like they are headed to a costume party.  Incorporate a few 70’s inspired fashion pieces, ones that work with your personal style.

Whether you join the sustainability movement and opt for vintage pieces and upcycled styles made from deadstock fabrics or you hit the racks for something new yet nostalgic keep a 70’s state of mind this season.

70's inspired fashion

Chloe Sunglasses

1970's inspired fashion

70's leather jacket

70's inspired fashion

70's inspired fashion

70's inspired fashion

70's inspired fashion

70's inspired fashion

What I’m Wearing: Vintage Leather Shacket | Vintage Skirt| Vintage Belt| Vintage Clutch| Chloe Sunglasses| Nanette Lepore Blouse| Free People Boots|

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