You have seen my VLOG’s and read my endless posts on manscaping, so you know how important I think male grooming is!

No metropolitan, ahem, lets say “forest” should have 40 years of growth!  Even the best shrubs need to be trimmed back!

Most guys take pretty good care of their face, they shave (either wet or dry, straight razor or electric) and they trim and maintain any beard, mustache or other facial hair with careful detail but for some reason they seen to have the idea that taking care of body hair either isn’t necissary or isn’t manly.

Well guys, I’m here to tell you: Yes IT IS NECESSARILY and IT IS MANLY!  In the case of body grooming deforestation is a GOOD thing!

Like I have said before- you don’t have to go all American Psycho with it, just give a little trim here and there and mow the lawn once in awhile!

Look at the top male Hollywood heart throbs: do you see George Clooney or Alexander Skarsgard walking around looking like they have a small child in a headlock because their armpit hair is so long? NO!

Do you think for one second that under Channing Tatum’s shirt grows the Tatum Forest of back hair? NO WAY!

And there is certainly no such thing as unkept shrubs in the gardens of Christian Bale’s trousers!

Gentleman please, I beg of you, get over your fear of body grooming and take a huge step forward with me as I introduce you to a technological marvel that will take your grooming to the next level: The BodyGroom Pro from Phillips Norelco.

Norelco send me (or rather I should say my husband) the  Body Groom Pro to put to the test.

What is amazing about the BodyGroom Pro is that it is an All-In-One body groom for men- in other words with it’s dual end design you can trim and shave ALL body zones with it! (No switching out to different trimmers, no changing heads!)

Designed exclusively FOR MEN the BodyGroom Pro  is created with the male body in mind.  On one side there is a 3D pivoting head which allows you to follow the contours of your body to produce a consistent shave ANYWHERE!

On the other is a high-performance trimmer which let’s you choose from 5 length settings.

My husband says he loves the weight and feel of the BodyGroom Pro plus the fact that he doesn’t have to mess with multiple attachments to get the length correct.  His favorite feature: the BodyGroom Pro is 100% water proof and has a rubberized handle- so he can do his grooming in the shower!

Whether you  just want to trim the hedges or if it’s time to slash-and-burn that over grown forest,  the BodyGroom Pro from Norelco let’s you choose the level of body grooming YOU are comfortable with.

The cordless rechargeable system is easy to use and lands at a great price point: $69.99

This week Norelco wants to help you navigate that jungle!  1 Lucky winner will receive a BodyGroom Pro grooming system!

To Enter:

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Next, leave a comment on this post between July 29th and August 4th telling me why you need the BodyGroom Pro.

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

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Last week’s lucky winner is: Sara.  Congrats!

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  1. OMG… This is exactly what Willis needs.. He is very good about manscaping but there are days when the task is a bit grueling for him.. he goes through razor after razor which is very expensive since I am the one that buys the bulk costco stock. It will be interesting to see if it is that fabulous especially from someone that does manscape on a regular basis. He needs this if it’s that good. I am a skeptic since I have bought in numbers electric style razors and clippers etc. We are thinking laser hair removal next 🙂

  2. This thing looks pretty cool. I don’t have a lot of manscaping to do, but I do have my “problem areas”. I like tht this is everything you need in one manly package. I’m not trying to have an entire cabinet full of tools to get the job done, and using full size clippers and razors is a little excessive. Thanks for the tip, I’m gonna check it out!

  3. I need the Bodygroom Pro in my life! While I’m certainly a bit better than your average guy when it comes to manscaping, a new tool could be just the trick to find a better way to do the essential task. Keep me from a summer of right-handing it Christie!!!

  4. Hey, Christie!

    Did you watch the men’s water polo contest between the US and Montenegro this afternoon? All of the players look like gods, however the wet, long, dripping chest hairs of the Montenegrans were such a turn off! –Like ruining the statue of David with pigeon poop!
    My husband is finally getting it that I prefer manscaping to the natural “forest.” Who doesn’t!!!
    Please send the Body Groom Pro from Norelco my way! It will get good use, even if I must gently encourage.

  5. I am in love. This is just plain awesome.
    I have 1 timmer, 2 electric shavers, and 2 different razors … and I am not even that hairy!! I need to condense and upgrade. This is perfect for me needs.

  6. I could use a Bodygroom because I definitely need to take care of business below the neck, especially during beach season, but I’ve been afraid to try with a regular razor. This seems like the way to do “down there” and everywhere else!

    Also, the Olympic swimmers are an inspiration in the grooming department!

  7. I don’t have a boyfriend or husband that would love this but I would love just to have it.. Maybe I could give it away to my brother Dot… Really cool!!

  8. hate to admit it but my wife grouses that she’d appreciate it if I kept up a little better with my grooming. A regular disposable razor just doesn’t cut it. would be great to try this out!

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