Brunch with Kaplan MD

I was invited to attend an exclusive blogger brunch at Neiman Marcus with the charming Dr. Stuart Kaplan- Dermatologist, Skincare Authority and founder of the skincare line Kaplan MD.

We were served an elegant breakfast in the Neiman Marcus Café while Dr. Kaplan gave us an intimate look at his skincare line and the philosophy behind it.

The line  was created because Dr. Kaplan’s clients (both men and women) would come in with bags of skincare products (sometimes as many as 10-15 products) not knowing how to properly use them or how to possibly use all of them in one day!

He realized that all of the products shared  1-2 key ingredients and that the benefits could be consolidated into fewer products.

“I tried to created a complete balanced diet for your skin.  Where I did all the thinking, took the best ingredients out there and put them into one simple, easy to use, concise line” said Dr. Kaplan.

What really sets Kaplan MD apart is that it is the FIRST line to treat all 3 causes of skin ageing:

Chronologic Ageing (year by year aging)

Environmental Ageing (the more sun we get the more it ages)

Natural Hormonal Progression  (Our skin gets older hormonally-  both mens and womens)

Dr. Kaplan explained: “This line is for men as well as women, for all ages and all ethnicities.  It doesn’t matter whether you are white, black or Asian. When you go to the store is there one aspirin for Caucasians and a different aspirin for African Americans? No of course not we all take the same aspirin.  Its the same with skin, we all age the same.  One body, one way of aging.”

Although the entire line is amazing here are two MVP products -for me- from the line:


The Hydrating Essence- a blend of the purest essential oils to deeply hydrate and heal dry, sun and wind damaged skin.  It can also be added as a booster to moisturizers and body lotions to leave skin ultra smooth.

Lip 20 Gloss- The first complete anti-aging lip treatment.  It moisturizes, repairs, adds natural fullness and protects with SPF 20 all in one product.

All Kaplan MD products are paraben free, sulfate free, petrolatum free, castor oil free, PABA free.

This week 1 lucky winner will receive 2 amazing products from Kaplan MD. A Kaplan MD Daily Moisture Concentrate and a Lip 20 Balm.

To Enter:

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Then, leave a comment on this post telling me which of the 3 ways of skin ageing you seem to be fighting the most.

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Last week’s lucky winner is Wig!  Congrats!

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  1. I feel like once I hit 30 the main things I’ve been battling/worrying about are the loss of collagen, appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles and sun damage. Would love to try Dr Kaplan’s products!

  2. Susie’s always giving me grief about my crow’s feet, getting sun damage and moisturizing. Ugh.

  3. HI, Christie! Hope that you are doing well! What an interesting post! Thank you! MOSTLY I’m fighting chronological aging, but the other 2, environmental and hormonal aging are also monsters under the bed. I hear women say to “age gracefully.” What ever on GOD’S GREEN EARTH does that mean??? “Hey, world, I’m thin-skinned, saggy, wrinkled, spotted, flaky and dry, but I’m GRACEFUL.” Yeah, right. Call me un-graceful, but I’m NOT going down without a helluva fight. It would be great to have Dr. Kaplan’s Moisture Concentrate and lip balm that combine the active ingredients so that I don’t have so many products to apply!

  4. Environmental Ageing.
    Spent a lot of time outside in the sun growing up on the farm. Used to work a lot of jobs that were outside. Used as much sunscreen as I could with high SPF, but it is catching up with me.

  5. Prevention is the best medicine! My 3 biggest skin concerns are lack of moisture, breakouts, and sun damage. Of the joys of living in the desert!

  6. I love that Lip 20 gloss! I always neglect my poor lips when it comes to SPF. The Hydrating Essence sounds lovely also.

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