Burn Notice: Steal the Style

Sadly, my Summer Blog Posts will soon be at an end..it will shortly be time to move onto Fall/Winter topics but I cannot leave summer without a Post on Style inspired by one of my favorite television shows USA’s “Burn Notice”.

To me Burn Notice is Summer!  So grab a Mojito and lets get dressed!


For those of you not familiar with this sizzling hot Miami based series here is a short run-down: Jeffrey Donovan stars as agent Michael Westen a “burned” spy who returns to Miami where he uses his special ops training to help those in need, and track down the men who wrongly burned him with the help of his trigger happy ex-girlfriend Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) and hilarious sidekick  Sam (Bruce Campbell).

With an affinity for yogurt, Michael Westen’s style is classic easy Miami sophistication.  Who wouldn’t want to dress like this guy! He’s as cool as it gets! Linen and light weight suits, great shades and crisp dress shirts.

Here’s what you need to Steal the Style:

Fiona “may look like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine but she’s a force to be reckoned with”. She is Michael’s on again, off again, and then on again girlfriend.  “Fiona is definitely a shoot first and asks questions later kind of gal. Her fearless nature is both enticing and dangerous, as she is capable of making things go “boom” very quickly.”

Her style includes  slinky one shoulder dresses, fitted jeans, easy tanks and of course the famous hip bag!

I have been searching for this bag FOREVER and finally found the PERFECT one at Happy Cow! Happy Cow’s line is  AMAZING!  “Completely Environment-Friendly: The entire range of bags & accessories are handcrafted from recycled leather. We purchase off-cuts of leather from high-end furniture manufacturers, anything that is too small to make furniture out of is sold to us. Effectively meaning we are using brand new, high-quality leather that would otherwise be thrown away. This means less pressure on the environment and no unnecessary suffering. ” Happy Cow is my new obsession!  The waist and hip bags look super-cool and are one of my favorite things to wear on set!  Hands free!  I LOVE HAPPY COW!  http://www.happycow.com.au/

Here’s what you need to Steal the Style:


Sam is Michael’s hilarious and dependable sidekick.  An ex Navy Seal who loves Mojitos and rich divorcees.  His style is Classic Tropical Resort.  One stop at Tommy Bahama and you’ve got it!

Here’s what you need to Steal the Style:



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  1. This is soooo awesome! Jeff and I have a date night once a week now and we watch Burn Notice and Jeff quotes the show all week! Love this style and hope no one in West Palm gets a Happy Cow bag before me!!

  2. Burn Notice to the best show ever. I have seen every episode at least 20 times, but the best episode is the July 29th episode – Where there’s Smoke. Be sure to watch it onlinW

  3. I have never seen Burn Notice but now I want to, of course! I love this Happy Cow bag. Hip packs have such a negative connotation now, but the fact is they are tremendously handy and if you can find one like this with loads of style, why the heck not? EVERYONE NEEDS ONE! xoxoxo

  4. “Sometimes the truth hurts. In these situations, I recommend lying.” I should cross-stitch a pillow with this one!!!!

    Thanks for everything you do, Christie!

  5. Damn, I am supposed to pick one episode!? He’s got a great car (Charger), great style (sexy suits), Fiona at his side, and has that Knight in Shining Armor routine nailed.

    I would say, one of the best episodes would be #210 “Do No Harm” – How can you beat a cat-fight of 2 girls in nothing but bathing suits? What can I say …. I’m a guy.

  6. I think I deserve to win this Tommy Bahama shirt Because my fiancee has dragged me all around town to 3 different malls looking for the perfect outfit for our:>>> rehearsal dinner? Seriously. Hes worse than me. I went to to Dillards: picked out a dress. Went to Aldo: got some shoes to match_ DONE. But NOOOOOO not him, 3 malls and 52 stores later, still cant decide what to wear. Tommy Bahama is his favorite store, and trust me weve been to 3 but he cant pick something out. Like it all too much. I might just buy him his top 10 and he can change every 30 minutes. Like a pageant queen. Please HELP!!!

  7. I love this show because of the out and out mockery they will do of other shows. Especially Sam. Thank God they finally found a good tv show for Bruce Campbell. 2 favorites:

    Michael: Would you put some pants on?
    Sam: What? I work better when I can breathe down there!


    [Sam is undercover as a Miami Police Department CSU tech, at the site of a fashion designer’s killing.]
    Sam: Looks like murder… [takes out a pair of sunglasses and puts them on] …is in style this season.
    [Later, under the same circumstances]
    Sam: Looks like the killer’s plan… [takes out the sunglasses again and puts them on] …is coming apart at the seams.

    Love that the Tommy Bahama sandals are named Nevis. Go figure.


  8. In response to Krystle… “Look, Pumpkin..this isn’t a one way street. I’ve been all over the world, and known a lot of women. You can believe me when I say that you’re One in a Million.” –Sam Axe

    Being picky is only a compliment to you 😉

  9. I love this blog – Burn Notice Rocks and now I want a “hip” hip bag like Fiona and I wish Sam was my Sam!!!
    Gotta love this show and ya gotta live your blog! Thanks Christie!!!
    I’ll miss summer in FL now!!!

  10. “Burn Notice” is something that we watch as a family in our house. My two daughters love is as well as my husband and I. I would have to say that the most recent episode with Fiona being kidnapped was one of my favorites, as well as the one a few weeks back where Sam was fighting with one tough chick!

    “Covert intelligence involves a lot of waiting around. Know what it’s like being a spy? Like sitting in your dentist’s reception area twenty-four hours a day. You read magazines, sip coffee, and every so often, someone tries to kill you”.- Michael Westen

  11. My favorite episode is the one where sam was playing the Miami CSI tech and did the CSI Miami impression. Hilarious! I don’t know the episode name but i believe it was last season.

  12. I know its recent but, “You call me old timer one more time and you’ll be wearin your ass around your head, like a hat!!”

  13. Season 4, Episode 8 – “Payback’s a -” “Fiona.” LOVED IT!!! I love how Fiona is always beating the crap out of Michael, yet they love each other. “They always love each other or they hate each other. But it’s always each other.” I know I threw two in there, but I loved them both!

  14. I love everything about all three characters & the show, I absolutely love yogurt eat it everyday & Michael is just too cute want to eatem up, Fiona is just my kind of woman no matter what she wears she is awesome,, & Sammy is just to die for I will take him home anytime Please keep this series going

  15. The past episode is always my favorite so I’ll throw in a line I thought was pretty funny…

    “Asking my mom for something is like asking for a favor from a Russian mob boss, he’ll give you what you want with a smile…but you’ll pay for it later.”

  16. Too many quotes to list. But I do like the line from the most recent episode: Where there’s smoke, there’s Fi!

  17. “Oh look! It’s the man who blew my house up!”

    can’t decide if I like Sharon Gless or Bruce Campbell more..

  18. Great show, great characters, great one-liners…

    “Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.”

  19. Friendly Fire is my FAVORITE episode EVER!!! LMAO!!! I love the snapping of the fingers!! It is on my DVR, I watch it ALL the time …. my son even goes around snapping his fingers trying to get things to happen!!! Burn Notice is the GREATEST show on USA, since Monk!!! I can’t wait to get my full DVD sets!!!

  20. I love every episode of Burn Notice! Can’t think of a favorite line right now. Enter me in the contest please!

  21. I love all of the episodes, but I think the ones with Michael’s mom and her home made cookies are great!

  22. A quote from Sam Axe, gets me every episode during the show intro “…You know spies, a bunch of bitchy little girls!” Just the way he says it.

  23. You need to remember that I’m pretty dangerous too…

    This show rocks, hopefully has a long life and keeps it interesting!!!

  24. My favorite episode is where Michael confesses his love for Fiona when his ex fiance shows up. Simple, yet, profound.

  25. The one line his Mother can say and Michael always oblidges. “He needs your help Michael!” Moms rule!

  26. I adore this show! I am not a tv watcher, but I made the decision to make a point to watch Burn Notice, and I am soooo happy that I did! Great characters, great lines, great stories. One of my favorites:

    “Smooth is smooth, baby.” – Sam Ax

  27. What a fun blog! As for Burn Notice, I am with Meghan I am loving that Bruce Campbell is on the show. It makes it just that much better!
    Those Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are awesome!

  28. My favorite line is from this season’s episode with Burt Reynolds, when Michael is threatening the four captured Russians, and one of them goes, “He’s Michael Westen! There’s only four of us!” And they proceed to toss out their guns. It sums up the show perfectly, because everyone should know not to mess with Michael! Of course Fiona and Sam are also the best and there wouldn’t be a show without them! I definitely need one of those hip bags, even I’m the only one of my friends that knows why it’s so cool.

  29. ” This situation needs a little Michael Weston” said by Sam… Man I love this show and how Mikey tells all how to make all the gizmo’s he comes up with and how he explains what spies need to do to handle all the situations he gets into… and what you should do to control them… then he doesn’t listen to his own advice… lol

  30. Isn’t the hip bag awesome?! I bought one from Happy Cow as well and love it! I use it for vacation when a purse is just too much of a hassel.

    I’d have to say some of my favorite lines come from Maddie, Mike’s mother. She just has some of the best one liners! Plus who doesn’t love Ms Sharon?!

  31. “…you’re not going to believe the deal I got today. I am better at buying guns than I am buying shoes, and I’m really good at buying shoes…” Fiona

    I love how she is no nonchalant about weapons and fashion. HAHA!!

  32. My favorite episode is the one that just aired, and I’m always looking forward to the next episode.

  33. Love Burn Notice and all the episodes are great, so hard to pick just one. Enjoying the new season so far and hate to think that it will end soon.

  34. Barry: Name’s Cristo. Like Madonna, the whole one name thing.
    Sam Axe: Like Charo.
    Barry: Sting.
    Sam: Fergie.
    Barry: Pélé.
    Sam: Spider-Man.
    Barry: Liberace.
    Sam: Crap, I can’t think of any more.

    Every time I see this scene, I yell, “Prince! Prince, people!”

  35. # 210 ” Do no Harm” is the best episode. Anytime you can have two woman in a cat fight in bikinis, you got a winner.

  36. “Sometimes you have to be your own white knight.”
    Fiona love happening here.

  37. Really tough to pick a favorite episode since they’re all so very good, but I really enjoyed the Season 2 finale, Lesser Evil. Great chemistry between Michael and Victor and choosing to set aside their differences to stop Carla. All culminating in the great jump out from the helicopter.

  38. Oh, that’s easy, from last week’s episode:

    “Where there’s smoke…”
    “There’s Fi”

    Great show!

  39. It all started with the pilot episode for me.

    30 years of karate. Combat experience on five continents. A rating with every weapon that shoots a bullet or holds an edge. Still haven’t found any defense to Mom crying into my shirt.

  40. Sounds familiar.

    “My mom would have made a great N.S.A. communications operative. Drop me in the middle of the Gobi Desert, bury me in a goddamn cave on the moon, and somehow she’ll still find a way to call me and ask for a favor.”

  41. “Know what it’s like being a spy? Like sitting in your dentist’s reception area twenty-four hours a day. Read magazines, have coffee, and every so often, someone tries to kill you.”

  42. Love Burn Notice! Awesome show.
    Michael Westen is HOT!! Although Sam’s more my age! LOL
    My favorite line is Fionas, “Can we shoot them?” I think her character is great! Gutsy and beautiful she is!

  43. “Identity” when Fi and Sam identified themselves as Cagney & Lacey as a nod to Sharon Gless

  44. Favorite Quote:
    ‎”Covert intelligence involves a lot of waiting around. Know what it’s like being a spy? Like sitting in your dentist’s reception area twenty-four hours a day. You read magazines, sip coffee, and every so often, someone tries to kill you”.- Michael Westen

  45. Love Sam and his easy way with the Hawaiian shirt and laid-back five-o’clock shadow. Michael always looks like the stereotypical spy ala James Bond but Fiona is so much more than a clothes horse like Bond Girls often are. Sharon Gless always looks so cool and collected. The cast makes me want to live in their Miami with its quirks and twists.

  46. Episode #1. Happen to catch one morning by chance and was instantly hooked. Watched next eight episodes shown that day on USA. A show with real characters and substance. Nothing lost in watching reruns as always catch something missed during initial view. The show also gives Miami balance not shown on other shows. Keep it up!

  47. There is not just one episode I like the best, they are all very good! Some of my favorites are when stuff is blowing up. I’m going to miss the blog. But I’d really like to have the DVD Set of all 3 SEASONS of BURN NOTICE. Then I could watch it over and over again! This has to be the best show on television!

  48. When it comes to favorites….who can pick just one? Love Sam’s one liners and witty replies. Fionna and Michael going back and forth on the love thing. Of course we can’t forget the action packed adventures. Driving my wife nuts with my need to watch Burn Notice. Would totally be icing on the cake if I won the shirt! She hates my current collection of Hawaiian shirts so one more wouldn’t hurt, right? Especially a cool one from Tommy Bahama

  49. It’s hard to pick just one! I’ve managed to narrow it down to four, though: the 4 episodes with Michael Shank. I loved seeing him as a bad guy! More awesome cameos, please!

  50. LOVE the episode with Burt Reynolds… wouldn’t have recognized him! I like the idea of Michael looking at who he could become!

  51. Its hard to only pick one favorite episode or line. I think my favorite episode is Where There’s Smoke, from season 4. As for a favorite line
    “Don’t sprinkle sugar on this bull and call it candy”- Michael
    I love Burn Notice.

  52. Favorite quote? Hard to pick just one, but here’s my most recent favorite from “Where There’s Smoke:” You can beat yourself up about it later, I will help. (Michael)

    Here’s to hoping I’m a winner!

  53. ” when the time comes to rescue a bunch of rich women trapped in a brewery, you better step up. “

  54. This is one of my favorite shows EVER. I know it’s cliché now that it’s in the opening but I love the line that Sam says in one of the earlier episodes : “You know spies, bunch of bitchy little girls” Always cracks me up 😛

  55. Hi, Great site thanks for having it. Burn notice is so hip and happening, USA has a winner seceral of em. Keep up the good programming for us Fans,

  56. My husband and I always watch burn notice… never missed an episode, We would watch the re-runs, and all day marathons. He passed away 07/05/2005, after battling cancer.
    Our episode we loved was the one, where Michael, would snap his fingers ans things would “blow up”. We also liked any of the ones, that they involve saving parents of kids. We really liked the one at the end, Michael and a young teen is leaning against the car, and Michael was explaining, how he became the person he was, and the kid said, so I should eat a lot of yogurt.

    It is by far the best show on TV today. I now watch the shows alone, but I know my husband is “around” watching it with me.

  57. Gilroy: “Sorry, did I mention that I’m wired to an explosive device? Perhaps you should run along.”

  58. I love anytime they snap their fingers and drug dealers disappear. Truly the best show on during the summer.

  59. Burn Notice, I have all this summer’s episodes save on my DVR. Best one is from 08 where Stargate star is also a burned spy and Michael finally teams up with him to get his boss

  60. I want a hip bag too! But I’m afraid that unlike on Fiona it would totally look like a fannypack on me. From season 2 Comrades —

    Sam Axe: “Daddy”?
    Fiona Glenanne: Bet you never thought you’d hear me call you that.

  61. Sam is the man!! I loved all the episodes so far but if I had to pick a fav I would say “Do No Harm” in season2 🙂

  62. I’ve never had a favorite episode, they are all great! My fav. is Fiona, she’s the baddest chick i’v seen on tv yet.

  63. My favorite Burn Notice episode thus far is THE first episode in Season 01.

    Being that I am Nigerian myself, and seeing how they closely portrayed covert ops/intelligence operations of an American on Nigerian soil was pleasing to me. The extras cast, the actors cast, and the direction of the entire episode was very well thought out and respectful. (And of course, depicting Miami, FL life ain’t bad either! ;-))

    I respect everyone who has contributed to this shows “dromos” these past few years.

  64. My favorite episode of Burn Notice is from season 3, Enemies Closer. Tim Matheson plays an awesome role as Micheal’s former mentor.

  65. My favorite episode was from season 2. In “Sins of Omission”, Sam (the female, Michael’s ex) leads Michael to believe he has a son. I like seeing the romantic tension between him and Sam, especially with Fiona there. Also, I think that was the episode with the boy that had a bomb on him. Fiona went crazy. I love it when Fiona fights for children. I also wish I knew more about Fiona’s past life.
    Most lines by Fiona I love:
    Sam: That guy is more afraid of Checik than he is of us. We’re going to have to squeeze him harder.
    Fiona: If by squeeze you mean choke…
    Sam: He can’t talk if he can’t breathe, Fi.
    I watch Burn Notice every Thursday with my friend Rachel. Keep ’em coming!!!
    Fiona: He can whisper. I have good hearing

  66. The best line for me that catches the essence of the whole show is this

    Burn Notice – Season 4
    Episode: Friends & Enemies (Episode 1)

    Sam: Bottom line; this whole business needs a little Michael Westen

  67. I think my favorite episode is when the Ukranian mobster is looking for Mike in the everglades. It shows Mike in a light not usually shown. Plus when Mikes mom starts to threaten the guy Sam and Fi are questioning at her house is the best.

  68. Love the episode with Nate’s new bride! “Cucumber salad!”

    And the ones with Seymour!! Too hilarious!

    And, of course, the Dead Larry series of episodes.


  69. Soooo hard to choose but I am a HUGE Bruce Campbell fan so his line which is also used during the opening “You know spys, a bunch of bitchy little girls”

  70. Lee: So when we find Jesse we’re suppose to just, what, share him?
    Michael: [as cover ID Mr Turner] That’s what we learned in kindergarten.


  71. I love all of it. One of the greatest things about the show is the relationship between Michael and Fiona the chemistry is wonderful. The story lines are great and seem fresh every episode.
    But of course being a Mom the connection between Michael and his mom is wonderful. Sharon Gless is fabulous!

  72. In “Shot in the Dark”, Season 3, Episode 7, I enjoyed the banter between Fiona and Sam after they faked getting shot.

    Fiona – Nice fall, Shakespeare!
    Sam – Oh you should talk, you looked like you got shot by a bow and arrow!

    Huge fan on Sam and his style – check out my email address! Been a fan of Bruce for about 20 years now.

  73. My favorite line would have to be when Fiona and Sam go to a gay bar and Fiona says “Looks like the balls are in your court.”

  74. I always wondered where the cast got their outfits. Who ever picked them out did a very good job! The show is put together very well and if they were wearing something else… Well I probbly wouldn’t go over very well. Thanks for sharing where to get the duds!

  75. Sam: “Mike- I’m telling you, don’t do it!”

    Michael: “What? You don’t like the belt?”

  76. This is my favourite one from the latest episode:

    Russian assassins: ” But he’s Michael Westen, and there are only FOUR of us!”

    Every episode I laugh when Sam says “you know spies..bunch of bitchy little girls”

  77. I love Burn Notice “If you wanna make a friend, solve a problem for them. No problem to solve? Create one.”

  78. My favorite quote is an oldie from the first season when Sam is walking around in his underwear. Michael asks him to put some pants on and Sam says “What? I work better when I can breathe down there!”

    I love Bruce Campbell!

  79. I’m at a huge disadvantage as we don’t get Burn Notice in Canada. I have to wait until June to order the DVDs. I have all three seasons on DVD. However, when I’m traveling in the states, I make sure I have Thursday night free just so I can watch Burn Notice. There are so many good episodes but there are two videos that come to mind as very memorable. First is The Devil You Know – last show from Season 3. I also liked the video from Comic Con with Bruce Campbell stealing the show. I was thrilled to hear they are making a movie about Sam Axe but was then disappointed as I heard it will be played on USA Networks. That means waiting an extra year to buy the DVD (most likely).

    So any swag I can get from Burn Notice will be used to help pass the time in the long winter months in Canada while I wait for the Burn Notice to come out on DVD. Thanks.

  80. When you can’t win in a fight, sometimes you have to settle for making sure that if you lose, everyone loses. It works for nuclear weapons; it works for me. —Michael Westen.

    Im a combat medic doing my second tour in Iraq and Michael Westen is my hero. Everyday he makes me want to switch to Human Intelligence, but I gotta say that this tour is my last.

  81. The quirky yogurt addiction is my fav! I really like Michael’s mom as well – what a hilarious character!

  82. With a show like this it’s hard for me to pick one episode over another. They are all my favorites!. When I first heard that this show was coming out and Bruce Campbell was going to be in it, that got me interested. I heard that they are going to make a spin off TV movie about Sam, that would be fantastic!
    Being a native Floridian and a huge fan of the show I think I should win!
    Thanks for a great show.

  83. The line that got me hooked “My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy.” It pretty much sums up how hot the show is. Having Gabrielle Anwar doesn’t hurt and of course Bruce Campbell is the man.

    Good luck everyone! Great blog Christie.

  84. This is my favorite show! I’m from South Florida originally and it makes me miss home so much. The action is just terrific and the writing is suburb. But my favorite part is the different characters Michael Weston plays for the various jobs. They are HILARIOUS! Fiona has also been given some good ones lately.

    One of my favorite lines…

    “Know what it’s like being a spy? Like sitting in your dentist’s reception area twenty-four hours a day. Read magazines, have coffee, and every so often, someone tries to kill you.” – Michael Weston

    This is a great giveaway! Hope i can represent Miami and Burn Notice well!

  85. My favorite show has got to be the one where Michael first met his neighbor. Right off the top of my head I can’t remember his name but he was the pimp.
    Loved the way Michael made him see that moving was in his best interest.

  86. LOVE the show… hmmmm hard to choose a favorite episode!!

    “Sometimes the truth hurts. In these situations, I recommend lying.”

    “I’ve never found a good way to hide a gun in a bathing suit.”

    “is there BEER involved??”

    out favorite saying around the house you to be – what would Macgyver do… but lately its WWMD = what would Michael do??


  87. Burt Reynolds in Past and Future Tense- “You are right, its more fun without the guns”

  88. Fav. episode – When Fiona kick that woman’s butt by the pool.
    Fav. quote – “Spies are a bunch of whiney bitches”. Just like some Navy SEALS I know.

  89. My husband and I watch the show all the time. We get a kick out of Fiona wanting to blow things up or shoot someone. I like seeing Michael and his mother together. My husband loves the shirts that Sam wears. I liked the episode where Michael helped Sugar. I thought it was funny when Michael’s mom said ” Some getaway guys you all turned out to be”

  90. This show is awesome cause of Bruce Campbell and his ability to make every episode a laugh riot…all the best quotes have Sam Axe in them lol.

    Sam Axe; Mixing romance and work is a bad idea. I mean Veronica, just the other day, she asked me if bullets came in different sizes. Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever heard?

  91. Big fan of the blog! I’ll come back soon.

    Favorite Episode: Devil You Know

    Sam: “It’s funny. You never really know a car until you drive it through a wall.”

  92. Fi–“Patricia, I want you to try something. It’s a relaxation exercise I do in situations like this. I want you to close your eyes and breathe deep. Picture a peaceful mountain stream. Now picture yourself drowning the kidnapper in the stream. We’re taking a rock from the stream and raising it above with your hand, and with tremendous force you’re bringing it—”

  93. “Hey Sister! Don’t be throwing explosives at me just because you can’t take the cold, hard truth!” – Sam Axe

  94. I am what is known as a ‘Parrothead” and we are, basically, fans of Jimmy Buffett and, therefore, anything tropical in fashion, drinks, music and lifestyle. “Burn Notice” transports me to a world that combines the best of a Parrothead’s dream lifestyle with tremendously exciting and stimulating overlays of the world of a “burned” spy and his incredibly interesting and funny companions. It is a NO-BRAINER – Burn Notice is the THE BEST show on TV – PERIOD! And Christie, your blog just enhances the pleasure and over-all ability to ingest the entire aura of Miami, a sexy, tropical and dangerous lifestyle – whoo hoo!
    As all Parrotheads say – Fins Up!

  95. What a great article! Thanks for the info 🙂

    “Get me a sniper rifle and some C4”

  96. Huge fan of the season three episode Friendly Fire. Gilroy had the quote of the night on that one though. “I had to see you in action and I have to say you’ve lived up to your reputation. Such panache! Love the suit, who are you wearing?”

  97. Fiona: “Can’t we just shoot them and get on with our lives?”

    I feel that way many, many times!!

    Love the show. Love Bruce Campbell.

  98. Nice contest!

    There are so many great lines in the show, but my most recent favorite one was from the episode with Burt Reynolds.

    (I’m going from memory here:)

    [Michael and Sam are discussing the bar Burt Reynolds’ character is working at)

    Michael: Sam, do you know where it is?
    Sam: Ya, its a bar. I’ll drive.

  99. Favorite line is “If you don’t trust something, shoot it” I love that line!

  100. BN rocks, and Michael Westen is the coolest character since McGyver!

    Favorite Line:
    Michael: “Wow. That’s like two days worth of yogurt.”
    Fiona: “Either that’s a brilliantly disguised bomb or somebody knows the way to your heart.”


  101. I loved he episode when Michael finally met MANAGEMENT. they take him in a copter 50 miles out of miami, he finally tells them, “I want you people out of my life!”

    Management open the copter door and says (while possibly 100ft up over the ocean), “You want out, there’s the door!” talk about a resignation! god, i love that show!

  102. I love this blog..it is great..and Burn Notice is great tv. I keep episodes recorded on my DVR and even though I have seen them, they are so worth watching over and over again.

    My favorite Michael Weston-ism “When booby trapping your home its important to keep it simple”

    Advice I live by everyday!!!

  103. EP 29 is the best yet. This and Chuck are the Greatest shows on TV.

    I will be buying my wife a Happy Cow bag for her birthday.

  104. I love this show! It makes me look forward to Thursday nights. So many good episodes and lines to choose from. It’s like picking your favorite kid! Impossible!!

  105. Love this show. I met both Jeffrey and Bruce last year in Kuwait on Veteran’s day. These two guys are really nice and I appreciated them taking the time to visit the troops. Another reason this is one of my favorite shows.

  106. Love Love Love Burn Notice! Sam is the best side kick in the business!! My favorite episode is when they try to bring Fiona back to Ireland and Michael has that wonderful irish brogue accent! Heat on the TV!!!

  107. My favorite episode is when Carla gets shot up and Michael finally gets to meet “Management” in a helicopter, which he then jumps out of over 50-feet into the Atlantic.

  108. Too many great shows to call a favorite. However, it was great seeing Burt as a special guest this season. I was worried about bringing in a full time new character to the series, but it’s working great.

    I’ve shared several of the facebook interviews, and now many of my friends are watching.

  109. My husband and I watch the show all the time. We get a kick out of Fiona wanting to blow things up or shoot someone. I like seeing Michael and his mother together. My husband loves the shirts Sam wears. I liked the episode where Michael helped Sugar. I thought it was funny when Michael’s mom said ” some getaway guys you all turned out to be.”

  110. I just got back into watching the show again recently after seeing a few episodes from the first season. Having Burn Notice on Facebook to remind me when the show is on it a HUGE help. I loved Where There’s Smoke, but every episode I’ve seen has been entertaining! My favorite line is anything the comes out of Sharon Gless’ (Maddie) mouth. She’s a hoot! Also, would have loved to have seen the blue and white gingham earrings I saw Sharon wear on a recent episode offered in this contest. She’s STILL stylin’!

  111. My son and I watch Burn Notice every week together. I love love love Fiona. “Can I shoot him now?”

  112. Kidnappers have been foiled by the amazing trio. They are in a Mexican standoff. With such great tension, Sam goes out back and fires into the ground. 3 gunshots later, and everyone is assumed dead. Hilarious scene.

  113. Burn Notice is the best! And Sam is the best of the best! Sam has the best line of all.
    ” You know spies, a bunch of bitchy little girls.”

  114. I LOVE Burn Notice! Every episode is my favorite, but I like the one where Michael thinks Fiona was in the house that blew up and reminds him how he feels about her. I love the intensity of their relationship!

  115. Michael: Listen, Fi, there’s a few things I’m good at: tactical analysis, hand-to-hand combat, I’m a decent cook. But relationships… they’re just not my thing. They never were.
    Fiona: Well, now you’re in Miami. Get yourself a 24-year-old with big fake tits.

  116. My favorite is Noble Causes. I love when Michael goes out of his way to go to the ceremony for his Mom and wears the tie that she bought him. She knows that he hates it and she lets him off the hook. Sam even is on the act helping her fill out the paper work to get the award. It is pure Burn Notice.
    An Obsessed fan,
    Jean D

  117. My favorite episode of this season was “Neighborhood Watch.” Sam getting beat up for a distraction was hilarious.

  118. “Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.’ Best lines ever. Michael is the MacGiver of Miami

  119. Fiona- all the guns in my trunk and I don’t have a thing to fit in my clutch- July 29th episode

  120. LOVE this show! Fiona rocks,and her classic”Shall we shoot them?” IS Fiona.Michael should let her use explosives more,LOL!

  121. Favorite episode is anything with a lot of Sam time. Bruce is the man. Love to have that shirt.

  122. “Should we shoot them?” – Fiona from the pilot when Michael shows her the Feds in the restaurant.

    “When you’re being watched, what you need is contrast. A background that will make the surveillance stand out. An FBI field office is full of guys in their forties. At most South Beach business hotels, it would be tough to tell which middle-aged white guy was watching you. So you stay in the place where everyone is a Jell-O shot away from alcohol poisoning. If you see someone who can walk a straight line, that’s the Fed.” from the pilot

  123. My favortie episode is Signals and Codes. I am really liking this blog. Wish I could afford to look like like Fiona. She must work out everyday!

    Thanks, hope i win!!!

  124. My favorite burn notice episode is The episode where Michael gets kidnapped and sent to the everglades. That one was funny as heck and it was awesome too.

    My favorite quote from the show is from the pilot episode:

    “30 years of karate. Combat experience on five continents. A rating with every weapon that shoots a bullet or holds an edge… Still haven’t found any defense to Mom crying into my shirt.”

    Best show on television. no doubt!(:

  125. Favorite Character is easily Sam. Though No one Dresses as Badass as Michael Weston, In any show out out there. Favortie Epidsode had to be the July 22nd Epidsode “Past and Future Tense” In the Beginning Mike goes “Do you know where this bar is?” and Sam Replies “Uhh.. Yea.. Its a Bar. I’ll Drive!” Hahaha I had to pause it cause i was laughing so hard.
    Also the July 29th Episode “Where there’s Smoke” Fiona Walks into Michael’s Place with Sam in the beginning and before she leaves goes ” A truckful of Guns… and Nothing fits into my Clutch.” Great Line!

    Great Show! My absolute Favorite. Keep up the great work!

  126. Season 4, Episode 6
    “Interrogating a hostile witness is like proposing marriage. You want to get it right the first try. So you don’t settle until you find the perfect spot. You take special care to set the right ambiance and set the mood. And then you wait for the best moment to pop the question”

    The analogy is perfect, and the contrast between a marriage and an interrogation makes the life of a spy seem even more like it just crosses the line between normal and death-defying.

  127. I definately have to say my favored episode is the episode where Michael dresses up and plays the mysterious Devil-Man (The episode where Sam’s old buddy shows up to catch a child predator). Definately an enjoyable episode from start to finish!

  128. “I’ll take a hardware store over a gun any day. Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.” How can you not love a show that extols the virtues of duct tape and puts Bruce Campbell on my tv set every week? “When you’re a spy, you love Bruce Campbell” 🙂

  129. What a great contest! My favorite episode is the one from season 1 called Dead Drop where Sam is kidnapped and Michael must use his contacts to free him…Sam’s quips under the torture are classic! Great writing and great acting by Bruce in that one.

  130. So many great episodes how do I pick? How about the season ending cliff hangers? They were all great, but to put them in an order of great to best is a hard one to call. I do like Sam’s alter ego Chuck Findley though.

  131. My favorite is the episode where he is dressed in the black suit with the red shirt/tie – very hot!
    Alos – loved Sam’s take on horacio caine in the episode with the fashion house!
    Awesome show – glad to have found it!

  132. I love Burn Notice! That show has so many great lines. But one of my favs…

    Michael: “I don’t think they are here for the banquet food and seminars.”

    Michael’s lines always make me smile!

  133. I don’t have a favorite episode because I love the show, and I enjoy all the episodes. I also constantly have new favorite quotes… At the moment my mother and I are both enjoying: you say tomato, I say pimp. We use this quote in every possible situation where it might work.

  134. I’m gonna vote for “Spies go to bars for the same reason people go to libraries: full of information if you know where to ask.” Makes me want to skip the library and go straight for a mojito.

  135. I just couldn’t pick a favorite episode, there are just too many, but last week’s quote is probably one of the best in regards to Michael & Fiona’s relationship (and the show!).

    Madeline (to Jesse): Fiona and Michael love each other and hate each other. But it’s always each other.

  136. One favorite episode ends with Michael basically telling Management to “kiss off” and then leaps to freedom from a hovering helicopter 50-feet above the tropical waters. Too bad he left his shades. tjm

  137. One favorite episode is Michael telling Management to basically “kiss off” and leaping to freedom from a hovering helicopter 50-feet above the tropical waters. Too bad he left his sunglasses. tjm

  138. My favorite quote is Fiona–“If it looks too good to be true, it’s best to shoot it just to be sure.”

  139. As much as I love Bruce Campbell..my favorite line is Fiona saying “Did you really just ask me that?” when asked about building a big enough bomb…one of my favorite shows! Definitely can’t pick a favorite episode-would love to have them all on DVD!

  140. The episode with the medical scam artists in season 2 when the usually cool, calm and collected Fi blows her cover by attacking the con artist when she can’t take how smug the women is about preying on the desperate parents of sick children. Mostly I love it for the characters, clever plans and fun but that moment stands out.

  141. I don’t quite have a favorite episode, but I think this line, out of alot of very good lines does stand out to me 🙂

    “What kind of a sissy wouldn’t sleep with a gun under their pillow anyways?” ~ Madeline Westen

  142. Best show: End of season one, with Michael rescuing Sam from the boat, and ending up in a semi on the Keys highway.

  143. My favorite Burn Notice epsiode is the first one. So much action packed into it and that bike ride escape to the airport was really well shot. That and Fiona with a heavy Irish accent were terrific.

  144. ” Looks like….murder….is back in season again.” Sam says it as he’s taking off his sunglasses ala that doof on CSI Miami.

  145. My favourite quote is from Shot in the Dark in season 3.

    “No, no. I get it. Little kid, abusive dad, it kind of hits home, so I’ll give you that one. But when the time comes to rescue a bunch of rich women trapped in a brewery, you better step up. So she’s in there with Fiona?”

  146. Favorite Quote – “Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.” – Michael Westen

  147. I LOVE this show!! I think that Michael giving an overview of the scenes is really interesting. The cast is awesome! The one line I love, and use all the time is from Sam, ” Spies, just a whiiny bunch of bitches”.

  148. Favorite Line: “and Mikey……..they got Fiona”

    LOVE the show, love all the episodes, own all seasons available on blu ray.

  149. Favorite line this season was from Burt Reynolds: “Hey this is more fun with out the guns”. Whatever happened to Fiona’s Irish accent?

  150. Gosh there’s so many good lines it’s hard to think of just one…maybe I can narrow it down to episode.

    Hmm…thinking…thinking…Comrades, perhaps. I liked how pretty much everyone got involved somehow. Plus, it also has one of my favorite lines in it, although there’s about 2-3 every episode lol

  151. My favorite episode was actually the last one. I liked seeing Fiona take the kidnappers out and turn it all around. I’ll probably change my mind next week though. 😉

  152. Fiona: “If something seems to good to be true, it’s best to shoot it just in case.”

    We love Fiona and we love Burn Notice!

  153. Seeing Sam in this light probably had to be one of the best moments of season 2 for me.

    [discussing Veronica proposing to Sam]
    Michael Westen: Do you love her?
    Sam Axe: She could be the one.
    Michael Westen: Then say yes.
    Sam Axe: It’s complicated.
    Michael Westen: Then say no.
    Sam Axe: [sarcastically] You’re a good friend, Mike.

  154. The best episode was season 3 episode 11 “Friendly Fire” Michael was smooth as a devilish bad ass who could blow things up at the snap of his fingers. I also can’t wait to see the Sam Axe prequel of his Navy Seal days. Bruce Campbell needs more to show off his comedic talent. He is why I started watching the show, and will never stop.

  155. My favorite episode is where the “Team” helps the father get back his 250,000 in order to save his little boy from dying and to take him a clinic in Arizona. My other favorite episode is every episode. I have never like a series like this one. I hope to win the DVDs

  156. A dedicated Burn Notice fan since the beginning. Loved the episode with Burt Reynolds, especially when he said, “Are you telling me I can’t kill Russians when they invade Florida?”

  157. Burn Notice is my favorite night of the week show. Need the style they wear though. Up i Central Florida we need a bit of Miami and Less Disney

  158. Fiona: “Michael, you’re not going to believe the deal I got today. I am better at buying guns than I am buying shoes, and I’m really good at buying shoes.”

    I’m really good at buying shoes too but not so much at buying firearms, well, anymore.

    Love BN!

  159. I’ve been telling my friends and family about the show for a while now and how much I enjoy watching it. Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell bring that sexy essence to the show amidst all the action. There are two episodes I think are worth mentioning…

    #1 – Season 2 “Bad Breaks” – There’s a scene where ‘Michael’ is in the kitchen with one of the bank robbers and says, “I’m just going to take your pulse” and then he puts his hand on the guys neck and the camera goes to the robber’s point of view and fades as he’s being rendered unconscious. What I would give to have ‘Michael’ (but more importantly, Jeff) be the last thing I see before I pass out!

    #2 – also from Season 2 “Lesser Evil” – That biotch Carla FINALLY gets what’s coming to her! Go Fi!

  160. MY husband had me online searching for SAMS’s shirts in Season ONE….
    love this cast and probably love the crew as well….

    we HATE it when they are off the air we watch RE_RUNS…..

  161. I love this show!

    Best line: Last week when Jesse was supposed to be watching the rich capitalist and the guy snuck out to make a deal with the kidnappers of his wife.

    Michael: “Look, you can beat yourself up about it later, I’ll help!”

    The delivery of the line was classic!

  162. My absolute favorite is Sam Axe! “You know spys! Buncha bitchy little girls!”

    I’m a big fan of Sam’s shrits and usually wear similar on every casual Friday at work!

  163. Fiona is so friggin smokin I would love to steal er style the girl as everything!!

  164. “When you find someone you can trust absolutely, you want them on every operation you do, and nothing hurts worse than losing a friend to bullets, politics, or, something personal. But when you have to work alone again, you lock those feelings away and do the job at hand, because as every spy knows, there`s time to think about what you`ve lost after the mission is over.”

  165. Every episode begins with Sam saying, “You know spies…bitchy little girls.” That’s my favorite phrase!! Love Fiona’s hip bag!!

  166. I love it when Mom says “Michael -someone needs your help!” each week in the intro!

  167. This show is filled with fantastic one-liners. They’re as clever as the ones in “The Big Chill” and equally well integrated. Even still, my favorite line is from the opening montage where Fiona says:

    “Can we shoot them?”

    Sam’s line about the “You know spies…” is a close second, but Fiona’s line really sums up her character well.

  168. It’s so hard to chose, especially since Sam Axe has a lot of good ones. But I have to go with the one that makes my husband and I smile every time the show comes on.

    Sam Axe: “You know spies.. bunch of whiny little bitches!”

  169. Any episode with Fiona in a bikini works for me. I love this show and all of Sam’s great hawaiian shirts!

  170. I like “Sam” on the same level as “Mike”. The series is well written and original!

    The best line is in the opening scenes…
    “You know spies,…a bunch of bitchy little girls”….

    I chuckle every time I hear it.

  171. Each episode of Burn Notice gets more impressive and more impressive. Therefore my favorite is “Where There’s Smoke.” I’ve watched it twice already and want to see it again!

  172. One of my favorite lines comes from the pilot.
    “Covert intelligence involves a lot of waiting around. You know what it’s like being a spy? Like sitting in your dentist’s reception area 24 hours a day. You read magazines, sip coffee, and every so often someone tries to kill you.”

  173. Please delete my previous comment. I mis-quoted. Waiting for the coffee to kick in.

    It’s so hard to chose, especially since Sam Axe has a lot of good ones. But I have to go with the one that makes my husband and I smile every time the show comes on.

    Sam Axe: “You know spies… bunch of bitchy little girls.”

  174. burn notice is one of the best shows! i want so badly to be as cool as Michael! except, i saw “hitch” yesterday, and he’s the bad guy in it, and it made me cry a little. i guess i’m just not that cool…

  175. Jesse: “You think you can just snap your fingers and make them go away?”
    Michael: “It worked before.”

    LOVE Burn Notice! It’s so fun.

  176. My favorite episode is “Where theres smoke”. I like the part when Fiona makes a bomb with a light bulb and vodka.

  177. There are too many choice lines to pick from..but I think my favs are when Sam is picking on Fi when it comes to taking action. Its funny that they both think of themselves as the 2nd in command.. Excellant show.always will be on my dvr list..great contest too!-Thanks!

  178. My favorite moment has to be when the guy who took Sam’s ex-wife shows up at Madeline’s front door, and they go through their bout, and at the end of it when Madelene asks Sam if he wants a beer, and he says “I don’t feel much like drinking…”

  179. I absolutely love this!! Your blog is awesome!!! I love all the characters and the show especially Michael and Fi and Sam!! Thanks so much!!!
    I love the episode Sins of Omission!!!

  180. I loveeee Burn Notice!
    There are so many good quotes it’s hard to choose!!

    “The enemy of my enemy could be my friend.”

    Fun giveaway and neat blog 😀

  181. Oh, forgot to list episode..Liked the one where Mattie(sp) was taken into FBI HQ when he had shot at them, and she is supposewd to know where he was. Then that episode where Michael was blown off his staircase outside his loft. Thanks

  182. Love the show- doesn’t take itself too seriously but still keeps the viewer engaged with the characters- well, let’s do this…

  183. Favorite quote: “Brushes with death are like snowflakes: each one is unique and icy cold.”

  184. Burn Notice is Awesome! Definitely love everything they wear. Wish i was Michael westen

  185. My favorite episode is generally the one I’m currently watching. But, my favorite line was used in a promo for the season before the current one. Mom says to Michael, “Would you like some iced tea?” And, with PERFECT timing, delivery and a forced smile, Michael says “That’d be great!”

  186. Burn Notice is the best show to come along in a great while in this genre. While I like most episodes, my favorite so far is “Neighborhood Watch”. I really liked the way he handled the tough guy boss.

    Great show.

  187. the greatest show ever doesnt do burn notice just i like most have seen every episode ever but unlike most dont know the names of the sodes. nonetheless my favorite episode is from season two i believe when fiona is kidnapped i believ it was one of the final three episodes and it shows how michael will scower the ends of the earth for the one woman he truly loves. michael goes on a rampage destroying all in his way to save the life of the woman he loves this episode really helped me connect with michael in that id like to believe that i too would blow up a feww things and break my own rules for the one ei love. thank u burn notice for showing us that even trained operatives are week when it comes to the one they love.

  188. The whole family adores “Burn Notice”; we never miss an episode, and choosing a favorite episode is impossible. As for favorite quotes, perhaps Fiona’s “Shall we shoot them?!” is tops. That girl loves anything that goes “BOOM”; we could be sisters!

  189. My favorite is in the “partners in crime” episode when sam does his horatio caine impersonations complete with the dramatic application of his sunglasses. “it looks like murder…(sunglsses)…is in style this season.” haha good stuff.

  190. I want to be Michael Weston! “A good hitman is like a plumber, a dentist or a mechanic. Everybody is always looking for a good one.”

  191. My most favorite episode is the one where Michael acted like a ditzy/scared chemist in order to get in good with some guys trying to steal a biological weapon. He plays a great looser eventho he is the coolest! And when he went all crazy and had to use his fake inhaler. The look on his face was priceless!

  192. I love, love, love Burn Notice. So hard to pick a favorite episode, but my favorite line is “You say tomato, I say pimp.”

  193. I gotta say my favorite episode was “Question and Answer” (season 3 episode 2). It first aired on June 11 2009 which is my birthday and in the episode Michael celebrated his birthday as well and that just made my day.

  194. My favorite episode is the one where Micheal plays the devil, blowing things up by snapping his fingers. That is so cool.

  195. Great show, the best on all of television.

    “Charles Finley, now that’s a name”!!!

  196. I love all of the shows of burn notice, especially when Fiona tries to get Michael to understand her feelings or disapproving methods. Sam adds personality plus to the show.

  197. So many great lines.

    “Guys! I have a loaded machine pistol in my hand and I have no idea what I’m doing!” – Michael

    Michael – “Fiona, you were supposed to stop the car, not blow it into the Everglades! What happened to shorting the ignition?”
    Fiona – “You said disable; it’s not going anywhere.”

    Michael – Right now, I’ve got to do a job… with Larry.
    Sam – Larry? Dead Larry? [laughing] Oh, man, I hated that guy!
    Michael – He’s back.
    Sam – Ok, I hate him present tense. He’s a bad influence Mike, don’t tell me you’re working with him?
    Michael – I’m not working with him, I’m working against him.
    Sam – Well in that case, can I help?

    Sam Axe – [about Larry] Just “checking in”? He’s got a weird thing for you.
    Michael – It’s because he doesn’t have any friends.
    Sam – That’s because he killed most of them, Mike.

    Michael – Fi, she threatened to kill me!
    Fiona – I can do that.

  198. Loved it when kidnapped Fiona get back to Michael and says “You should see the other guys!”

  199. There are so many good ones but last week had a doozy:
    Michael: Do you know how to get there?
    Sam: Uh, it’s a bar, yeah

  200. Love the episode where Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless were reunited. The chemistry between those too never faded. I wish she was a regular! Best show on TV! 🙂

  201. Finally a guide to getting some of those awesome Sam Axe shirts. Even in the third season, I still laugh every time Sam says, “You know spies, a bunch of bitchy little girls”
    Gotta love Sam Axe!

  202. I love the line where Sam says, “Dos mojitos me amigo”. I had never tasted a mojito until I heard that line. It is now my favorite drink. Thanks Sam.

  203. love all of the shows of Burn Notice, especially when Fiona tries to get Michael to understand her feelings or disapproving methods. Sam adds personality plus to the show.

  204. I believe the best episode was the latest one with Burt Reynolds. It takes a great show like Burn Notice to bring back an Icon like him and prove to all the younger generation that Burt still knows how to kick ass and still have the humor of the Bandit.

  205. Fiona, “He’s smooth. In a cheesy Sam kinda way”.

    Sam, “Hey, smooth is smooth, baby”!

  206. I Love this show. I have never missed one. It is like a modern day MacGyver, but better.

  207. [Michael sees two FBI agents in an unmarked car assigned to keep tabs on him and motions to two boys nearby on skateboards]
    Michael Westen: Kids, come here. See that cop?
    [points to a patrol cop on a bicycle]
    Michael Westen: I’ll give you guys five bucks each if you go over and tell him that a man in that car over there tried to make you sit on his lap. Can you do that?
    Skateboarder: Make it ten bucks each.
    Michael Westen: [surprised] Fifteen, but you split it. All right, for fifteen, I want tears.
    Skateboarder: All right, dawg.

  208. First and foremost, I have a thing for shows that have the narrator throughout!! it reminds me of being read to and that’s a comforting feeling (however, when I was little I am sure that I would NOT had dad reading some Burn Notice to me!!) Anyway, it’s a great show and the characters of Sam, Michael and Fi are just plain amazzzzzing!! Here’s a few of many quotes I’m totally into

    Sam: Where there’s smoke, there’s Fi.

    Fiona: Sometimes you have to be your own white knight.

    And as far as style goes….Fiona’s got em allllll beat…. nothing like a 50 calibur to go with you shoulder dress:))


  210. Love Love Love all the shows I can’t pick a episode cause everyone of them is fantastic action,comedy and friendship. The four of them make a good group.. Love MOM.
    My two brothers live with me and they would look awesome in Michael and Sam’s clothes Keep the shows coming and can’t tell you enough that I love love love the show.. A bright spot in my everyday routine.. Thank you

  211. (in Russian) “We cannot fight him! He is Michael Weston! And there are only four of us!”

  212. Love Sam! One of my favorite lines is after he gets info for Mike: “I’m not saying I’m gonna like it. I’m just saying you’re gonna kiss me.”

  213. I don’t know if I can limit myself to one favorite episode! Every single episode finds me saying – “I love Michael Westen!”. But, for the sake of the contest, I will say that the first episode, the Pilot, is the best! If it wasn’t for the hook of that episode, I wouldn’t have made “Burn Notice” must watch television! I like the opening credits (many taken from that episode) so well, that I never fast forward through it! I love how Fiona says “Miami” and love Sam’s response about the CIA. The beginning of the series was just the perfect way to start – good-looking people, action packed and humor all bundled together!

  214. “Hey, smooth is smooth, baby.”

    Sam’s too cool for school. How can you not love the dude?

  215. Thirty years of karate, combat experience on five continents, a rating with every weapon that shoots a bullet or holds an edge… Still haven’t found any defense against Mom crying into my shirt.

    Love this show!

  216. We LOVE Burn Notice at our house. Our favorite quote so far this season is:

    This is just a harmless case of cat and mouse between me and a professional killer

  217. My favorite quote is definitely:

    “It’s funny. You never really know a car until you drive it through a wall.”

    Love the Florida summer 🙂

  218. I have loved the show from the very beginning…dont exactly remember how we ran into the show but on Thursday nights…it’s been there for every season (even won over my wifes longtime love for that other Thursday night heavy hitter back in the day – I think it was a crime scene show set in Vegas, HA!

    Favorite episode has to be “Friendly Fire” where Michael is El Diablo…hahaha I loved it!

  219. season 3 episode 11, intimidating the gang with the black and red suit, *snap*

  220. It’s so hard to choose a favorite episode!
    My two are the one when they are helping the woman with the custody case and the one quoted above when the fashion designer is murdered.

  221. In one of the first episodes
    Modeling agent: I’m not a pimp.
    Michael: You say tomato I say pimp.

  222. I love this show! Too many good lines!

    Michael: Fi, get me a sniper rifle and some C4.
    Fiona: Oh, I like where this is going.

  223. Love Burn Notice! I can’t pick a favorite episode, because I love them all! Some of my favorite quotes appear in the opening credits – Fiona “Shall we shoot them?” and Sam “You know spies, bunch of bitchy little girls” 🙂

  224. I can only pick 1 episode? If that is the case then I would have to pick the “Pilot Episode” because that is the one that got me hooked to this show.

  225. This is a great show… My favorite episode would have to be “Lesser evil”(last episode on season 2) and my favorite quotes are “You know spies, bunch of bitchy little girls”, and “spies are criminals with a government paycheck”.

  226. favorite episode or line… There are too many of each! The tag lines on the screen when they introduce a new charater crack me up all the time as far as lines go, and I still like the episode from season 1 where Micheal ‘convinces’ his drug dealing neighbor to leave.

  227. Every episode is great and I never miss a show. best quote for me was:

    “Michael Westen: Not bad for a man in his underwear.

    Sam Axe: You think that’s good, you should see me without them!”

    Sam Axe is legendary.

  228. This blog is so fun! Am I wrong to favor Sam’s style? Well, he is the fabulous Bruce Campbell after all!

    I totally loved the leather hip bag too! Fiona’s style is always cool and hot, and sophisticated & laid back at the same time!

  229. One of my favorite exchanges I think sums up the characters of Michael and Fiona perfectly:
    Michael:”How’s our friend Ivan behaving?”
    Fiona: “Like an altar boy. He even asked me to use the stun gun on him again.”
    Michael: “He asked you with a gag in his mouth?”
    Fiona: “Oh, he has expressive eyes.”

  230. It’s really hard to pick a favorite episode or favorite line, but I think I have to agree with Ann Payne: “Sometimes the truth hurts. In these situations, I recommend lying.”

    Love that show!

  231. Sam: Mike, piece of advice. A woman likes attention. She doesn’t like to be second to a dossier, not even a big one.
    Mike: You’ve been talking to Fi.
    Sam: If by talking to Fi, you mean listening to Fi, then yeah.

    Fi isn’t the type of woman you EVER want to be on the bad side of….LOL.

  232. One of the main reasons I just upgraded my satellite TV service to a DVR is to record Burn Notice. Fav Episode – ALL of them. Great chemistry between Michael, Fi, and Sam! Madeline gives the show yet another dimension.

    Great blog! Thanks for doing it!!

  233. LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! My husband and I are addicted!! Too hard to pick an episode but the one I think about alot is from season 3 when Sam’s old Navy buddy comes to Miami looking for help finding the child molester. Michael is so calm and cool and in charge when he plays his “character” in the client mission. And his black and red suit is perfection. 🙂 sigh.

  234. I have to say I can’t really choose a favorite episode, mainly because they all rock….So I’ll just say the pilot that introduced us the the Miami crew!

  235. Great show, thanks for the ideas!

    One of my favorite lines (most are from Sam discussing the need for a drink…):
    Episode: Truth and Reconciliation
    ‘Man all this talking makes me hungry… but mostly thirsty. C’mon guys Drinks on Uncle Sam (pointing to FBI agents)… yeah, haha… cough it up! MOJITO!’

  236. “Guns make you stupid, better to fight your wars with duck tape. Duck tape makes you smart.” Its from the Pilot but to me it speaks volumes about Michael, and its a great quote for someone like me who spends half her time making stuff out of duck tape.

  237. I still love the Opening dialog where Sam says Bitchy little girls…Sam is the Man that all of of Middle age guys wish we were!

  238. Nice blog! Here’s one of my favorite BN dialogue exchanges. Michael says, “Sam, I could kiss you!” Sam replies, “Get in line.”

  239. Gotta go all the way back to season one for this one. Mr. Sam Axe ” What??, I work better when I can breathe down there. ”

    Love this show!

  240. This has got to be my favorite show on TV – I’m a big fan of any time Fi wants to blow something up unnecessarily! I just got back from Comic-Con and Bruce Campbell was at the Burn Notice panel and he was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. Any time someone said something nice to him he peeled off a couple $20 bills and tossed them to the audience! Our swag was a t-shirt with the “Chuck Finley Method of Living” on it. Love, love, LOVE IT! 🙂

  241. My favorite episode BY FAR is “Where There’s Smoke”. There was just the right amount of drama, just the right amount of comedy, the perfect amount of action, and just the right amount of romance. Almost every episode is like this, but this particular episode was perfect. There were a few lines that I loved!

    Michael: “You can beat yourself up about it later. I’ll help.”

    Sam: “Where there’s smoke, there’s Fi.”

    But my absolute favorite from that episode is this:

    Fiona: “Sometimes you have to be your own white knight.”

    Why? Because sometimes a girl needs to know that it’s okay to do things on her own. Her man may do everything he can to save her, but he’s just human. He might fail. As feminine and wonderful as it is to have a man who will save her, it’s just as sexy and respectable to save herself. And that is exactly what Fiona is: feminine, sexy, and respectable. Kudos, Burn Notice crew, you outdid yourselves again. Thank you 😀

  242. No one more quotable in this show that “Sam Axe.” And, it’s already in the promo, “You know spies…nothing but a bunch of bitchy little girls!” CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!

  243. my favorite lines is one that comes form Sam Axe…and it is one he has used several times, primarily to show Madeline that he is serious about her safety…and that line is “No, Maddy…I dont want a beer!”

    Whenever he says that, you know there is some serious stuff going on!

    I love this show, and would love to dress like Sam. Hook me up!

  244. Love the show, love the style.
    Best Quote:Sam: “No, no. I get it. Little kid, abusive dad, it kind of hits home, so I’ll give you that one. But when the time comes to rescue a bunch of rich women trapped in a brewery, you better step up.”

  245. Too many episodes to name… too many great lines as well, but I love this one from a recent episode, particularly since it was the very first line of the show:
    “Interrogating a hostile prisoner is a little like proposing marriage. You want to get it right on the first try.”

    Then there’s the always great: “You say tomato, I say pimp.”

    And one of my favorite Sam lines recently was when Michael asks him if he knows where a certain bar is, Sam replies so matter of factly: “Uh, yeah, Mike, it’s a bar. I know where it is.”

  246. So many lines and too many episodes too count on a favorite! I have to say anytime Michael, Fiona and Sam team too lay down some fire power is pretty stylish!
    I have to give my favorite episode vote to when Fiona’s brother comes to town and Michael has to pull off that Irish accent! It just ads a bad ass accent to some bad ass style!

  247. Too many good episodes to have one favorite- Too many good lines to like just one or two–but you take great actors and put them with great writers and WHAM you have BURN NOTICE!!! I have watched it since it has been on_not missed an episode either-and sometime watch it again when the channel re-runs it. And I will watch it in syndication when and if they ever cancel this show–although I Hope they never do. ROCK on guys and girl.

  248. “Bad Breaks,” where Jason Bly and Michael are caught in the middle of a bank robbery, is my favorite.

  249. Favorite line:(Mike) No big secret, I just love yogurt.
    Favorite episode: Bad Breaks

  250. My favorite line from all of the Burn Notice episodes comes when Michael is talking about working with Strickler: “When the devil himself is offering the thing you want most, sometimes you dance with the devil.”

  251. It’s funny. You never really know a car until you drive it through a wall. – Sam Axe

    I want to have Bruce Campbell’s babies. 🙂

  252. Burn Notice is my absolute favorite show and actually the only one I really watch right now. One of the best episodes is the bank episode, I believe it’s called “Bad Breaks”, where Michael and Bly the government agent are stuck in a bank when a heist is going on.

    Great blog! I love the styles 🙂

  253. I love the line where Michael tells Sam to “go easy on the mojitos” and Sam replies, “they always go easy on me!” lol.

    Seriously tho, I’d love to win this prize pack.

  254. I really loved the episode where Simon gets loose and Michael has to get ahold of management. I love how he had to swim across the miami river and sneek into his loft to get managements number from a greeting card. That whole episode is full of edge of your seat action, and I thought it was a great ending to the season! Really left me wanting more!! 🙂

  255. Michael: Go easy on the mojitos Sam.
    Sam: They always go easy on me!

    Episode: “Good Soldier”

    I pretty much want to be like Sam Axe when I grow up.

  256. I just get pumped any time I hear Jeffrey Donovan use the line “When you’re a spy…” when he’s narrating. I can close my eyes anytime and perfectly hear his voice say that.

  257. I love watching Burn Notice. Cool, action-packed, with well-timed subtle comedic touches all add up to a great time. A superb ensemble of cast and characters.
    One of my favorite episodes (for comedy) is the one where Sam is playing at being a forensic investigator and Michael is the silent partner of a fashion house, pretending to be a drug lord. I love Sam’s parody of that red-headed CSI Miami buffoon. When he unloaded those one-liners while putting his shades one, not once, but twice! Priceless!
    Another favorite of mine is the one where he helps the thug get the crueler, ruthless thug out of his neighborhood and gets the child kidnapper off the streets. The whole black suit/red shirt/red tie devil outfit, the finger-snapping to make explosions happen… brilliant! That was great.
    Excellent tv programming, I hope it’s around for a good, long while.

  258. Mike: You’re gonna take point on this one.
    Sam sighs: That means I gotta shave and put on a suit!

    I’m with Sam on this one! Also, I wanna be Bruce Campbell when I grow up! I can win contest now?

  259. “Sometimes you have to be your own white knight.” – Fiona


    “Where there’s smoke, there’s Fi!” – Sam

    both from the episode “Where There’s Smoke..” from this season.

  260. All of the episodes are good, there’s not one episode that I didn’t love. But if I had to choose one, it will be the last one where Fiona gets kidnapped with the client’s wife so that she can help. It made Michael realize how important she was to him and the way that Jesse took it so personal, showed that he really feels like he’s part of the “family”. I really love Jesse’s character and Michael’s mom is so cool, too. Sam seems like a fun guy to be around. My husband dresses more like Sam, maybe that’s why I can relate to him so much. I love Fiona’s style too. We have similar taste in clothing, sexy yet classy. I’m a Miami native and watching the show makes me nostalgic.

  261. From the first episode of this season, “Friends and Enemies”:

    Michael: Don’t make a move unless things go bad.
    Sam: And if things go bad?
    Michael: Well, it was nice seeing you guys again.

  262. I love this show and every episode is my favorite. I love each of their styles and have been hooked since the pilot came on! I have to save my recordings to watch between seasons and can’t wait for them to come back. I just wish they had something for the breaks.

  263. the episode with burt reynolds just became my favorite. and I did not thik I would like it!

  264. This show is so awesome, they do everything with their own special style. Not only do they do it, but then they tell/show you what they are doing! 😀

    My favorite line would have to be from one of the newer episodes, “but he’s Michael Weston and there’s only 4 of us.” This wonderful line comes from the Russian spies in an episode from this season!

  265. My favorite episode in recent memory was “Friendly Fire.” I loved how Michael psyched out his opponents through his absurdly over-the-top “devil” act.

  266. Great show, great acting, great writing… Hard to pick a favorite quote, but I’d have to go with Sam – “It’s a bar. I know where it is.” Sam is what I want to be after retirement.

  267. I loved the episode that introduced Fi’s brother. The exchanges between Michael, Fi, Mom, and Sam are priceless! This show is not for dimwitted people! I don’t mean to be cruel, but there is too much priceless banter and you need to have your wits about you to follow the storylines. Yes?

  268. I like them all. Michael is a very dashingly dressed fellow. Fi is outta this world. Sam is a cool Miami styled dude. Sharon Gless is awesome also!

  269. I love the episode Bad Breaks. He took down the entire group of bank robbers without shooting anybody, just pretending to be a doctor and using his knowledge to screw with all of the robbers plans. Awesome!

  270. Sam Axe is who I’d like to be in another parallel universe. In a recent episode, Michael tells him an address and wonders if Sam knows where it’s at or how to get there. And Sam says, “It’s a bar (duh).” Answer enough…

    Great show.

  271. Comrades is my favorite episode. Russian mobsters and Bruce getting a decent amount of screen time made for a very well rounded episode.

  272. Best line is Sam’s from the opening: “You know spies — a bunch of bitchy little girls.” Second best is also Sam’s: “Oh yeah, the Coast Guard. The Navy’s little sister.”

    Best episode is “Good Soldier”

  273. One of my favorite lines was from Bruce Campbell: “Well, I had to give her a little ‘Sammy-time’.”

  274. it is hard to say what episode i like because i like them all and havent missed an episode yet. My favorite line would have to be when Micheal says ( Dont Ask ) everytime he is asked about him and Fiona

  275. I just love that this show is so different from anything out there. I love that the meanest person on the show is Fi. Finally a really strong role for a woman.

  276. My favorite was when Fiona got kidnapped by the nasty Irishman and when Michael jumped in the water to save her. They can’t say “I love you” but they do love ecah other. So romantic! This is the best show on TV. I have wated all the episodes over and over again. I love when it is a marathon. I stay in and watch AGAIN. I never win contests but I want to win this on because I just love the show and the entire cast. This is from you biggest and best fan. Kathleen Liscio

  277. I have never missed a single Burn Notice episode from the very beginning…it is the BEST show around! It’s so hard to pick a fave episode or line, but I’d have to say it was the final episode of the 1st season, when Michael drives his car into the back of the truck on the bridge, having no clue where he’s going!

  278. That hip bag is awesome! My favorite episode is probably “Friends Like These”, it’s so funny to see Michael snap his fingers and blow things up. My favorite line recently was from “Breach of Faith” where Fi and Jesse have that guy tied up in the trunk and Fi says “Move over, you’re laying on my c-4!” It’s a great show, great blog on the fashion of it, too.

  279. For any operative, stashing weapons is second nature after a while. Spies hide guns like squirrels hide acorns. You never know when you’ll need some firepower, or where you’ll be when you need it.

  280. Favorite Episode: Friendly Fire

    Favorite Quote:
    Client: Luckily they only got some personal e-mails and some Garth Brooks mp3s
    Sam: They could have been worse could have been Creedence

  281. It’s impossible to choose a favorite episode! That would be like picking a favorite child! LOL I LOVE everyone on the show, especially Sam! We watch them as a family. I especially love the bar they hang out at!

  282. Sam, Fi and Michael make a great team! There are too many episodes to pick just one favorite, but adding Jesse and making Michael’s mom part of the troupe this season has been a blast. Sam and Fi becoming a “married couple” for the latest episode was terrific and right on. Sam’s line about him being too young to be a widow was classic. They make a great team!

  283. Client: “I sleep easy now that I have a private platoon of guerrilla warriors at the ready.”

    Michael to Jesse: “You could really use some more friends. I’d work on that.”

    Jesse to Michael & Fiona: “Even a day at the beach isn’t a day at the beach with you guys.”

    Burt Reynolds to Michael: “Has anyone ever told you you’re no fun?”
    Michael: “All the time.”

  284. The episode where Fiona is taken by the bad guys to be sent back to Ireland to be killed. Michael shoots the agent who was responsible for taking her and won’t tell him where she is. Micheal and Sam find her as she is being put aboard a boat and Michael has to save her from drowning. Episode reminds me of the old Magnum PI sow where Magnum shoots the Russian agent who has tortured them in Vietnam. It shows when needed, Michael will do whatever is necessary to protect his friends

  285. any episode where sam is drinking a beer and michael interrupts with a job that will take only one day.

  286. “If the devil had a name, it’d be CHUCK… FINLEY!”

    That is courtesy of Michael, but embodies Sam Axe in an impossibly accurate way.

  287. There is not just one episode that is my favorite since I enjoy it every week.

  288. I think the episode with Burt Renyolds may have been mine and my husband’s favorite episode. Gotta love Burt! Recently my hubby has taken to dressing like Sam.

  289. My favorite thing about Burn Notice is the sliding text that indicated a client, or a bad guy, or a “menace to society.” I need that kind of subtext in my daily life. Someday the scene will open with Michael and the sliding text will read “incredibly attractive ex-spy.” So send me the fashions, cause I’m a “cute girl in need of a wardrobe update.”

  290. my personal episode he where the handler got his a** blown away after he kidnaped Fi and Michael shot him stone cold dead in his safe house…

  291. This is one of those wonderful shows that just keeps getting better each season, rather than becoming a shadow of a good first season. The characters continue to deepen, along with my caring for each of them. (If I could look like a star, I think it would have to be Gabrielle/Fiona. Every episode shows off her style in fashion, intelligence and kickbutt!) The most recent line that totally cracked me up was, “he’s Michael Westen, and there’s only four of us!” The Russian got it right.
    I really can’t imagine anyone else playing any of the characters — all are pitch-perfect.
    Thanks for being such a fun part of summer!

  292. My favorite episode is Partners in Crime, when Sam keeps doing his impression David Caruso on CSI: Miami. Hilarious!

  293. Love the line…. “I’ve never found a good way to hide a gun in a bathing suit!” Just love it!

  294. One of my favorite lines is in “SINS OF OMISSION” when Michael’s ex-fiancée shows up and they leave Sam, Fi, and Michael’s mother in his loft, Sam is feeling a bit overwhelmed and asks “Anyone else need a drink?” immediately followed by “No? Ok.” as he is turning around to go fix himself a drink. The comedic timing is dead on!

    Fantastic show! Keep em coming!


  296. Best show ever!

    Favorite episode has to be “The Dark Road”. Seeing Gless and Daly back together was brilliant!

  297. The best line has to be, Fiona: “Someone’s getting a little too flirty.” Mike: “She threatened to kill me.” Fiona: “I can do that.”

  298. Each episode is so different and fun, how do you pick a favorite? But one that comes to mind as a stand-out episode was “Friendly Fire”. And as far as a favorite quote – pretty much anything Sam says!!! 🙂

  299. I’d have to say the episode where Michael has to catch a pedophile for Sam’s friend was the best episode. He looked like a real badass that was working for the devil or something. And to make that cover even cooler was that he’d just snap and something blows up or someone gets shot. And the look he gets when he blows open the warehouse is Priceless lol

  300. My favorite line is at the beginning of each episode with Sam saying “You know spies- a bunch of bitchy little girls”.

  301. The espisode I liked is where there is fire. Fiona was great when she got out that house. Best quote from Michael, “Where there’s fire, there’s Fi.”

  302. I think you folks have the best series going on TV right now. It’s always a fresh storyline and new adventures. My favorite episode is when Michaels mom makes a new friend and then has to destroy her to get files Michael needs. The good part they stayed friends in the end! Really good acting there Sharon! Loved that!

  303. Favorite episode was the one with Lucy Lawless in it. She was so bad ass and totally easy to look at. 🙂

  304. Congrats to Sharon Gless on her Emmy nomination! I love her as Michael’s mom! Great cast – they are believable together!

  305. favorite line is in “neighborhood watch”

    “but its a dangerous neighborhood” Michael says when Fiona refuses to give him a ride home

  306. the best line OMG where Do i start I Love the into

    Hi, I’m Micheal Weston I used to be a spy But….

    we got a burn notice on you your black listed!!!

    it got to be when David was introduced tho …

    David — I’m going to find the person that did this to me and put him 6 feet under are you cool with that

    Michael — yep

  307. I love the episode with Larry-the-dead spy…the play off between Larry and Michael was really amazing and real. You felt Larry pull a bit of the bad side out of of Michael…it makes his character so much more interesting than being ‘all good guy’.
    Tim Matheson was fantastic in the role. Really believable! All the villians on the show are FUN! Bring back Gilroy too!

    Too many fantastic lines to pick a fave, but I loved when Micheal said to Fiona…
    ” She tried to kill me Fi!”
    Fiona… ” I can do that!”

    Thanks for the great post!

  308. “he’s Michael Westen, and there’s only four of us!” that was beautiful.. Love the show keep up the great work . We never miss an episode .

  309. Favorite line “Fiona is not my past” followed by a loud noise. Favorite episode is difficult to choose: The one in the Glades with a gundealer and Michael trying to outwit some nasty Russians with really nice artillary was good but the one where the gangster’s brother’s wife and sons need the BN crew’s help and they make the brother look like he’s “nuts” is priceless. Eat your yoghurt kids, you to can grow up to be a spy.

  310. I love the line, in every show, “when you’re a spy…” and my favorite episode is either when Michael is against the gang and every time he snaps his fingers something blows up or the scene where they burn the hole through the engine block with thermite.

  311. Love sam axe and am super excited that they are making a Sam Axe tv movie!! Best show for the summer. I really enjoyed the season finale from last year

  312. Favorite thing has got to be the labels under the clients and “bad” men. I wish when i meet new people that would happen!

    “Marshalls new drinking buddy”

  313. First off– congrats & g’luck to Sharon Gless on her Emmy nomination! (I just havta stop lighting up a cig every time Maddy does on screen!! lol, but true). // I still say Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) should be the next James Bond in films!! love his voiceover spy tips. // Fiona is a trip– the perfect ex-gf sidekick, trigger happy, with great lines 🙂 //Sam strikes me as coming off un-assuming, but in truth has such reliable expertise. // Of course it’s hard to choose just one favorite episode, but I enjoyed ‘Breach of Faith’, S4E4, — Sam’s friend’s charity funds get ripped off by a crooked investment broker… alot of twists & turns in the ensuing hostage situation.

  314. opps i was talkin to my son (david) and he was telling me the lines as i was typing david is suppossed to be jesse…..

  315. Its Michael Westin! There’s only four of us! Spoken like a truly Scared Russian spy in ‘Past and Future Tense’
    Talk about reputation preceeding you!

  316. “When you’re a spy”, you plan for backup redundancies. We use satellite twin Hi Def Tivo’s and set the Series Manager to record Burn Notice in the #1 slot. In case of rain and the satellite sends you a pixilated picture, the the backup cable tv and an old VHS unit is also set to record.

    We will not miss Burn Notice for any reason!!!

    As I reviewed the above noted dress styles for Michael I remembered the days some 35 years ago when I too had the linen suit with the sharp dress shirt or T, sunglasses etc. Sadly, these days I’m more suited to Sam’s style. My friend throws a Friday nite happy hour at his pool & cabana room….I have no cool clothes. Sure would appreciate the Tommy Bahama look….and a return to looking cool again.

  317. I don’t recall quotes that well-never have. But Burn Notice is my new MASH-the only other show I would go out of my way to watch regulary. Witty, well acted, great chemistry, story and writing are fantastic! Since I don’t recall quotes well, I’ll share a couple of moments that stand out-like when Michael jumped from the chopper after telling ‘Management’ that he’ll take his chances; or in the episode when Karla was killed-Michael and (the fella initially trying to kill him)had some great chemistry. I remember at the time there were some great dialogues in that one also. Many other times stick out, but I’m a slow typer! Keep up the great work!

  318. I loved it when Michael was standing behind the guy he wired with C-4 and said “I’m Michael Weston. . . . Yeah, that one.”

  319. Any episode where Sam gets to pull out his “Chuck Finley” persona is a good episode… how can you not love Sam

  320. I love at the end of season 3 when Sam was impersonating a crime scene investigator & he said, “Looks like this crime is…” *put on shades* “…coming apart at the seams.” I love that they poked fun at CSI:Miami

  321. Favorite line is from the Burt Reynolds episode:

    “But call me old-timer one more time and I’ll rip your ass off and make you wear it on your head. Like a hat. [insert Reynolds smile] “

  322. “What, you gonna snap your fingers and they’re going to leave?”

    Michael, “it’s worked before.”

  323. I love unwinding to a new episode of Burn Notice! The whole team plays well off of each other and the episodes keep getting better and better! Gotta love this line:“but he’s Michael Weston and there’s only 4 of us.” I missed the first two seasons and would love to catch up!

  324. My favorite lines are “when you’re a spy”….And “you know spies a bunch of bitchy little girls” LOL Love those lines!!!!

  325. Burn Notice is an amazing show-I love the dynamics between all of the characters and the perfect balance between action, drama, and comedy.

    One of my favorite scenes is at the end of Hard Bargain, when Michael gives Fiona the gun she’d been admiring as her birthday present. Every time I watch it, I find myself thinking about how sweet the scene is, then wondering how the show changed my definition of “sweet” to include a man giving a woman a gun.

  326. I LOVE BURN NOTICE!!! I can’t see ir offen………not enough cable. But sometimes I get to watch a friends tv. Have them tape it? no vcr/dvd. Sharon Gless is still such an amazing actress. I Michel, Fi, and Sam are also great. I would love to win the CD’s so I can see all that I missed.

  327. I love the episode from last season when Madelyn gets Fi and Sam’s hostage in her garage to talk–I mean, how cool is her character? She’s tough, funny and brings depth to Michael’s character. Well written show–this is the best show on TV right now!

  328. I’ve been a huge BN fan since day 1! Fi is by far my favorite character, who can resist a hot woman with a gun and pension for blowing things up? Hawt! There really isn’t 1 favorite line or episode, but really anytime Fi wants to blow someone up or shoot em, I am all for it 🙂 My husband thinks I might go a little overboard in my love of Fi and yogurt.

  329. There are so many scenes that I’ve enjoyed over the last three seasons. The one that stands out is when he played the redneck in the insurance schemes. He put a push bar on front of his car and rammed the little brown nosing son of the ring leader, driving his ‘vette into the side of the van. Outstanding!

  330. I enjoy the entire show, but recently heard 2 lines in one episode with Burt Reynolds and the Russian Black Ops team. First line was ‘Micheal Westin is like the ‘boogeyman’, He doesnt exist.” later when the actor that said the first line was strapped with C4. “I’m Micheal Westin…Yeah, that one.” The pause in that delivery was great. It gave time for the Spetznas team to realize that the ‘Boogeyman’ does exist.

  331. It’s hard to choose a favorite line from such an awesome show. Burn Notice has some of the best one-liners I have ever heard. One of my favorites is from 4:05, Breach of Faith.

    Fiona to the guy in her trunk: “Move over, you’re lying on my C4.”

    Burn Notice is one of the best shows ever.. I hope it has many more seasons!

  332. I am a HUGE Burn Notice fan. I have turned a ton of people onto this show.My favorite episode has got to be the devil episode where Mike and the guys go up against the gang bangers. You gotta love the snap the fingers and things blow up. Also the clint eastwood voice Michael used was great!

  333. When Michael coaxes Sam into helping him, Sam irritably replies, “OK, but when it comes time to rescue a rich widow trapped in a brewery you better step up!”

  334. My favorit line is when Fiona says “If something seems to good to be true, it’s best to shoot it just in case…” haha I love her wittyness! She is very bold & takes charge when the situation demands it. Always ready to blow something up & shoot people down. Epic!
    This show is HOT! 🙂

  335. Season 1, Ep. 4

    Sam Axe: If I lose my pension, you’re gonna be changing my diapers when I’m 95 and drooling.
    Michael: Sam, I would never let that happen. I’d smother you with a pillow first.

  336. favorite line so far Doug: “Are these bullet holes?” Sam: “Yeah, I broke it in for ya.”

  337. my favorite episode (i forget the name) michael is dealing with the russian spetzna unit & michael shows his drivers license for id , like thats legit lol

  338. Well, my favorite episode had to be in the first season… the Episode “Unpaid Debts”
    Where Michael is attacked and warned to stop looking for the person who attacked his mum (probably wont happen)
    Meanwhile, he gets back a boat from Jamaican gangstas for Virgil, his client, loaded with $10 Million!!!
    This episode was veryy memorable for me especially the end when he just escapes the gunfight and escapes on the boat with part of the 10 million dollars in boat
    Greart Episode many more to come for sure

  339. Episode where Fiona get kidnapped.

    Michael: “There are four guys in there Fi!”

    Fiona: “Don’t feel bad for them.”

  340. My favorite episode was when they convinced the abusive father that Fiona, Sam and Michael were all killed when trying to take out the “assassins” who were after the father and Michael.

  341. My favorite Fi line is “When something seems to good to be true, it’s best to shoot it just in case.”

  342. Favorite quote was:

    Fiona: Well, someone once told me that caring for you is like trench warfare.

  343. My fav. BN line would have to be Michael to Vitaly: “I’m Michael Westen, yeah that one.”
    from the episode Past and Future Tense. I also like the line in entry point, Sam to Jesse: “To the new guy for putting that hot slice of crazy in the rear view.”

  344. When Sam is pretending to be the security guard and the kid comes up to him telling him that his store is being robbed, and sam just says, “I’m sorry to hear that… good luck with that,” pats him on the back and walks away without even looking at the kid. Gotta love bruce campbell haha

  345. Hard to say which ep is my favorite, since they are all fantastic.
    But my favorite line, easy:
    Sam “Hey gang, we got firearms and we got snacks”

  346. One of my favorite episodes is when Sam blows up the sun-room…and you know he is serious when he refuses a beer from Maddie.

  347. The best line I’ve heard yet is from this year’s episode “Friends and Enemies” Micheal is standing in the lawyers front yard and tells the bikers, “I’m gonna pretend that matters for three more seconds!” I use that line, sometimes adding my own twist, as often as I can!! Hahahahah! I’m so totally addicted to the show. Love all the characters for their own little quirks and differences. Fi is definitely my absolute favorite. She rocks the show, not to mention, THE WORLD!!! thanks for the opportunity. Huggles!!!!

  348. Every character makes this show work so well. Michael may be the lead, but the supporting cast does wonders. Sam’s quote “You know spies, a bunch of bitchy little girls” and Sharon Gless’ line “Michael, someone needs your help!” Awesome show, keep up the grand work!!

  349. I love this show. Bruce Campbell is my favorite part. I met him last year and he was very nice. So many good lines. I love the one in which Michael drives Sam’s girlfriend’s convertible off the roof of a building.

  350. I’ve been a fan since the pilot first aired. My favorite line is “That bitch is an alien!” I use that all the time, and it cracks my wife up!

  351. “Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.” A classic line from the pilot.

  352. My favorite line is from Fiona: “Someone’s getting a little too flirty.” Mike replies “She threatened to kill me.” Fiona: says “I can do that.”

  353. My favorite quote of the show:
    Michael: …And go easy on the mojitos.
    Sam: They always go easy on me!

    Burn Notice is the best show on television right now, went through the first three seasons on DVD in less than a month! Totally hooked!

  354. One of the best lines and expressions on Fiona’s face when this conversation took place was from the episode Past and Future Tense.

    Paul: They use to call it Karate, but I think they have a new word for it now.
    Fiona: Foreplay.
    Paul: Heellllooo.

    (Her expression right after Michael said lets focus was classic!)

  355. I love everything they say, its always funny. Michael was in the car with Burt Rynolds and said “No I don’t have to admit that” Halarious!

  356. I don’t remember which episode but this Michael quote hangs in my office..
    “Guns make you stupid, but duct tape makes you smart”

  357. I would have to say that my favorite episode is the one where Fi’s past come back to haunt her and Michael and Fi’s brother have to help her out. Any episode where Fi is in trouble and Michael is pissed off is a good one!

  358. Hey Sister! Don’t be throwing explosives at me just because you can’t take the cold, hard truth! – sam

    Loved this show since the start!!

  359. “Hey Sister! Don’t be throwing explosives at me just because you can’t take the cold, hard truth!” Sam
    I used to live on Hollywood Beach, and I enjoy being able to say “I sat at that cafe”..or “We walked that same beach walk”
    Great show, great characters..I have watched since the beginning.

  360. Every show has great lines in them…from the first show when Micael is taking his Mon to the hospital and the banter in the car is just plain funny. Another is when Michael confronts Strickler and says Fiona is not my past just before he shoots him…great actng, great writing and beutiful scenery…best show on the air

  361. My favorite episode is when Mike plays the mysterious man in the black suit and red shirt and tie and everytime he snaps his fingers something blows up. Can’t remember the name of the episode, but it is the one where the one latino gang helps their neighborhood and the other ganger is hiding a child molester and trying to take over their block.

  362. We love every episode!!!! I even watch reruns on Hulu when I’m at work! But the stand out is from last season when everything blew up each time Michael snapped his fingers. This show has such OUTSTANDING writers and GREAT actors! Also loved the “A Dark Road” episode with the Sharon Gless / Tyne Daly reunion! Such creative writing and casting!!! I also love how they flash the “identity” of character in each show. Hilarious!

    Favorite quotes from the “Where There’s Smoke” episode:
    Fiona:Trunk full guns and I can’t find anything that fits in my clutch.

    Chuck: Charles Finlay had a shotgun wedding for the sake of his cover. That’s Charlotte, the ol’ ball-n-chain.

    Fiona: Call me that again and we will have a shotgun divorce.

    Favorite quotes from the “Past & Future Tense” episode with Burt Reynolds:
    Paul: They use to call it Karate, but I think they have a new word for it now.
    Fiona: Foreplay.
    Paul: Heellllooo.

    Favorite quote from the “Entry Point” episode:
    Fiona: Michael, you’re not going to believe the deal I got today. I am better at buying guns than I am buying shoes, and I’m really good at buying shoes.

  363. Love them all but my favorite line so far is one that Fi said last week… “Sometimes you have to be your own white night!” My favorite episode though is from season 2 when Michael is held with a bunch of people during a bank robbery. LOVE IT!

  364. Season 1 Ep1
    “your black listed” from the beginning this show has captured me and i watch it all the time.

  365. Michael: Do you know where this bar is?
    Sam: Um, yeah. It’s a bar!

    Fiona: Sometimes you have to be your own white knight.

  366. Fiona: I wish our phone conversations were as flirty.
    Michael: She threatened to kill me.
    Fiona: I can do that.

    Or when Michael makes a trade with Kendra for $50,000 and he opens his briefcase and says “I showed you mine”

  367. Sam’s line: “Spies………..a bunch of bitchy little girls”

    and Mike asking Fi: “Got any explosives?” She looked at him like……. have you met me?

  368. This show is amazing. My favorite moment has to be when Michael kills the dirty fixer. It totally blew me away, but was a nice reminder that Michael can be a very hard man. Love it!

  369. There are so many wonderful moments in this show, it is hard to choose just one. One of my favorite lines is in the episode Shot In The Dark. Fiona is inside with the soon to be client and Michael tells Sam “The idea is that she’d be more comfortable talking to a woman.” Sam answers “I’m not sure she counts, Mike.” Very funny.

  370. Sam: ‎”I’m telling you, It’s a lot harder rebuilding a sunroom than blowing the thing up.”
    Fiona: “You have no one to blame but yourself. If you blow something up correctly, you have nothing left to fix.”

    One of the best lines of dialogue, in my opinion. Absolutely love the series.

  371. In an episode from the first season (probably the one mentioned previously, where Michael snaps his fingers and something explodes), Michael is sitting in a “conversation pit” in an upscale nightclub with an arms dealer and his girlfriend. When the arms dealer steps away, the girlfriend starts flirting with Michael and, unseen to the viewer, groping his crotch. She says something sultry about Michael’s “gun” to which Michael replies, “That’s … not … my … gun.”

  372. A favorite line is …. Doug: “Are these bullet holes?” Sam: “Yeah, I broke it in for ya.”

    A favorite episode is Bad Breaks (2.13)

  373. I’m such a devoted fan of Burn Notice. I first notice Michael Westin in “Hitch.” He was s cook character then. So when the previews of a new series called “Burn Notice” came about, I was at the ready, front and center. I have not missed a season, and in between seasons, I was reruns whenever they’re shown. I just watched the latest marathon, building up to this new season. Like many, I don’t have a favorite. They’re all my favorites. Michael, Fiona, Sam and Mattie, all complement each other. Each character is special and loveable. I hope this show lasts forever!

  374. Micheal: “It’s been a while since I’ve heard the sound of a Russian scream, I miss it.”
    His change in tone and expression made me bust out laughing.

  375. should we shoot them!!!!!-fionnas line

    love fionas outlook

    think burn notice has provided the thrill every thurdsday evening
    the story the character the action
    burn baby burn

  376. “I’ll probably be back tomorrow with a whole new assignment.
    It looks like murder….is in style this season.”


    -Sam Axe

    “Shouldn’t be too long to wrap this up.
    It looks like our killer’s plan…..is coming apart at the seams.”


    -Sam Axe

  377. I just love this show. I’ve been a loyal watcher from day one and I envy Gabreille’s body. I would love to win something from the show. I would be so very happy with the sunglasses that Fiona wears. Thanks

  378. My favorite line, by far
    Michael: “Go easy on the mojitos Sam”
    Sam: ‘They always go easy on me Mikey”

    a few other classics: “You know, mercedes makes an SUV now”

    and even though several people have mentioned mike and fi’s dialogue when he’s ‘flirting’ with Kendra, how has no one mentioned the “im trying to snatch her off the street, tie her up and throw her into a trunk”-“thats not helping your case”, or “take the bus romeo”-“but this is a bad neighborhood”

    also client: “what are you going to do, snap your fingers and the drug dealers go away?”
    mike: “well its worked before”

  379. •”Do you know where this bar is?” “Uh, yeah, it’s a bar.”

    – Is this no the BEST show on TV..I mean really

  380. From the pilot with Michael and Maddie un the car.
    Madeline Westen: You know, you missed your father’s funeral. By eight years.
    Michael Westen: The last time I talked to him, he said, “I’ll see you in Hell, boy,” so I figured we had something on the books.

    I laughed so hard at that. There are so many more. A favorite moment is in season 1 episode 7 Broken Rules, at the end when Fiona and Michael are fighting and Micael hits Fi and immediately starts apoligizing.

  381. My wife and I really like burn notice, I think Dianna (my wife) probably likes the show more than me. We never go anywhere on Thursday nights. If one of us is out of town we type and try not to watch with out the other, until we can watch together. (But we both sneak and then watch it again later with each other. Our son in Phoenix is responsible for our fixation, he showed us the show when we were visiting a few years ago. Last night espioce, August 2nd was really great.. Probably one of the best. The show keeps getting better and better, but we are glad we were early fans.

  382. Burn notice is so cool, I love the show.. But please show more of Michael’s Mother.. She is a great actor,and your writers need to use her more. I love Fiona, especailly last night when she said, sometimes a woman needs to help herself and not wait for a knight in shinning armour..

  383. I love this show!!!my boyfriend and I watch it alot….I love Michael and Fi and I hope they do a wedding for them possibly in one of the later shows????I also love Michael’s friend and his mom….My favorite lines are whenever Michael says “when your a spy”….And the one his friend says “you know spies a bunch of bitchy little girls”!!!!

  384. My favorite line is from “Past and Future Tense” when Michael asks Sam about the location of the bar “Do you know where this bar is?” “Uh, yeah, it’s a bar.”

  385. I find it hard to pick a favorite episode. I like them all. If i had to narrow it down it would be one them that they blow something up or shoot something. Ha Ha guess that wont help.

  386. Michael: Fiii i see you dropped by..
    Fi: i broke in.
    Michael: New accent?
    Fi: well mike I’m in Miami now cant farewell be goin around talkin like a freakin leprechaun now can i?

    (Michael talking to feds)
    ” Don’t sprinkle sugar on this bullshit and call it candy! ”

    Love the show. Keep up the good work 🙂

  387. I loved the Friendly Fire episode where Michael snapped his fingers to make everything go away

  388. I dig this show a lot. Cool attires , devil may care attitude and the execution is beautiful.

    My all time favorite episode has to be “Friendly Fire” where Michael western rocks as a finger snapping devil to settle turf war in a rough neighborhood.

    Also his fascination with yogurt is cool for some ineffable reason.

  389. My favorite episode is probably Friendly Fire. I really like the persona that Michael took on and his suit was awesome.

  390. In Episode 7 Season 4 when Burt Reynolds character is shooting out of the car and Michael yells, “Stop doing that! Stop that right now!” Just like Burt is a little kid and Michael is the pissed of parent.

  391. Sam: You sent Fiona out to protect you? What is she, 80 pounds?
    C’mon Mike, look at this, (points to flexing muscle).
    Guns of steel!

  392. All the episodes are wonderful! I hope this show never ends.
    Fiona: you should see the other guy!

  393. I look forward to watching this show every week!! I hate it when there is a break..

    Favorite line? There are a lot, but one stands out to me.. I love witty references to past characters or episodes..

    Favorite Episode: “Friendly Fire”.
    Michael’s black suit and red shirt/tie was SOOO stylish.. And his “snap and boom” thing was absolutely awesome.

    Favorite line (From “Neighborhood Watch” referencing “Friendly Fire”)

    David: “So, what, you just snap your fingers and the dealers disappear?”

    Michael: “Well, it’s worked before.”

    Long Live Burn Notice!!

  394. The second episode with Agent Bly…Sam says to Michael ont he way to lunch with Barry, “the sqeaky wheel gets the surf and turf”.

  395. I think Sam has the best lines like this one from episode “Sins of Omission”:

    Mike, I don’t know. This one you should be careful. I mean if half this crap is true, Victor’s a lot like you, only with, ya know, rabies.

    and this

    Oh ho ho come on, I thought this was the get-to-know-the-Ex lunch. Now it’s a 19-government-agencies-are-chasing-me lunch?

  396. Awesome show!!!! When Fiona says ” Shall We shoot them” She is so Hot!!! Michael,Sam….Great show

  397. When Michael and Victor are going to steal the Dragunov, Victor pulls out a compact pistol and Michael says “Cute gun,” as he pulls out his shotgun. Victor replies: “Look at you!”

  398. This show rocks!! My favorite quote is from the 1st season when Michael says
    “Dunno, just love yogurt.” Nothing out there compares to this shows originality.

  399. My favorite line, and scene is from a recent one, when Sam bursts in to the room to help Fioana, and just smashes that guy into the wall, The banter between him and Fi about how they’re growing on each other was awesome. It’s been building a bit over the seasons, shows how far they’ve gone.

  400. My favorite quote, “Spend a few years as a covert operative and a sunny beach just looks like a vulnerable tactical position with no decent cover. I’ve never found a good way to hide a gun in a bathing suit.”

  401. I love this show! I got my wife hooked on it after the first episode. I first started watching it because of Bruce Campbell, I love practically everything he does, then the well written, witty scripts caught me along with all the action. It’s the perfect package.

    One of my fave lines :

    Michael: Sam, I could kiss you.

    Sam: Get in line.

  402. I love the whole series. I DVR it so I can fast forward through all of the commercials!
    I love the introduction where Fiona says, “Shall we shoot them?”

  403. Covert intelligence involves a lot of waiting around. Know what it’s like being a spy? Like sitting in your dentist’s reception area twenty-four hours a day. You read magazines, sip coffee, and every so often, someone tries to kill you. -pilot episode

  404. “My name is Michael Westen, and I used to be a spy, until…” Every time I hear this quote I know that I’m going to enjoy the next 45 minutes. Love the show and the looks!

  405. Amazing show. My favorite line is: “Can we not use the headbag? I hate the headbag.”

  406. I have SO many favorite quotes from this show, but my current favorite would have to be from Sharon Gless aka Madeline Westen: “Still, it’s better to have Michael Westen than a 2×4..”

  407. My favorite line is “You know Spies, a bunch of bitchy little girls” Bruce Campbell is great in that role.

  408. My favorite episode so far is “Hot Spot;” It was awesome seeing the gang pose as car thieves!

  409. I love Season Two, Episode 11, (Hot Spot) when Michael, Fiona and Sam dress up in matching black pant suits as a team. It’s awesome when you first see them walking together, and when they set the bar on fire it’s hilarious!

  410. From the pilot:

    Michael: “Sometimes the truth hurts. In these situations, I recommend lying.”

  411. My favorite episode is when he is dressed in black with red shirt and makes things blow up everytime he snaps his fingers. Just love the show, all the episodes. My favorite quote is the one in the beginning of the show by Fiona, shall we shoot them.

  412. Your writers have such a gift as to the subtle yet explosiveness between Fiona and Michael. Also I enjoy the humor in the continual face of potential death situations

  413. Sins of Omission is one of my favorite episodes for sure! The looks and the dynamic between Fi and Samantha… Classic!!

  414. I watch the show every time that it is on…I even dvr the show just in case i miss something. My favorite show so far is the epsoide with burt reynolds.. when michael realizes that if he doen’t change his way he just mite end up like him. He realizes that all he has left is the memories and nothing else.

  415. From season three:

    Fiona: Patricia, I want you to try something. It’s a relaxation exercise I do in situations like this. I want you to close your eyes and breathe deep. Picture a peaceful mountain stream. Now picture yourself drowning the kidnapper in the stream. We’re taking a rock from the stream and raising it above with your hand, and with tremendous force you’re bringing it down —

    Michael: Fi!

  416. This is THE BEST show on TV right now! Nothing else comes close 😀 I’ve seen every episode and I must say I’m a addict! “Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.” And Maddy is awesome! “Asking my mom for something is like asking for a favor from a Russian mob boss, he’ll give you what you want with a smile…but you’ll pay for it later”

    Love the show – keep up the good work team!

  417. My favorite episode of “Burn Notice” was the one where Michael dressed all in black with a red tie. He would snap his fingers and things would blow up. I could watch that one over and over and over again. EXCELLENT ENTERTAINMENT!!!!! I love this show! I’ve seen a lot of television in my 62 years, but this is great writing, acting, and everything else!

  418. Pretty much anything Sam but…

    Lesser Evil

    Michael: “It’s kind of hard to trust someone when they’ve tried to kill you four times.”
    Victor: “Four? That seems high….Oh come on! You’re counting earlier with the chair!”
    Michael: “Yeah.”

  419. My favorite show, maybe ever. My favorite episode so far is the season finale for season 2, Lesser Evil.

  420. The snappy one-liners are one of the many things that make “Burn Notice” so entertaining. The actors are so talented they know just how to say them. Of course, the lines in the episode opener–“bitchy little girls” and “should we shoot them?” are great. I love so many episodes–the one with the bank heist where Michael pretends to be a doctor and is so convincing, the episode where the Irish gang comes to kill Fi and Michael realizes how much she means to him, the one where Michael has to do three “jobs,” one after the other for a guy with a grudge against him. Each season ends with such a breathtaking cliffhanger. And on and on …

  421. “Figuring out, if a car is tailing you, is basically about driving like you’re an idiot. You speed up, slow down, signal one way, turn the other. Of course, ideally you’re doing this without your mother in the car.”

    That is some awesome advice!

  422. Favorite line: Michael’s talking to Bad Check Barry, his pudgy money launderer friend, trying to get him an “in” with an embezzler. (This is the episode with Method Man as a hood-turned-record-company-mogul. Or, in other words, Meth plays himself. 🙂 )

    All Michael wants is to make his pitch. Barry’s reply?

    “Next, you’re doing the Michael Westen thing, stuff starts exploding, and I got people asking me, “Hey, Barry, don’t you know that guy?” No thanks.”

    Barry eventually relents:

    Barry: $5,000. Promise to keep my name out of it and I can knock it down to 3.
    Michael: 5 it is!

  423. I liked seeing Past and Future Tense Burt’s quintesential SoFL.

    Favorite quotes
    Paul: They use to call it Karate, but I think they have a new word for it now.
    Fiona: Foreplay.
    Paul: Heellllooo.

  424. 2 favorite lines:
    Maddie to Fiona:”Oh good, you brought salad”.
    Fiona to Michael:”Why can’t we just shoot them?”

  425. From the last episode “Where There’s Smoke”

    Sam: (after busting into the room and hurling bad guy against the wall)
    “Hi honey, I’m home”

    Fiona: (restraining bad guy on floor)
    “Good, you can take out the trash.”

  426. “The best thing about letting people know how you really feel about them, is then.. no matter how big a jackass you’ve been they’ll still show up for you when the times are bad.”

    Not from BN, but sure applicable to Michael. And me.

  427. Anything Sam says. My favorite episode was the one where Sam was being held on that boat…he is one loyal bastard.

  428. From season 2, Trust Me, you gotta love Sam’s line, “Hey, smooth is smooth baby.”

  429. my favorite episode is the one with Michael in a black and red suit snapping his fingers and blowing up drug dealers cars…favorite line, Michael Westen, yea that one…lol

  430. I love each and every episode. It is great to see a proper vehicle for Bruce Campbell.

  431. Season 4 Episode 5:

    (Michael finishes phone convo with Kendra)

    Fiona: I wish our phone conversation were as flirty.
    Michael: She threatened to kill me.
    Fiona: I can do that.

  432. My favorite line is Fi’s series 1 after a car blows up and Michael says” Fi!!! You were just suppose to disable the car” Fi’s responds “Its not going anywhere is it?”

  433. I loved Do no Harm in Season 2, I love it because he says this is what he does, then he says he spies are not to get involved or attached to the clients. Then he pauses and says, sometimes you just can’t help yourself. Really shows his heart then he kicks butt.

  434. “You Know Spies….a bunch aof Bitchey little girls”. My favorite is “Neighborhood Watch” Set in Miami it has all the best elements, Sun, Sand, Surf and mystery as well as out of date tech stuff. Coolness factor is very high in this episode.

    “No sign of Kendra”
    “unless she’s disguised as a fat tourist.”

  435. Not really a line, but in the first episode I love when he’s explaining how to detect/lose a tail with his mother in the car. It’s priceless.

  436. Just about every episode is my favorite but when Michael saved the clinic for the doctor this season, that was really an action packed episode!

  437. I recently got hooked on this show, then bought seasons 1-3 for my husband for Father’s day so I could watch it whenever I wanted. My favorite episode is “Shot in the Dark”. I laugh so hard I cry every time I see the fake ‘shoot out’ in the back alley, and then the end with “Father Peter”. Unfortunately that doesn’t translate to a particular line. My favorite line is probably this, because it perfectly highlights Michael’s relationship with his mom. “My mom would have made a great N.S.A. communications operative. Drop me in the middle of the Gobi Desert, bury me in a goddamn cave on the moon, and somehow she’ll still find a way to call me and ask for a favor. [screams into a pillow]”

  438. Burn Notice is the best thing on TV; Supernatural a close second! Favorite thing: Bruce Campbell. Favorite line: Fiona (Sam is pretending to be her father) ” Take your hands off my father!!! He has…dementia. Can’t you see his mind is gone!” Sam’s expression is priceless.

  439. Michael: “One of the things covert operatives have to give up is the idea of a fair fight. Spies are not trained to fight fair. Spies are trained to win.”

  440. My favorite is Sam’s toast from this season, “To the new guy, for putting that hot slice of crazy in the rearview.”

    Thanks to him, I have started slipping “hot slice of crazy” into my everyday conversations.

  441. Michael: “Вы имеете брата? (Do you have a brother?) Я выстрелил человека однажды …, кто был похож на Вас. (I shot a man once… who looked like you.) В Киеве. (In Kiev.) В ’93 я думаю. (In ’93 I think.) Я уверен, что Вы услышали об этом. (I’m sure you heard about it.) Команда Спецназа… (The Spetsnaz team…) это попробовало продавать боеголовку. (that tried to sell a warhead.) Никто… (Nobody…) когда-либо увидел их… (ever saw them…) снова. (again.) Это было хорошей зимой для меня. (That was a good winter for me.) Ха ха ха ха. (Ha ha ha ha.)”


    Michael: “It’s been a while since I heard a Russian scream. I miss it.”

  442. Jeffrey Donovan is the sexiest guy on TV. He’s such a great dresser and cleans up well.

  443. Favorite episode is season 1 episode 6: Unpaid Debts.
    Favorite part of all was when michael couldn’t get through a door but shot through the wall right next to the doorknob.

  444. My favorite line is when Fiona says “If something seems too complicated it’s best to shoot it just in case.”

    I love this show. It is my guilty summer pleasure.

  445. My favorite line was from one of the first episodes when Sam and Maddy walk through some door and Sam announces “Detectives Cagney and Lacey, dont move”

  446. One of the funniest lines from the episode, “Breaking and Entering” Season 2. I enjoyed it immensely as Michael is trying to figure out what’s going on and try to deal with Jimmy in his trunk.

    Michael: “Now, do you want your family back?”
    [Jimmy shakes his head yes]
    Michael: “I’m gonna work on that. Can you be good? We have a long drive back to Miami. If you can be good, you get to ride up front” […while Michael shakes a crowbar at Jimmy]


  447. Favorite line (of many) from last week’s show: “Karma is a–” “Fiona!” LOL…

  448. oooh! Tommy Bahama gear…cool! My favorite episode…each one Gabrielle Anwar is in!

  449. My favorite episode is definitely Season 3, Episode 11: Friendly Fire. The character Donovan plays in that episode is beyond awesome! He plays a cool headed guy who seems to do anything he wants just by snapping his fingers, by far my favorite Westen cover ID.

  450. I can’t wait until each new episode! In my next life, I want to BE Fiona! I just love it when she kicks ass and takes names!

  451. I love the voice overs. Michael gives tips on how to handle certain situations. They crack me up every time. The entire cast is excellent and I’m happy that a show I fell for in its first season is still going.

  452. “Hey, smooth is smooth baby!”

    Loved the David Caruso impersonation – “It looks like muder,” pause and apply sunglasses to tilted head, “is in style this season.”


  453. From the Pilot. The original… Yes, can never beat the original..

    Michael: [V.O.] Covert intelligence involves a lot of waiting around. You know what it’s like being a spy? Like sitting in your dentist’s reception area 24 hours a day. You read magazines, sip coffee, and every so often someone tries to kill you.

  454. I can’t say that I have a fav ep really. I just like the show for it’s cast interaction and for the fact that it is mostly good light hearted fan fare. In todays times, that’s a plus. And the little guy wins out some of the time so you have to like that.
    Thanks for the opportunity. Great site here!

  455. Fave episode – the one where they break into the Pakistani embassy and Michael later poses as a Texas millionaire!

  456. “Good Soldier” has to be my favorite episode because of the ending and the suspense. I was tortured just waiting for the next episode. To put it in context, I would be like Sam if he couldn’t drink for a week.

  457. been watching Burn Notice since it first aired the pilot. i always watch this show and if i dont i always remember to record on my dvr. the show just gets better and better after each episode. this season seems alot better with the additon of jesse. but i think i can see the plot turn where jesse falls for fiona.. just a guess. but the episode i really liked was the last episode where fiona gets kidnapped and michael and jesse rob a safety deposit box…. keep up the good work… create more episodes please… love this show..

  458. “Asking my mom for something is like asking for a favor from a Russian mob boss, he’ll give you what you want with a smile…but you’ll pay for it later”

    -Michael Westen

  459. My favorite episode is “Hot Spot” where a coffee can of Thermite burns through the engine block of a car.

  460. Another favorite line is when Virgil borrows Mike’s underwear and, while strutting around and complaining that it doesn’t fit, Sam tells Mike over the phone “be glad you didn’t have to see that.”

  461. Love the show. Especially in the beginning where they introduce the guest characters and say you know “William, the Wacko.” (sic) and they cut to a freeze frame of said person and place the caption “William the Wacko” (or something to that effect) underneath the character. Very clever! It’s super hilarious and it reinforces who all the new characters are!

  462. Sam to Larry the undead spy: “Hello Larry, you’re looking young. Still drinking the blood of children?”

  463. Favorite line from new season is episode with Russian hit squad. “He’s Michael Weston! There’s only four of us!”

  464. Don”t remember tje episode. the one where the drug dealer is living below him and he shoots him through the wall because the door is steel.

  465. MADDIE – “You sure you don’t want a cigarette? It’s good for the nerves. It’s not like you have to worry about getting cancer anymore.”
    She makes a great interrogator also!

  466. The last episode where Fiona was working security and went along because the woman was kidnaapped. The reunion scene with Michael was awesome.

  467. The last episode Fiona is taken hostage, the reunion between she and Michael was awesome.

  468. fave line thus far: wheres theres smoke…
    mike to jesse:
    “yeah.. you can beat yourself up over it later and i’ll help.”
    yeah think i’ll use that line at some point.. hahaha it really craked me up!
    hubby liked it too…. he loves fi and i love mike and we’ve always loved bruce!!!

  469. Sam saying “I work as hard as anybody, I just make it look easy”.

    This time with correct email

  470. From Season 3, Friends like these in the beginning, Michael opens the episode with

    “There’s no greater luxury in the field than working with a friend you rely on. When you find someone you can trust absolutely, you want them on every operation you do, and nothing hurts worse than losing a friend to bullets, politics or something personal. But when you have to work alone again, you lock those feelings away and do the job at hand, because as every spy knows, there’s time to think about what you’ve lost after the mission is over.”

  471. Hey Sister. Don’t be throwing explosives at me just because you can’t take the cold, hard truth.

  472. Love the shows. We tape them and my 11 year old grandson comes and watches them. Sharon Gless is so good as Michaels mother. Jesse is great as a new addition. Love the “Where There’s Smoke” show. Michael’s mother is smoking to set off the alarm. Jesse tells Michael its coming down hard and Michael gets upset. His mother shows up at the car smoking and says she told the guy that she was smoking to calm her nerves about putting pictures of her husband in the vault. “First thing FRank’s been good for in 30 years.” She’s so good.

  473. My all time favorire quote from Burn Notice is: “Interrogating a hostile prisoner is a little like proposing marriage you want to get it right on the first try, so you don’t settle until you find the perfect spot, you take special care to find the right ambiance and set the mood, and then you wait for the best moment to pop the question.”
    – This is wonderful and so true
    – Burn Notice is my favorite show, it’s actually the only reason I even have cable! I love Michael’s sarcasm!

  474. Michael: Not bad for a man in his underwear.
    Sam: Hey, you think that’s good, you should see me without ’em!

    Great line!

  475. This show appeals to all ages. I watch it with my 18 year old grandson and with my
    65 year old friends!
    Way to many great quotes, but when Fiona delivers her lines with that look of love at Michael, well I not only laugh but I find myself wishing and hoping for young romance.
    Cast is awesome, writing is great and the plot keeps me guessing.

  476. (Unnamed Russian Hitman – “That’s Michael Weston out there…there’s only four of us!”

  477. My all time favorite…….the Russian says “that is Michael Weston out there….and there are only four of us!!!” Then they surrender by throwing their guns out!! Too funny!!

  478. You just can’t beat the pilot episode for one of the best quotes that started it all:

    Michael: My mom would have made a great N.S.A. communications operative. Drop me in the middle of the Gobi Desert, bury me in a goddamn cave on the moon, and somehow she’ll still find a way to call me and ask for a favor. [screams into a pillow]

    …and you wonder why this show is so great?

  479. This is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing! Me and my friends have been trying to find the “Burn Notice” Sunglasses that Michael wears for a while now.

    Me and my bro’s favorite quote is definitely:
    “My problem right now is that a pretty-boy drug dealer with a bad dye job is standing in my way.”

    Hahah so awesome!

  480. Michael: Revenge is a waste of time.
    Fiona: So is watching television and eating candy, but you do it because it feels good.

  481. “Drop me in the middle of the Gobi Desert. Bury me in a God damn cave on the moon and somehow, she’d find a way to call me and ask me for a favor. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”- Michael Westen, pilot.

  482. Fiona to the scam artist tied and gagged in her car’s trunk: ” move over, you on my C4″.

    Love the characters, love the show, I look forward to it every week.

  483. …that last quote didn’t go through well.

    Fiona to the scam artist tied and gagged in her car’s trunk: “–sigh– move over, you are on my C4”

  484. My favorite line is “A hitman is like a plumber, a dentist or a mechanic. Everybody is always looking for a good one.”

  485. The episode my wife and I loved was last year when the trio, all dressed in black , fend off a crew by burning an car engine though the block. Incredible!!n The first season was crazy, my wife and I was hooked.

  486. Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.

  487. Tommy’s and Burn Notice. Now that’s my combination I love.

    Westen’s favorite line: “Is this a job or a favor?”

  488. My favorite episode is probably “Friendly Fire”. Mike shows his psychology chops and really toys with people to get what he needs.

  489. For a spy, compartmentalizing is second nature. Information is given on a need to know basis. In your professional life this approach keeps you safe. In your personal life that can be dangerous.

  490. It is so tough to pick a favourite line or episode. I loved the part in the Burt Reynolds episode where Burt says he was good at Karate but now adays they call it… and Fiona interjects with a quick “Fore-play”. I also loved the episode(s) where they deal with Fiona’s background, especially when they start speaking with a wee Irish accent!

    Best show ever!

  491. Being a S. Florida resident, I love the setting for the show. The colors, the background, and the “heat” of the show captures the Miami vibe. My favorite quote is “Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.” Bravo Burn Notice!

  492. “Guns make you lazy. Duct Tape makes you smarter.” -Micheal Westin
    Not sure which episode it was but it was in the first season, Sugar’s first appearance… Classic!

  493. Well just Michael’s smile and his nice dress clothes is enough to see in all episodes of Burn Notice.. When he says he wants to find out who burned him. ..

  494. Gotta love Sharon Gless! “Michael!!!” Most all episodes rock, but my fave has to be when Weston finally ties his ex-partner, “Larry” into taking the “informant” role against the drug lord whom he (Larry) was already ripping off. “Officers! There’s a bomb – over here!” Weston leaves him no out on this one. And talk about a deserving individual! Sweet.

  495. When Fiona says, “This was my idea, I should have got to hit him!” In Past and Future Tense

  496. Season 1, episode 5 Sam: ” Look, I’m not saying I’m gonna like it. I’m just saying you’re gonna kiss me.” LOVE that.

  497. Micheal Weston says to the Hitman Your Dangerous but I am also Dangerous. Also the best episode was with the Biker Gang chasing Fee ready to kill and then Micheal meets up with the BIker Prez and takes out the traders in his gang amd the citizen gets a club tatoo to stay safe

  498. As slick as Michael Westen is, Sam Axe is it.

    Sam – It’s not a gift! There was this thing, and then… the gun didn’t have an owner anymore.

    Mike – Working Hard?
    Sam – Tanning is an art and a science, Mike.

    Mike – Making yourself comfortable I see.
    Sam – Err, comfortable? I wouldn’t go that far. Mike, how do you fit into these little shirts? They’re like doll clothes

    Fi – He’s smooth. In a cheesy Sam kinda way.
    Sam – Hey, smooth is smooth, baby!

  499. “30 years of karate. Combat experience on five continents. A rating with every weapon that shoots a bullet or holds an edge. Still haven’t found any defense to Mom crying into my shirt.” – Michael

  500. Such a consistently good show. I have like Donovan from “Touching Evil”, Anwar and Bruce Campbell from Brisco County and Evil Dead. Gless is great as the mom.

    I like so many, but I will go with this Fi quote from Anwar with that patented wicked sense of humor!

    Sam: Easy on the explosives Fi. We’re trying to nail this guy on corruption charges. Could be tough if he’s in little pieces.

    Fiona: We’ll save on shipping.

  501. The best quote is from the intro. Somehow it makes me laugh every time.

    “Family too… If you’re desperate.”

  502. “Look at these…Guns of steel!” Sam showing his biceps while moaning to Michael why he wasn’t chosen to guard a beautiful lady (…instead he was sent to spy on some ugly guys). 😀

  503. In the episode with Burt Reynolds as Paul Anderson, he is talking to Fiona, and says something like, “they used to call it Karate… what is it now?”
    And Fiona replies “Foreplay”.

    There are so many terrific lines, it was hard to think of just one!

  504. Ive watched this show from beginning to the newest episodes, and this has got to be my favorite show, and here are some of my favorite voiceovers from Michael.

    “If you’re gonna collapse on a plane, I recommend business class. The seats are bigger if you start convulsing. Although once you pass out, it really doesn’t matter.”

    “Spend a few years as a covert operative and a sunny beach just looks like a vulnerable tactical position with no decent cover… I’ve never found a good way to hide a gun in a bathing suit.”

    “I never run around in the bushes in a ski mask when I’m breaking in someplace. Somebody catches you, what are you gonna say? You want to look like a legitimate visitor until the very last minute. If you can’t look legit, confused works almost as well. Maybe you get a soda from the fridge, or a yogurt. If you get caught, you just look confused and apologize like crazy for taking the yogurt – nothing could be more innocent.

    “Blackmail is a little like owning a pit bull; it might protect you, or it might bite your hand off.”

  505. “You joke. Everyone in Russian Special Forces have heard of the name ‘Westen’. He’s like the boogie man; not, real.” -Alexi

    This quote was said by Alexi the “Pretty Boy” Russian Spetsnaz member, introducing Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan). It was followed by Michael Westen showing Alexi his Miami Driver’s License.

    This was a remarkably witty scene; you really get a feel for Michael’s skill set and his proficiency of being a spy. Cheers to the writers and the actors, easily my most favorite scene from Burn Notice.

  506. One of My favorite eposide is the one where he helps the man that is trying to hurt himself for the insureance money to help his son in season two.

  507. Love everything about the show. It is hard to pick a quote because every episode is full of them. I love it when Fiona wants to shoot any and every thing in sight. Michael is so cool it can be scary but Sam takes the cake, funny, smart, and a great dresser. Love Tommy Bahama! Cool clothes, great attitude!

  508. My favorite quote was when Jesse took Fiona and Michael to the beach. They realize he is watching his old boss’ wife. Michael says, “If that were my wife, I know where I’d be”. That cracked me up because I was thinking the SAME thing, the bar!

  509. My favorite line was the episode The Devil and Michael Westen. Rincon tells Michael to go to hell and Michael responds with “Come with me.”

  510. “Unpaid Debts” Michael gets caught up between Jamaican drug runners and crooked cops, all while Agent Bly tries to get Michael to except his being burned. “Virgil wearing Mike’s underwear”

  511. “If you don’t do what I want, I will reign hell down upon you until one of us is dead… and I am really really good at reigning down hell.” -Michael Westen

  512. From “Neighborhood Watch”:

    David: So, what, you just snap your fingers and the dealers disappear?
    Michael: Well, it’s worked before.

  513. Burn Notice rocks! My favorite show on to date. My favorite episode is hard but I totally loved last week’s episode “Where’s there is smoke”

    Sam – “Where there is smoke – there is Fi!”

    Although my all time is during the actual beginning of every single episode when Sam says “A bunch of bitchy little girls……..”

    Micheal – HOT
    Sam – COOL
    Fi – SlAMMING
    Great show USA – keep ’em coming – one totally hooked fan here!

  514. Does that shirt come in men’s? – Michael Weston

    One of the best espisodes was “Signals and Codes” from Season 3.

  515. Oh so many wonderful quotes … can’t choose just one … so many awesome episodes can’t choose just one. If forced to choose have to go with season 3 “Long Way Back” love any episode where Michael and Fi’s relationship comes through and this one has Michael and Sam racing against the clock to save her life – when Michael carries Fi out of the water … sigh … I love how the show doesn’t jump the shark with their relationship. Maddie summed it up perfectly in last week’s episode – Michael and Fi love each other and hate each other, but it is always each other…it’s that chemistry that makes the show work!

  516. beside episode “Friendly Fire”
    Michael snaps his fingers and things explode!

  517. When Michael says to Sam “If I have a job that requires drunken pick up lines and muscle flexing, I’ll let you know.”

  518. We have loved Burn Notice since it’s first season. Our son-in-law called and said, “you have to watch this show, it has Bruce Cambell in it.” A favorite of ours.
    I love it when they all approach a job in all white or all black. All the episodes are memoranle but I’m thinking of one in season 4 Jessie says, “another bag, is this every gun you own?” and Fiona replies “Huh, you don’t know me very well.” We hope this show lasts forever, we look forward to it every week!

  519. I love Burn Notice – especially Sam’s Tommy Bahama Style! My favorite line is from the episode “Made Men.” Chuck Finley. Now that’s a code name.

  520. Burn Notice Rocks the Summer! Fave quote from Fiona: “And my name’s not Charlotte, Bitch!” Hilarious. You go girl!

  521. Best line is from the episode— Sins of Omission! It’s when Michael talkes to Fiona in the moonlight about his old relationship with Samantha ( the one he was going to marry)

    Michael says to Fiona——
    ” And Then I met you. It was diffferent..It was never easy…. You knew a part of me she never did. Then I left her….because……YOU dont marry someone when you love somebody else.”

    What a beautiful line to say ever!

  522. My favorite Burn Notice quote is a simple one, but the lack of enthusiasm with which it was said makes it a Michael Westen classic. “Go Team!”

  523. Loved the Episode with Burt Reynolds (Past and Future Tense) and his line “You call me ‘old-timer’ again,” he rasped, “you’re gonna be wearing your ass around your head, like a hat.” was classic.

  524. My favorite episode is probably the 2 part Season 1 finale. Problem is, it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to choose–they’re all so good! I also adore any episode that features Dead Larry 🙂

  525. I love the writing and special effects of Matt Nix’s Burn Notice. The best line has to come from the first episode, “The Pilot.” “Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.”

  526. One of my absolute favorite episodes is from Season 2 “Bad Breaks”. Great episode with a fantastic cast. You also can not go wrong casting Mark A. Sheppard.

  527. My favorite quote is:
    “If the devil had a name, it’d be CHUCK… FINLEY!”
    Burn Notice is the best show ever!

  528. I love that episode where Fiona had to hit on that guy at the bar and then pointed a gun at his crotch. Hahaha 🙂 or my quote is “we need him alive, you wanna hit him again?” That’s Michael.

  529. So many lines to pick from…I guess for this season on line is when Sam is running out of the strip club and Fi asks how it went and Sam yells “Worst surveillance ever!”

    I just go in Tommy B’s at my local mall because it smells like South Beach…Coconuts!

  530. One of my many favorite lines comes straight from dear Fiona and I get to hear it every week, since it’s in the opening – “Should we shoot them?” 😉

  531. Favorite line will always be the classic Fiona solution to all problems. “Should we shoot them?” Favorite episode…..all of them!

  532. My favorite Burn Notice line (can’t remember the name of the episode) was a comment made by an FBI agent to Michael Westen – “for a tough guy, you sure dress like an easter egg.”

  533. My favorite episode has to be “Friendly Fire” from season three because Jeffery Donovan with slick hair, black suit with red shirt and tie and pocket hanky, and with his bad-ass attitude and of course the SNAP of the fingers has been the best Michael Weston character I have seen.

    My favorite quote from the show has only been said once and it appeared in the pilot. It was when Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) said “I’m Detective Cagney and this is Detective Lacey.” I found out that this was actually an improvisation on Bruce Campbell’s part because he was paying tribute to Sharon Gless.

  534. One of mine from the pilot…. 🙂

    Madeline Westen: You know you missed your father’s funeral… by eight years.
    Michael: Well, last time I talked to him he said, “I’ll see you in hell, boy,” so I figured we had something on the books.

  535. One of my favorite Burn Notice episodes is Long Way Back from season 3. Awesome giveaway!

  536. Burn Notice has had several excellent episodes, the addictions of multi-talanted actors to play various characters has really benefited the shows popularity and interest.

    Of coarse at the the top of the list of remembered characters would have to be Victor (Michael Shanks), one of Carla’s hinchmen. The gambit between Michael and he added intensity, but even better once the truth was learned by Michael that Victor had also been been burned by Carla, Michael took Victor as a client. He was definatelly a character that should not have been killed off.

    Probably the funniest episode would have been “Signals and Codes”, where a savant figures out that Michael is spy, and needs his help to keep the aliens from killing everyone.

    To single out a “best episode” would be difficult. Burn Notice is a show that is very well casted with high powered co-stars (Bruce Campbell, Gabrielle Anwar, Sharon Gless) excellent guest stars (including Burt Reynolds this season, and from prior seasons – Tricia Helfer, Alex Carter, Moon Bloodgood, Chris Ellis, Michael Shanks), all in a mix with one straight man – Jeffrey Donovan. The scripts and screenplay has a genuine and intriguing long running plot to keep the audience interested and the weekly chapters easlily entice more viewers.

  537. My favorite episode would have to be “Shot in the Dark”. Not only is it one of the most fun episodes the series has given us so far, but the fact that the job cuts right to Michael’s heart… as Maddy said, “For two little boys being knocked around by their father, Michael would take on the Chinese army, honey.” (By the way, that’s my favorite line in the series so far, too.)

    It’s clear that Michael is projecting the abuses he faced as a child onto what Erik Luna is doing to his stepchildren, and it’s not hard to see a young version of Mike in the elder child, Joey. You just know that Mike would LOVE to kick the shit out of, or even kill the bastard, but our hero proves himself the better man… though not a perfect man, he really enjoys the blows that he gets to lay into the asshole in his cover identity. Overall, the episode is a real treat to fans, and the final con at the end where they convince Quinn that Erik is insane has to be one of the funniest moments the show will ever produce.

  538. Somehow I can relate to one of my favorite quotes:
    “My mom would have made a great N.S.A. communications operative. Drop me in the middle of the Gobi Desert, bury me in a goddamn cave on the moon, and somehow she’ll still find a way to call me and ask for a favor.” Oh Michael, if you only knew! 🙂 (Love you mom!)

  539. My two favorite episodes are when Michael plays the “crazy guy” to get Concha to leave the neighborhood “trust me, playing the crazy guy is much harder!”. And then when he goes undercover as the nerdy asmatic technician who has to help handle the performance enhancing drugs after they steal them off the boat. Jefforey Donovan is such an awesome actor and has such a wide range of ability, Fiona just kicks ass and is funny and hot, and Sam has the best lines and is the funniest in my opinion.

    Oh I also love the quote that Michael says about his glasses. “well I got them off this (insert country, I forgot) arms dealer who didn’t need them anymore. I’d be willing to part with them if you can do this for me…”

    PLEASE, I only have the first season on my Ipod and have to watch all the rest online, I want the DVD’s so much!

  540. Hands down, without a doubt:

    “For a job like getting rid of the drug dealer next door, I’ll take a hardware store over a gun any day. Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart”

    You can’t deny the power of duct tape!

  541. Wait, I already posted but my absolute favorite line is Michael telling Virgil not to wear his underwear.

    “You stay out of my closet, they will NEVER fit.”

  542. While it’s not a specific line, my favorite Michael moment is when he is dealing with his drug dealer neighbor Sugar and explains to the audience that while a metal-reinforced door seems like a good idea the walls around it, aren’t. And then he shoots him in the leg through the wall 🙂

  543. While I really like Mike, Fi and Maddy, I have to say Sam is my favorite. He is a big huggable bear of a man the rather reminds me of my husband. His constant womanizing always makes for great laughs!

  544. The best episode by far is Season 3, Episode 11, “Friendly Fire” guest starring Danny Trejo and Jacob Vargas. Michael’s “devil style” is is the best, and by far my favourite line, quoted all day among friends is “should we shoot them”, and the plain finger snap with terrible results from the episode mentioned above!



  545. lov all the episodes i lov when virgel says “u can hav all the gater steaks want”

  546. Jesse: [dragging a trunk with a captive in it] Even a day at the beach isn’t a day at the beach with you people.

  547. Loved the Episode with Burt Reynolds (Past and Future Tense) when Sam was asked if he knew where a certain bar was. And his response was “It’s a bar, I’ll drive”.

  548. Oh this show is soooo good!

    My favorite episode is the very 1st Pilot. everything opens nicely.
    And My favorite line is when Micheal says, “No secret, just love yogurt”.

  549. My favourite quote : Thirty years of karate, combat experience on five continents, a rating with every weapon that shoots a bullet or holds an edge… still haven’t found any defense against Mom crying into my shirt.

  550. Best line from an episode was last weeks episode and Sam says “where thers smoke, theres Fiona”

  551. Last week’s episode, “Where there’s smoke” is one of my favorites. In this episode we got to see Fi do more than just a supporting role to Michael’s escapades. Fi got to use her feminine wiles and smarts to get herself in a position to say the lines she did, “Help me take out the trash” to Sam Axe.

  552. my favorite episode is the one where michael pretends to be the devil – i think season 3 ep 11. every time he snaps something blows up

  553. This is one of the best shows going on TV. I could watch this show and White Collar on a continuous loop. Michael has some great witty and “dry humor” sarcastic lines. ITs hard to pick just one but I loved the line “duct tape makes you smart.” Odd thing to say but it fit perfectly into the episode and just made me laugh when I heard it. More wisdom from Michael W.

  554. Who would’t Love Fie’s style from the show- espacially that blue dress! Burn notice is a must see

  555. Favorite line, “Clandestine meetings are never fun to arrange. It’s a big part of the job for a covert operative but it’s never pleasant. It’s not so much the fear of death that bothers you, it’s driving to the meeting with a bag over your head… Sometimes they wash the bag, sometimes they don’t.”

    No matter what I’m watching, if someone gets kidnapped with a bag over his or her head – it runs through my mind, “sometimes they wash the bag . . .”

  556. All are favorites…but funniest and saddest has got to be

    Season 3 – Dark Road
    With Tyne Daly & Sharen Gless working together

    It was funny & heartbreaking the bond between the two!!

  557. …I agree with many others who’ve voted “Friendly Fire” as their favorite episode. It was spectacular!

    My favorite lines this season were from the episode “Past and Future Tense.”

    Burt Reynolds as Paul Anderson: “…they used to call it Karate, but I think they’ve got a new word for it now…”
    Fiona: “Foreplay?”
    Anderson: “Hello!”

  558. WoooHoooo!!!Love Burn Notice….I also liked Season 1 Finale….everyone on there dreeses so “COOL”. And the guys are sexy looking. I love Tommy Bahama “anything”. From their shirts and clothing to their colognes…perfumes and decorating accessories for the pool and the home. I just love the “beachy look” his clothes have.

  559. Favorite line? there are too many by Mr Sam Axe.

    Here are two –

    That’s a job, housesitter?
    So, do you need an application for that or…

    Um, comfortable? I wouldn’t go that far. Mike, how do you fit into these little shirts? They’re like doll clothes.

  560. “Hit me on the hip when you want to move up to the Champagne room.” -MW

    Love the Tommy Bahama lifestyle!

  561. Favorite line…Fiona is eating a fortune cookie and says, when Michael is not paying attention, “The one who burned you is closer than you think…” Joking of course… He looks up and says,”What?” She smirks as if she is joking, but he never looks at the cookie message.