Caring for Your Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket Care

Leather jackets are undeniably one of my most favorite things in my closet. No matter if it’s a moto jacket, blazer or classic biker jacket you can’t help but feel instantly cool and get those “Bad Sandy” vibes from the end of Grease when you slip one on.

There is a reason that leather jacket’s have been a closet staple for decades. Leather is one of the hardest wearing materials out there – durable as outerwear and looks better with age…when it’s taken care of, that is.

Caring for your leather jacket is actually really easy and doesn’t take much time. Just a few minutes of care and proper storage will  ensure your leather jacket has a long, healthy life.


If you’re purchasing leather goods that don’t come pre-treated with a protective seal, you should apply one yourself. You should reapply a leather protector at least once a year or more often if your jacket is frequently exposed to harsh weather.


Leather conditioner (like hair conditioner) is meant to soften and protect—but it’s not always a necessary step for brand-new jackets, which are usually made from soft, thin leather. For a very sturdy and stiff leather (think vintage motos) a leather conditioner would help to keep it soft. You should condition your jacket every 3-6 months and after every time you clean it. This will keep your jacket from getting dry and cracking.


Saddle Soap which used to clean leather saddles is a great thing to know about. This will help you clean your jacket and remove stubborn stains. A little bit goes a long way; to use it, you’ll rub a damp rag in a circular motion on the soap, which comes in a tin, until a lather forms, then use the lather to clean your leather goods. After cleaning, it’s really important to remove all the saddle soap residue from the leather by rinsing the rag very well, wringing it out so that it’s just damp, and thoroughly wiping the soap away. Finally, saddle soap should only be used in cases where your leather really needs a deep cleaning; for regular cleaning and maintenance, leather conditioner is what you want.  If you don’t trust yourself to clean it on your own seek out a leather care expert to clean it for you.


Remember that leather stretches – avoid cramming your pockets full of things like keys and lipsticks as this can stretch the leather into unusual shapes. Always apply perfume and hairspray before you put your jacket on. These products contain alcohol which can stain the leather.


Storing your leather jacket properly will prevent many problems. Use a wide sturdy hanger to support the weight of your jacket. Jackets should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. Avoid any location that has excessive moisture-even a closet near a bathroom. If you are concerned about dust, cover the jacket with a cloth garment bag or cotton sheet. NEVER store it in a plastic bag that could trap moisture and promote mildew.

Leather Jacket Care

Caring for Your Leather Jacket

Caring for Your Leather Jacket

Caring for Your Leather Jacket

Caring for Your Leather Jacket

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Caring for Your Leather Jacket

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How to care for your leather jacket

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