Cat Scratch Fever: Pairing Old with New


There’s nothing worse than a fashion slump.

That moment when you hate everything in your closet and claim to have nothing to wear. Never mind the fact that you have way too many clothes.

It seems to happen to me every-time the seasons change.  I look at everything in my closet and think…..I seriously wore that last year?

So, what can we do to bake up a fresh new look without spending a ton of money?

Combining the old with the new, the high with the low is a solid fashion recipe.

Seriously who can afford an entire new wardrobe each season.. certainly not me.

In order to not break the bank, it’s important to hone those mixing skills when you fall in love with a new piece.

Rework, Reuse and Recombine.


This look began with what else but my obsession this season, Chanel.  I scored this jaw dropping Chanel sequined skirt on The RealReal.

The second I slipped it on it had a sexy Jessica Rabbit vibe which immediately made me reach for one of my most prized pieces, a gorgeous vintage faux fur leopard swing coat I picked up over a decade ago when I was working on a film in Los Angeles.



Add in one part 2 year old patent leather brogue heels, one part 5 year old stretch belt, a dash of 3 year old top handled bag and a pinch of 3 month old retro style with this sheer top from MODCLOTH.

Everything in this look except the skirt was already in my closet!  One new skirt gave new life to 4 pieces I already owned!


What is your fashion recipe this season?  How will you Rework, Reuse and Recombine pieces from your closet?

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