Cat Scratch Fever



Fall 2013 Fashion Trends have been all about the unexpected.

From bag lady chic to pointed toes and 90s grunge……but the most unexpected of all is the kitty cat craze that has been sweeping runways and fashion publications around the globe!

It’s quite literally purrr-fection.

This playful feline fascination isn’t just for Halloween now you can be catty every day of the week with beanies, structured hats, jeweled and beaded headbands and even lace veils.

Tokyo’s street trendsetters are even styling their hair into catty coif’s called Nekomimi Hair.


Whether your kitten coveting takes the form of vintage lace, pearls, rhinestones, knits or felt remember not to over do it.   Don’t go feral..keep your kitty statement to a single piece.

Oh trends, who would have thought!  This year IT ‘s actually on trend to be a crazy cat lady!


Cat Scratch Fever



What do you think?  Will you be catty this season?  Love it or hate it?



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