Chic Soles and Holiday Scents

It’s another DOUBLE Holiday Post PLUS a Double Holiday Giveaway!

 First learn about one of my favorite discoveries Spare Soles foldable chic ballet flats.  Plus exciting holiday gift-giving news from Atelier Cologne!  Each post has a giveaway so when you leave your comment be sure to mention which giveaway you are entering!

A few weeks ago I had an early morning photo-shoot in a hotel-casino lobby.  I was there at 3am and watched swarms of tipsy ladies pour out of the nightclub carrying their heels in their hands.  Yes…. these ladies were barefoot walking through a casino.  Gross. Gross.  Gross.

Our entire crew watched in disgust as lady after lady stumbled past, but embarrassingly, I can relate.  Come on,  you know you can too. Sometimes after a night on the town or even all day in heels your feet are in so much pain you just don’t care about the “eww” factor anymore.  It becomes a matter of survival.  You sadly become “that girl”.

I made it my mission to find a solution.  There had to be a better way to handle this than coming home with tar stained (and who knows what else stained) feet! (gag)

….and I found it….Spare Soles! (cue Angelical music)

Spare Soles has created a super cute/super chic foldable ballet flat.  They fold up to fit into the tiniest handbag with a convenient little pouch to keep them in.

Available in five styles and a variety of colors (they even have ones for weddings and flip flops).

With the Holiday season upon us, I have had a ton of events and parties to attend.  Normally by the end of the night I would be limping home with swollen/aching feet, but now I am armed with my cute little Spare Soles tucked away in my handbag.  Once my feet get to the point of no return I whip out my Spare Soles and tuck my heels into the cute expandable tote that comes with them.  Ahhh heaven!

I’ve been rocking the Metro line.  What I really like about them is that they have a skid-resistant/water-resistant sole and are durable enough to be an all day city walking shoe!

Ladies trust me,  Spare Soles are something your feet won’t regret in the morning!

Visit their website to see the selection of styles and colors:



Spare Soles wants to help keep you from becoming “that girl” !   

1 lucky reader will win a pair of the stylish METRO foldable ballet flats (size 7-8 and 9-10 available)


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Leave a Comment on this post between Nov.  28 and Dec. 4  recalling  a time you could have used Spare Soles!

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Atelier Cologne Holiday


Exciting Holiday news from my favorite cologne artisans Atelier.  The Cologne line that takes you on a scensory journey has 3 new products for the holidays! 

Petite Cologne, Candles and Soaps. You can mix and match them to create your own personalized gift and encase it in a beautiful intense Venice blue box with aubergine leather ribbon!  Magnifique!

Now available are chic pocket sized sprays of all 5 scents: Oolang Infini, Trefle Pur, Bois Blands, Grand Neroli and Orange Sanguine.  BONUS: The bottles are refillable!  Just refill from your 200ml bottle!

Each Candle begins with the highest percentage of fragrance oils with a custom blend of vegetable and paraffin waxes.  Made with traditional candle making techniques and craftsmanship to ensure an even burn, lasting 50 hours!

Atelier Soaps are hard-milled, vegetable based and enriched with a unique combination of  soothing aloe vera and nourishing Shea butter.  A high concentration of citrus oils offer a clean, refreshing and invigorating experience with a skin softening frothy lather!

Atelier is available Exclusively at Neiman Marcus.  Create your gift today!

Scentual Holiday Goodness from Atelier!  1 lucky reader  will receive a Petite Cologne in the scent of their choice!


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Last weeks lucky winner is Camron C.

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  1. When I was working my very first convention in Las Vegas, I didn’t know any better…and I wore my high heels to the convention center, sporting them all the way from the ‘miles away’ parking lot to my booth, leaving me with swollen feet before I had even worked one minute of the 8 hour day. Spare soles, get me to and from my car in style, please! 🙂

  2. When I am in high heels i call them “B*ch shoes” cause all I do is complain when I am in them, so these Spare Soles make a lot of sense to me — i gotta get a pair.
    Thank you Christie!

  3. Spare Soles sound like a lifesaver. I think, also, they, and their expandable purse, make great stocking stuffers for my beautiful daughters who inherited their mother’s addiction to gorgeous shoes. I try on shoes that I adore, but then I recall those long hikes through casinos to get to the restaurant or a show, and so I put them back on the store shelf Hard to believe that the situation is no longer hopeless! I want Spare Soles, and I would wear the 7-8 size! I hope I win–otherwise, some of my Christmas shopping budget will have to go to my Spare Soles!

  4. Hi, Christie! There’s nothing like the smell of pumpkin pie during the Holidays. Cinnamon and cloves with orange just make me smile! These scents even ranks higher than that of chocolate chip cookies in the oven! I love beautiful scents, and would like to try Atelier! I think they have an orange scent, which is so festive for this time of year. My favorite salesperson at the fragrance counter of Neiman Marcus in Fashion Show is Maria. I’ll visit her and try Atelier. I would love the Atelier Petite Cologne!

  5. Good Morning Christie!!! The Spare Soles is something I have been waiting for forever!!!! I am so tired of taking off my shoes and walking barefoot..thinking how awful and nasty as to what I could be walking in!!!! I know alot of my teen friends would just love these and I would love to be the first to show them off with them asking…”where did you find those FAB shoes?”!!!!! So please put me int eh running for a pair of these simply fabulous and wonderful inventions!!!! Thank you and please keep up the great work!!!

  6. Hi Ya Christie!!! Well I just love my Orange Sanguine cologne from Atelier BUT I would love to sample the Oolang put me into the running for the free sample of Atelier Petite colognes!!! Their colognes are so fresh and lasting….just a couple of sprays and you are good to go!!!! I would to win this giveaway!!! Thanks for all the good pointers and new ideas you have given us readers all year long!!!!

  7. The time I could of used spare soles is when….. I was on a date with a hot guy.. I had a great pair of stilettos on. At the beginning of the date I was walking really sexy. Towards the end I was walking like a hobbit.. Not very sexy.. My feet had swollen 1 size larger and I felt like Cinderella’s step sister because my shod would not fit as hard as I tried.. How embarrassing was I when I had to finish date walking barefoot and couldn’t put back on my shoes..FML

  8. As I regress back to my childhood.. The ever lasting smells that will stay with me is vanilla.. When I was young my dad would sit on his rocking chair and with an old school pipe he pack it with vanilla Tobacco. He would light the fireplace and at the same time puff on his pipe. The smell of the crackling wood combined with his pipe is what I remember the most! I love those smells! Happy Holidays! Snoopy

  9. well.. we know I wear flips i9n the summer and uggs in the winter. so these shoes are right up my alley.. althought I wouldnt wear them as spare shoes.. Am i allowed to just wear them all the time? haha

    Atelier cologne is the BEST!!! I might just ask Santa for some for Christmas!! 🙂

  10. I love my Camilla Skovgard heels, but the last time I wore them to an event, I ended up with red creases on my feet! I could barely walk, and I didn’t want to be that girl walking through the Palazzo, so I hobbled to my car. Three months later and I still have the creases on my feet. If I had a pair of Spare Soles, I could have avoided the creases. Damn gigantor feet.

    Love your posts, Christie. They do really well on Haute Living, too!

  11. I have several times I could have used spare soles…. I work in a lot of the hotels on the strip and I tell you its a trek between the parking garage and the actual hotel and convention areas.. I love to look cute at work but comfort sometimes supercedes any kind of fashion.. it would be nice to use flats to walk in then when i arrive I can change to cute shoes. I go to SF, CA all the time and in the city you walk but again oh how nice it would be to look cute when you meet a friend for brunch to switch from flats to heels.. with Spare soles you can either keep then on since they are adorable or change into your vixen heels either way a win win.. Thank you sharing the spare soles.. I have never tried Altelier scents so it would be a first 🙂

  12. How about YESTERDAY? I wore a fabulous pair of heels to work that wouldn’t have caused a problem. But yesterday turned out to be a LOT of walking at work…then I realized I had to run not one but THREE errands at lunchtime, one of which was standing in line at the post office for Christmas stamps (WHAT was I thinking?? Should have just paid the $1 fee and ordered them online), and then after work had to stop at the grocery store since we had no food in the house for dinner or for lunches the rest of the week. At one point during the day, I actually got a toe cramp from wearing the shoes and had to slide them off and work it out. I would have definitely loved to slip on the Spare Soles somewhere around 3pm…or in line at the post office at lunch! Heart you!!