Chill Out with Summers Best Cooler Bags


Well, summer has arrived.

Today it’s 107 degrees here in Vegas and it’s only going to get hotter!

Keeping cool can be a challenge.  Leaving lipstick in the car is a total disaster, makeup practically melts off your face and I am starting to think donning ovenmits in order to be able to touch my steering wheel is a brilliant idea.

Yep.  It’s hot.

With these scorching temps and so many BBQs, beach bashes and pool parties to attend how’s a fashionista supposed to keep her skinny margarita chilled while on the go?

Luckily one of my favorite masters of fun has a fantastical collection of bags that will help you chill out no matter what the temps.

These super cute cooler bags will not only keep your drinks cool, they can also double as insanely cute handbags.


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