Cibu Ka Pow Dry Shampoo


Dry Shampoo is near the top of my my summer beauty essentials list.

It’s hot, sweaty and pretty much unbearable during the summer months here in Vegas and I certainly don’t want to wash my hair every morning.

When I do, it’s a long, sweat filled process full of sectioning, blow-drying, heating and styling that I would equate to a 30 minute work-out at the gym- which is why I don’t know what I ever did before the invention of dry shampoos.

Dry shampoo is a must-have for extending blowouts.  It absorbs excess oil, increases volume and refreshes hair all without water!

I have seen my fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly in dry shampoos.  EEK stinky white powder disasters!

So I was excited when a new shining star entered  the dry shampoo scene this season from Cibu International: Ka Pow Dry Shampoo.

Ka Pow is so amazing it pretty much B%^#@ slapped all the other dry shampoos out of my medicine cabinet.


Super easy to apply, just shake, spray and then brush.  I like to just use my fingers to work it in instead of a brush so that it really gets the roots.

It does all the things a dry shampoo is supposed to do (refreshes, absorbs oil, builds texture and creates volume), has a fresh clean powder-like scent AND the best part….its totally invisible.

Yes you heard me.




Even if you over-spray/over-apply it is STILL invisible and gives you great hair for days!

Cibu Ka Pow Dry Shampoo is available at and select hair salons.

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