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  1. Hi Christie:

    We had a wonderful dinner last night with your great parents. Your Mom is your greatest cheerleader and gave us your card and asked us to leave a comment. Your site is adorable! You certainly take after your parents in the artistic department! I am marking your site on my favorites and look forward to following you and your success! Hope to get to meet you soon!

    Donna Bath (Ely)

  2. I told your Mom I would leave a comment…….I like the High-tech bag!


  3. I may have left one to many repeat comments on the contest post for Aug.20th..sorry! By the way, great site. Def. recommending to others. Thanks!

  4. Okay what do I wear to a holiday party, not a dress and something that will cover 1/2 my butt (the large half), not heels, that makes me look slim.

    I have 2 holiday parties and a magazine launch party to attend and I’m clueless, can you help a girl out?

    thanks Christie!