It was love at first sight,  my fellow blogger Lauren Schugar introduced me to a new line, CottonTreats, which made my little fashion heart beat faster!  I’ve gotta have it!

CottonTreats is a new brand which made its official debut March 1.   The brand is essentially focused on everything and anything constructed of cotton-based material. The Volume I Collection   just released on their website at   focuses on bow ties.

Who doesn’t love the simplistic beauty and charm of a bow tie!   It instantly adds class to a simple shirt. The Collection is Unisex- yes ladies bow ties are a chic statement for you as well -and you can’t argue with the price-point, ranging from $26-$28.

(above: from CottonTreat’s Volume I Collection) 

I sat down with CottonTreats to discuss what sets them apart, what’s next and why they are knot your average brand!

Q: Why launch the line with bow ties?

CT: We started with bow ties because we noticed that there was a huge void in the bow tie category.  we really believe it is a huge trend that is about to explode as you see a lot of taste-makers are already on it.  I went through and collected a bunch of pics of celebs wearing bow ties and posted them on so people could see how many ways you can wear it and that it is not limited to a certain type of person.

Q: Self tie or clip on?

CT: All of our bow ties will be self-tied.  We believe it’s more grown-up and sophisticated when a man can tie his own bow tie.

Q: Tying a bow tie is an art.  Any tips?

 CT: Our blog section has a video by GQ where Swizz Beatz shows you how to tie a bow tie.  Much easier than you think.  I even think it’s easier than tying a normal tie!  Once you get the hang of it, it’ll literally take less than a minute to tie it.

Q:CottonTreats, why Cotton?

CT: All of our products are cotton-based because it is such a simple fabric that people tend to overlook it.  We wanted to make it something special with designs, colors, style, etc. so that people can treat themselves to something great and feel good with it on instead of seeing it as just a basic essential.

Q: What’s next?  When will the next collection be released?

CT: We are going to continue with bow ties for the next collection, except they will include different styles including slim bow ties.  We are going to be venturing into socks either at the same time or right after that.  With our brand, we don’t necessarily have seasons and we are going with what we believe will do best next.

CottonTreats want you to Tie One On!

1 lucky winner will receive the bow tie of their choice from the CottonTreats website.

To Enter:

First, if you haven’t already subscribe to this blog. (you can subscribe VIA EMAIL at the top right of the sidebar)

Next, Either “like” CottonTreats on Facebook  OR “Follow” them on twitter!/cotton_treats

Then, leave a comment on this post between March 20 and March 26th telling my why you love bow ties.

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

Last weeks lucky winner is Little Red Hen! Congrats!

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  1. Cottontreats are something different… They will be fun to add to dress shirts to add some color and class!


  2. First!
    I like the look of an untied bowtie hangin out of the collar. Like a groomsman after a wedding. 😀
    Bowties are definitely a unique look. I like that!

  3. I love the IDEA!!!!! Bowties are so chic and edgy all at the same time. You can dress them up or down!!!

  4. I love how cottontreats have cute and stylish bowties for men and women. I always see guys wearing them and I think that girls can rock them too. I LOVE IT!! 🙂

  5. I like to tie one on every once in awhile. Wait, this is about bowties. I do like those too. Adds a little eye catching flash to an outfit.

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