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The House of CREED recently opened the doors to their second North American Boutique, an exciting and innovative retail concept at Forum Shop in Las Vegas.  

The boutique is a freestanding glass shop featuring an open retail experience where clients are invited to explore the brand’s rich history through an array of luxurious scents. Modern touches like white lacquer, sleek metal and glass give the shop a contemporary feel. Two private areas within the boutique offer customers formal one-to-one fragrance consultations and educate about the brand’s fragrance legacy.

I fell in love with CREED for three reasons:  High quality ingredients, fantastic scents and the history of the brand paired with the story behind each and every scent- who doesn’t love a good story!


My love affair with the brand is fairly recent,  it began last year when I was introduced to Aventus.  It is a scent created for men but I’m a modern kind of gal and don’t really pay attention to his and hers.  (I have heard unconfirmed rumors that CREED will be offering a womens version of AVENTUS later this year- please say it’s true!) I feel unstoppable every-time I wear Aventus, and of course because it’s CREED there is a story behind it.  Aventus, was inspired by the life of Napoleon Bonaparte.  When creating the scent Oliver CREED sourced ingredients that had a connection to the emperor. He used birch of Louisiana, a state that was once ruled by Napoleon and blackcurrant from the Mediterranean island of Corsica – Napoleon’s place of birth.  The scent opens slightly sweet and fresh with apple and pineapple that later develops into pleasantly woody notes with a hint of vanilla.

I of course HAD to take a tour and sit down with their experts to learn more about this history packed fragrance dynasty and take their newest scent Royal Princess Oud for a Spritz Drive.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the brand, The House of Creed is a seven-generation family of fine perfume makers. Their processes are age old and The House of Creed is the only fragrance house to rely on a 4,000-year old infusion technique to capture the highest concentration of natural essential oils.

It all began in 1760 when James Henry Creed began as a custom tailor and leather goods maker to the English Royal Court, The House of Creed turned perfumer in 1780 when King George III—enamored by a pair of Creed scented gloves—commissioned Creed’s first royal fragrance: a rich mix of mandarin, ambergris and sandalwood, christened Royal English Leather.


Their latest offering Royal Princess Oud is inspired by early 19th century volumes of fashion sketches made by Henry Creed II, revealing a time when the Creeds were steeped in men’s and women’s tailoring in London and marking the first scent born from a century of the family’s couturier history.  Oud is typically a heavy earthy woodsy scent yet CREED somehow made it perfectly delicate and feminine. Paired with a powdery violet, just the right amount of rose, jasmine and vanilla it’s scent is simply sophisticated and elegant.  I normally steer away from rose scents but this one is a magical combination. It has a true development to the scent- from top to base notes you smell each one.

The perfect fragrance for a fashion forward princess.

Want to take the CREED journey for yourself?  Visit the new House of CREED boutique in Forum Shops at Caesars.

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