Crushing on Color Me Girl Crush


Remember how much fun coloring was as a kid?

Thanks to author Mel Elliott you can sit down at your favorite coffee pub (or bar) with a latte (or Martini) in your hand and color away like a big girl.

Color Me Girl Crush features a wide variety of gals that are totally crushable from fab fashion icons to Hollywood “it” girls and music mavens.

The first thing I thought as I flipped through this book was “How did I not think of this”!

Seriously, this book is fantastic.  Yesterday I marched into Sambalatte, Color Me Girl Crush in hand, ordered a snack and then set up an entire coloring area where I proceeded to giggle and color for the next 2 hours. I feverishly worked combining 2 shades of red then mixing in an orange to get Grace Coddington’s hair to be the perfect shade of blazing red!

Best Afternoon EVER.



From Alexa Chung to Anna Wintour, Kate Moss to Lena Dunham, and Gwen Stefani to Debbie Harry, Color Me Girl Crush allows you to get up close and personal with your favorite girl crush’s while coloring, styling and reading true-life stories about your favorite It girls, along with fill-in-the-blank activities so you can weigh in on what makes them so darn appealing.


Create your own Lady Gaga-style dress or your own Mulberry bag a la Alexa Chung.  Match the Girls characters to their items of clothing, read a poetic ode to Beyoncé plus tons other fun stuff.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this book- you all now know what you’ll be getting from me for your next birthday or holiday!

I’m totally crushing on Color Me Girl Crush!

Color Me Girl Crush is Available at Barnes & Nobel and 


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