Day vs. Night The Battle of the Skin Creams


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between day creams/ moisturizers and night creams? Is there even a difference?  The answer is yes.

Many women tend to make the common mistake of using their day moisturizer at night.

You have to look at it like this, night creams and day creams have 2 totally different jobs.

One is to defend and the other is to repair.

Day creams or moisturizers are created to defend your skin against the harmful rays from the sun and the environment and often include SPF and UV filters.  They are lightweight, help to retain moisture and are designed to be worn under makeup.

Night creams are heavier in texture, contain more active ingredients and are are generally formulated to deeply hydrate, nourish and treat the skin for repair, to aid in cell renewal and for moisture replenishment.

Don’t take it literally, night creams are formulated to deliver their effects as you sleep, while day creams work during waking hours. If you work nights (this is for my Vegas ladies) , be sure to use a day cream during those hours, since you need it to protect your skin from the elements and then use a night cream while you sleep during the day.

When selecting a night cream it is important to look for one that fits your particular skincare needs.  Whether it be fighting wrinkles, delivering extra hydration or battling pigmentation be sure to research the right cream for you.

I am at a certain, ahem, age where anti-aging has become the priority.  I need to fight fine lines and wrinkles PLUS living in Las Vegas and it’s dry brutal weather combined with extreme sun makes it important that I give my skin a super dose of hydration at night.

I am obsessed with Darphin’s Ideal Resource Light Re-Birth Overnight Cream– even the name sounds amazing right!

This comforting cream is enriched with Neroli Essential Oil, whose relaxing properties help the skin switch into “night mode” when the skin actively works to recover by reactivating its natural cell renewal.  It contains Neroli essential oil, Knotweed (an anti-oxidant) and White Hibiscus (a light exfoliatant) which help to restore skin’s glow, stimulate natural collagen production and promotes cell renewal every night.

The light weight cream absorbs quickly- so no greasy night face- and is super hydrating which gives your skin that beautiful “glow”. The result is smoother looking skin with a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, as if filled in from within!

Love, Love, Love it!

Darphin Ideal resource Light Re-Birth Overnight Cream is available at Neiman Marcus and


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