Downy + Bounce Team up on Wrinkles

As a stylist I keep several secret weapons on hand at all times.

One of my biggest finds is a sweet smelling little friend that packs a big wrinkle free punch.

On camera (and in daily life) its important to look your best, but maintaining it throughout the day can be a bit of a challenge.

Many times on set its rush, rush rush.  I steam the clothing until its perfect, get the models frantically dressed and  hurry them to set where the inevitable happens,  they sit and wait- either lighting, computer, camera or another unknown variable has held the shoot up.

So they sit, eat, drink coffee, cross their arms, lay down, fidget, put their hands in their pockets, wrestle with each other and who knows what else….but they wrinkle.

There is never enough time to take the clothing off and re-steam, so they go on camera a wrinkled rumpled mess- which makes them (and me) look bad.

Not any more!

I found my wrinkle salvation!

Downy Wrinkle Releaser,  it is Ah-Mazing!

I carry it in my set bag and when the models get rumpled I spritz them with it, give the clothing a tiny tug here and there and the wrinkles magically smooth out.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser has even made my set hatred for the stylists nemesis, i.e.wrinkliest fabric around, linen, disappear.  A couple spritzs and a linen shirt looks perfectly pressed.  Not only does it smooth out wrinkles, it doesn’t stain or damage clothing, leaves a fresh clean scent and reduces static cling!

It gets even better….

Downy Wrinkle Releaser has a new best friend Bounce Ironing Spray!  This new product is a non-starch ironing agent that makes ironing super easy.  Because it’s not a starch, the can won’t clog and you won’t get flakes on your clothes.  The solution makes the iron glide effortlessly over all garments—all with the fresh smell of Bounce! Crisp, pressed and fresh!


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You can find Downy Wrinkle Releaser and Bounce Ironing Spray at Target and other retailers nationwide!

Downy and Bounce want to smooth out a few wrinkles in your  life!

1 Lucky winner will receive a Wrinkle Care pack with a Downy Wrinkle Releaser AND a Bounce Ironing Spray!

To Enter:

First, if you haven’t already subscribe to this blog.  You can subscribe VIA EMAIL at the top right of sidebar.

Next leave a comment on this post between Dec.24 and Dec 31 telling me how you are going to make your New Year wrinkle free!

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

Last weeks lucky winner is Krystle! Congrats!

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Tis the Season to be Annoyingly Jolly. Fa La La La La, La La La….La

Happy Holidays from!


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  1. Wow! These new products sound amazing! I have to admit, there are clothes hidden in the back of my closet that I haven’t worn in a long time simply because they need to be ironed! AND I hate ironing! Thanks Christie for bringing these to my attention!

  2. Happy Holidays Christie! A little bottle of Downy is much easier to pack than a steamer! I will be adding it to my model bag!

  3. Must admit, I thought you were going to give me tips on these annoying smile krinkles that adorn the corners of my eyes…. But, since realisitcally you can’t FIX those, with Wrinkle Releaser and Wrinkle Care, you are addressing wrinkles that can be corrected–easily, too! I’m excited to try Downy Wrinkle Release, and will tuck it into my modeling bag!

    Thanks for all of the innovative tips in 2011! (Loved your cute Christmas photo!) You had provided great service to your followers! Have a successful 2012. And may we all give honor to our troops that have served us to keep our great country safe.

  4. Options:
    1) Hang up as many things as possible.
    2) Meticulously fold that which can’t be hung up.
    3) Not wear clothes.

  5. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know, especially because not only can I not stand wrinkles in my own clothes, I hate having people around me with wrinkled clothing. For guys especially this spray is a MUST!!! I carry it with me in the car for shoots etc. I told my Mom back in Ireland about this little miracle as she irons for hours at home every day, hoping this will ease her workload with all the kids she looks after I’m going to send her over some bottles!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Love J x

  6. One of my favorite items that I own is my steamer!!! I travel all the time, and unfortunately I can’t lug my big stand up steamer with me everywhere. I am a stickler for wrinkles and this product sounds perfect for getting out all the creases in my packed luggage. I plan on making this new year wrinkle free by making sure I always take my laundry out of the dryer on time, as well as getting rid of any wrinkles (people I don’t need in my life) 🙂 If that does work, I will have this product on hand, that way I can spray my clothes and spray the people I don’t like 🙂 Happy New Years!!

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