Dressing for the Curvy Gal

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This week I had a super fun time with the folks at Fox 5’s The MORE Show.  I appeared on a  fashion segment where I discussed dressing for the Curvy Gal.

I shared my tips for how to look your best at any size and to bring my tips to life I was accompanied by 2 voluptuous plus size models from The Best Agency that I dressed in some fantastic pieces from Zappos.com

Being a curvy gal in a skinny shopping world can be totally depressing.

Finding QUALITY plus size (size 16+) and on the cusp (size 12-16) clothing can be a real challenge.

Zappos has a fantastic selection of plus size apparel and shoes in wider widths and larger shoe sizes!


In order to figure out what to wear, you have to know your body and know it well. Quality and fit are the most important aspects when picking out clothes.  Cheap inferior fabrics will show every flaw and the wrong under garments can destroy even the most amazing dress.

Achieving an eye catching look begins with shapewear.

A firm smooth silhouette is the goal no matter if you are a size 2 or a 22.

When you have curves (and most of us do) it is important to make sure that everything lays smoothly.

No lumps, bumps or wobbly bits ladies please!

Shapewear should be pretty as well as do its job of holding things in.  You are not competing in the Tour de France so ditch the biker shorts.

SPANX makes a fabulous slip, which is available at Zappos.com called the Simplicity Slip.  Both of my models wore it for my presentation and it looks great with your dress on and dress off!  No embarrassing Bridget Jones-esc dash’s to change before things get romantic!

Wrap dresses are a great solution for hiding problem areas while accentuating your best assets.  They give you a defined waist and show off the decolletage while the wrap effect acts as camouflage for tummy and hips.

: jamiefpx5


Just because your size may lie in the double digits doesn’t mean you can’t wear patterns.

Opt for smaller over large patterns or stripes.  Subtle is the name of the game.

I love the DKNYC dress below because the pattern has a nice ombre effect which is pleasing to the eye but also has the solid detailing to break the pattern up in just the right places.



Click image to Watch the segment here:

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Now is the time to stop complaining about your curves and work them girls!

How to do YOU show off your best assets?

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  1. You could have used me for a curvy model!

    Great tips and one thing I remember you telling me that no matter your size, your clothes should lay nicely so a body shaper is recommended for any size!

  2. Those tip are great!! I struggle a lot when it comes to picking the right kind of outfits! I plan to show of my best assets buy wearing shirts that fit and are not tight. This way the girls will be properly highlighted!!!! Thank you Christie!!

  3. Great tips! I can use all the advice I can get on fashion since I’m an avid jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I need to try a wrap dress, I keep hearing how flattering they are but I’ve never tried one on.

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