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A few of you have written in and messaged me asking about The Dryel at Home Dry Cleaning System- specifically “Does it Really Work?” and “How Much Do I Really Save?”.

Well the answer to the first question is a resounding YES!  It totally works. For me it doesn’t completely eliminate the need to visit a Dry Cleaner but it certainly lessens the amount of times I go!

Onto the second question “How Much Do I Really Save” .  I am a Fashion Stylist, this is what I do for a living so laundry/dry cleaning is my middle name.  I have tried just about every option out there and Dryel has become my go-to solution.

The savings I get from Dryel come not only in monetary means but also in time and convenience.

Often I simply just don’t have the time to make the trip to the dry cleaner, drop off clothing, wait 2-3 days to get it back then take another trip to pick it back up.

Dryel saves me TIME!

It has also conveniently saved me from many a wardrobe conundrum.

Just yesterday I had a meeting to attend and wanted to wear my favorite white peplum blouse but I had just worn it to another meeting two days before on a day the temps here in Las Vegas were weighing in at 114 degrees so needless to say my shirt wasn’t really re-wearable.  Sad face?  No not so fast!  I had my Dryel on hand so I gave it a quick Zip It, Steam It and then 15 minutes later I rocked it to my meeting fresh and clean!


It also saves me money.  Let’s break it down with a little grammar school math problem:

If your Dry Cleaner charges you $5 per blouse and $5 per pant and you have 4 blouses and 1 pant that need to be cleaned how much would it cost?  

ANSWER: $25 plus tax.  

With 1 Dryel Starter Kit which costs $9.99 you could do this entire load plus still have enough product to to 3 more loads.  Basically you can clean this load 4 times for just $9.99 where-as at the Dry Cleaner it would cost $100.


Here’s the bottom line.  I love my Dryel at Home Dry Cleaning System.  I use it all the time and on every occasion that I reach for it- usually in a weekly fashion emergency either for work or myself- I think “OMG I am so glad I have this”.

Check out the Dryel System for yourself.  I promise the ways it saves you are endless! 

Dryel is available at most major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Amazon.com

*This is a sponsored post by Dryel. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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