Dude, Pass the Soap: Badricks Lock Stock and Barrel Bar

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If you are a guy and you haven’t heard of Badrick’s sit back and relax while I WOW you down to your dudely core.

Badrick’s skincare was created out of necessity.  The brainchild of founders Seth Lombardi and Matthew Dank, both with years of experience in the trials and errors of growing and maintaining facial hair.  

Badrick’s Skincare, Inc. was born through scratching our own itch.  The itch of that in between stage when you have more than stubble, but less than a respectable beard”- Seth LombardiCofounder, Badrick’s Skincare Inc.

Many men do not commit and therefore succumb to premature shaving before their beard has a chance to flourish.  Badrick’s is putting a stop to this.” -Matthew Dank Cofounder, Badrick’s Skincare Inc.

The Beard Baron’s at Badrick’s landed on the grooming scene in 2013, just as the beard trend was beginning to sprout, with two products that would change the beard growing and maintaining process for hipsters and timeless gents everywhere:

  • DaBalm:  A lightweight anti-bacterial balm used to promote healthy beard growth while removing and healing redness and dryness due to coarse beard hair.  Tea Tree oil helps heal the dry itch that beards can cause.  While DaBalm is recommended for all skin-types, it also prevents unwanted ingrown hairs and breakouts after shaving on the most sensitive skin.


  • Mug Scrub:  Whether you have clogged pores imbedded facial hair, or just dry flaky skin Mug Scrub will deliver gentle but firm exfoliation.


Since then Badrick’s has continued to help men put their best bearded faces forward and NOW just in time for summer they have released the Lock Stock and Barrel Bar.

Fellas, seriously this bar is the #BOMB.  I can’t stop sniffing the box. It is absolutely intoxicating. 

This all-in-one bar cleanses the face, hair AND body, infused with an addictively delicious light fragrance of  Tobacco & Vanilla, Shea Butter, Trichilia Emetica Seed Oil (anti-oxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory), Tea Tree Leaf Oil (combats against bacteria and helps fight acne, cold sores, and heals wounds), and Sweet Almond Oil (perfect for nourishing and reviving any skin type).

“Summertime can leave you sweaty, dirty and let’s face it, a little smelly.  Our Lock Stock and Barrel Bar seeks to combat these issues.  The bar can be used on face, hair and body ensuring that it won’t strip your body of essential oils leaving you dry and flaky. Combine that with our signature scent and you’ll be positioned to seize the day or night and if need be, shower more than once a day.”   Matthew Dank, Cofounder, Badrick’s Skincare Inc.

Load up your summer grooming arsenal with Lock Stock and Barrel Bars at Badricks.com

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