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We are all looking for ways to make our daily lives easier, which is why there are hundreds of pins on Pinterest under the category “Life Hacks”.

These are simple little short-cuts that can solve life’s little messes like reducing the time it takes to get ready each morning, removing stains on-the-go or how to make your razors last longer!

This week I have partnered with online menswear master Paul Fredrick – known for their custom dress shirts, varying in different patterns and colors for spring- to bring you gents (and gals) few style life-hacks that can save you some time and frustration.

One of my favorite style hacks solves a pretty embarrassing problem.

Ever had a zipper that just refused to stay up?  You gave your presentation at the morning meeting and couldn’t figure out why everyone’s eyes were on your crotch and not your face? Yeah, your fly was down because of a loose zipper.  A quick way to fix this problem on the fly (da da dum) is with the all purpose amazing style tool, the rubber band.

When your pants/jeans have a zipper that won’t stay up take a rubber band and slide it through the eye on the zipper- it will look like a figure 8.


then thread one of the loops through the other a pull tight to form a knot.



Facetune (3)

Finally, take the end and loop it over the button on the pants, put the button through button hole and voila!  Your zipper will stay up!


Rubber Bands are also great for shortening the sleeves of a shirt under a jacket.  Put the rubber band around the arm over the shirt.  Adjust the shirt until the cuffs are at the length you want then put the jacket on over it!  Perfect sleeve length!

Here are some more great Style Life Hacks from Paul Fredrick- the Vodka trick is one of my favorite’s to use on Vintage clothing!

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