Easter is for Vegans too: Top Shopping Pick of the Month

Is this a fashion or beauty post?  No, but it’s a helpful one.

For all you Vegans out there struggling with cravings for a Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny, your struggle is over.

Vegans meet NaturalCandyStore.com

This family owned business takes pride in the quality of their products stocking many hard to find flavors and brands and catering to clients with dietary restrictions and allergies.

“We’re still small, but in our business decisions we try to do the right thing for the planet and for people. We carry many certified organic products. We seek out recycled and biodegradable supplies (for example, home-compostable cellophane bags for bulk candy). We support fair-trade efforts and look forward to the day when more candy is made with fair-trade certified sugar. As we grow, we want to be a great place to work and contribute in a meaningful way to our community.”

Whether you are a Vegan or just looking for healthy more sustainable alternatives to over processed foods Naturalcandystore.com is a perfectly sweet solution.

NaturalCandyStore.com is my TOP Online Shopping Pick of the Month.

Here is a peek at what the Vegan Free Range Easter Bunny can bring from NaturalCandyStore.com


Easter Egg Filled with Vegan Candy



Vegan “Milk” Chocolate baby Bunny-  This cute little bunny is made with creamy dairy-free “milk” chocolate! The perfect addition to a non-dairy Easter basket.



Vegan “Milk” Chocolate Eggs- Vegan “milk” chocolate eggs for the dairy-free Easter Bunny to deliver.

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  1. As my first Easter being a vegan approaches I’m haunted by the Easter candy aisle and those little pieces of heaven known as Cadbury Easter eggs. Knowing damn well they were bad for my booty anyways I allowed myself to indulge in a 3 pack every Easter. This year as a vegan I know longer have the cheating capabilities. But— Christie Moeller literally saved Easter for me! Ill be putting my order in today!!!

  2. This is awesome (not so much for me, I’m a hard core chocolate the old school way fan). I have several good friends who are Vegans and they are always upset that they can’t share the ‘booty’ when it comes to Easter goodies. I’m going to forward this to my brother in Australia (he’ll absolutely swoon over this).

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