Elie Tahari-Clean and Classic Summer

Last week fellow blogger and friend Laura Coronado http://www.lollieshopping.com/  and I attended an event at the Elie Tahari Boutique at the Forum Shops. 

The event showcased the Elie Tahari Spring/Summer Collection and 20% of the sales went to benefit the After School All Stars  (which provides comprehensive after school programs that are fun for kids and also keep them safe and help to achieve success in school and life).

Laura and I sipped a few cocktails, sampled some hors d’oeuvres, listened to the jazz band and then got straight to work perusing the collection.

Elie Tahari Spring/Summer 2011 has a clean feel, focusing on a golds, whites and khaki’s with a mix of textures and fabrics including suede, linen, raffia, leather and cottons.

I loved the water color print dresses with exposed zipper details.  I picture them on a gorgeous deck at a cocktail party somewhere near the water as the sun sets.

What really stood out for me were the accessories.  Handbags, wedges and heels of every shape and size made of soft raffia, woven straw, canvas and leather.  Fresh, clean, sophisticated and chic. 

Elie Tahari’s Spring/Summer 2011 delivers a clean classic American silhouette with inventive, interesting and sophisticated accessories. The collection is a breath of fresh air and a definite must have for the season!

Elie Tahari Boutique

Forum Shops

3500 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109


Elie Tahari wants you to accessorize with style this summer.

1 Lucky winner will receive a Elie Tahari Maggie Clutch in Raffia (retail price $348.00) pictured below.


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Next, leave a comment on this post between March 27 and April 2- telling me what special event you would use this classic clutch handbag for.

Last weeks Lucky winner is Andrew! Congrats!

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  1. Hi, Christie! What an adorable clutch. I certainly don’t have anything like it! I would use it particularly when I go out with my friend who has a bevy of Louis Vuitton purses. Yes, I do have purse envy. This little clutch would not compete with the Big Boys, and that contrast is what makes it nice. Classy and stylish without being crushingly oppressive and in your face! I like to travel light: lipstick, powder, mobile, money and credit card! So this clutch suits my summer style!

    Home from New Zealand on Friday. I’ll be seeing Margaret shortly thereafter, so get that clutch in my clutches!

  2. Wow, for what look WOULDN’T you be able to use that clutch? It’s a winner for casual looks, for sure, but I’d be so happy to carry it while wearing all of my pretty vintage styles, too. The elegant lines and classic color make it a cinch to pair it with jeans or dresses. Thanks Christie!

  3. Christie, you never cease to amaze me every week!! Another amazing blog! a friend of mine is getting married and I would carry this with me to that! Also there is a Las Vegas Dancing with the Stars in August that I will be attending! Thank you again!

  4. I had no idea there was an Elie Tahari in the Forum Shops! Sounded like an amazing event to raise money for children. This clutch is adorable and is perfect for this spring’s fashion. I would take this to a charity poker tournament coming up for breast cancer research. It would go perfectly with a white dress I recently bought. Amazing giveaway Christie! xo

  5. Unfortunately, I think the clutch would “clash” with most of my outfits. But, MY WIFE would use it for one of our nights on the town. Especially once we are in LA. 😉

  6. Love E. T. !! No, not the little alien…
    Great give away… can’t wait to see you soon – might need to hire your styling expertise to take me out shopping again.


  7. I LOVE how you described the collection as a “breath of fresh air.” That’s perfect! My hubby has a birthday in May and we celebrate our 18th anniversary in June, so I would carry the clutch to both celebrations, which I’m sure will include an elegant dinner somewhere on the Strip.

  8. That is such a dream clutch! It’s perfect for daily wear as well as special/memorable occasions! If I were lucky to win it, I would unveil it during the CRAVE Las Vegas book launch party (I’m one of the folks in the book) 🙂 And I would pair the clutch with a dreamy dress from Patty’s Closet that is dying to be worn! 🙂 After the book launch party, I would sport it proudly to my Vegas Sisterhood events and many more great Las Vegas outings!
    Fingers crossed,

  9. I loooove this clutch! I’d definitely be using it for the Spring/Summer weddings I have to go to or even as an everyday clutch with my Spring outfits! Hey, I’ll even use it as a cute wallet in my totes. Versatility is key! =)

  10. I would love love love this clutch. My first pocketbook ever was a Louis vuitton clutch I was 10. I adore clutches because they force me to minimize what I carry. I would definitely use this clutch when I have a date, on my weekly stroll through the MMOMA and to winebar while I sipped the latest riesking or to le figaro cafe where I can people watch & conjure up poetry in ny latest moleskun journal.
    If I had my chance and was so fortunate to won that’s what I would do.

  11. I Always love having a simple clean clutch, this one is especially great for a summer dinner out with the girlfriends or a day time date, simply paired with he perfect floral dress. Xoxo.

  12. First off I love those red shoes, those would be killer 🙂
    As far as the clutch I would use it om the days I needed a bit more brightness and spring feeling. Which is much needed right now with the cold weather were having. What a great clutch!

  13. I’m going to France later this year and would love to have a beautiful and sexy clutch like this to accessorize all those cute dresses I never get to wear in rainy Seattle. I’d love to show those Parisians that we Americans can be ultra-stylish too!

  14. I loooove Elie Tahari, he makes the most beautiful clothes.

    What special occasion would I sport this? How about to a play date to make all the other mothers jealous. Special enough?

  15. I am in love with this clutch. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s simple lines and color gives it a sense of sophistication. It goes well with feminine outfits as well as the dark, edgy ones. It’s very versatile. Thanks for the giveaway.

    As for what event I would use this at, I would definitely use this at my upcoming graduation. It’s perfect for storing all the essentials for the day while I’m running about frantically making sure everything is perfect. Knowing that all of my belongings are safe, within reach, and ready to use is somewhat comforting. It’s one less thing I have to worry about that day. Also, it’s a nice contrast to the dark cap and gown ensemble 😀

  16. Gorgeous clutch! I’d carry it to my friend’s summer wedding! And the secret would be with me only, as I live in the sticks with no decent stores to speak of and NO ONE would actually know what a little prize I had!

  17. Lovely lovely!! I cannot help but say I would have to casually pull this one out in some event involving my super fashionable sister! 😉 I love her, and she is the person I turn to for all sorts of fashion advice. So this would knock her socks off, and she’d have to wonder WHERE THE HECK I GOT THIS?!! 🙂 Love your blog. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  18. I would take it to my very first dinner at the White House, now that I have moved to Washington D.C., I’m sure I will be going soon!

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