Eve Lom Flawless Radiance Primer


OK, you have all heard it before, makeup artists and beauty experts telling you that you need to use a primer but you are still scratching your head as to why.

Well to put is simply a primer is like shapewear.

When you don your favorite SPANX they shape, smooth, conceal and hold everything in place so that when you add your clothing everything looks better, right?

Well a skin primer does the same thing. Whether you want to blur wrinkles, reduce the appearance of pores or even your skin tone,primers do this while at the same time creating a perfect, velvety base for foundation!

My most recent beauty discovery is an I-can’t-live-without-it primer from Eve Lom, Flawless Radiance Primer.

What is It: Anti-aging Radiance Boosting Skin Primer

What Does It Do: evens out imperfections, softens fine lines, reduces pore size and gives skin a youthful plumping effect,  Brightening actives reduce dark pigment areas while potent plant extracts deliver deep hydration.

How to Use It: Squeeze a small amount onto the back of your clean hand. Apply to clean, moisturized skin with finger tips. Move from the centre of the face outward.  Let it dry for about 30 seconds before applying foundation.

Why I Love It: My foundation finally looks smooth!  Rather than sitting on top of my skin the primer allows my foundation to blend to my skin creating a my-skin-but-better appearance. After applying the primer foundation glides on like a dream and my skin felt hydrated, supple and had a beautiful glow. The appearance of pores was also greatly reduced! LOVE LOVE LOVE This Primer!

Where to Buy It: Neiman Marcus and NeimanMarcus.com

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