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This week I had a “walk a mile in a models shoes” moment as I went from behind the camera to in front of it.




Fellow stylist Derek Warburton made a stop in Las Vegas for The MORE show on FOX 5 with his Fab Across America Tour and he sweet talked Laura Coronado (Lollieshopping.com) and I into being his models.

Derek has a styling super power for dressing real women.  His philosophy is that you should look fabulous at any age and any size- even when you are going to the grocery store!

Hear that ladies?  Ditch those sweats because Derek has some fantastic on-a-dollar looks that will keep you chic no matter where you are headed.

“You should always care about what you look like whether you are at the grocery store or the office.” says Derek , “Looking good means feeling good and confidence is the sexiest part of anyone”.

Plus you never know WHO you’ll run into!  Why not avoid those awkward moments where you are caught in less than chic “laundry-day” clothing at the market and have to dive behind a display of toilet paper to avoid being seen.

The theme for this stop on Derek’s fabulous tour was Boho on a buck.

“Boho is so relaxed and with a little layering it can be cozy and comfortable but also look glam at the same time.  Glam doesn’t have to be a tight fit and high heels.  I can make a woman look hot in a long skirt and riding boots” explained Derek.

Boho is an easy breezy way to stay fashionable while still being comfortable and Derek has some pocket friendly ways for going Rachel Zoe while still having money left over to pay for your groceries!

Here’s what he dressed me in and you are going to faint at the price point.


Hat H&M $14.95

Halo around the hat is by That Madonna Girl $20

Dress Old Navy– get ready to gasp ladies- it was $10.00

Faux Fur Vest H&M $29.95

Cat Footwear Boot $140 (PS I am obsessed with these boots now)


Here is Laura’s look:


Skirt Hipknoties (this fab skirt can be worn 30 different ways- that’s 30 looks for the price of 1) $60

Lace Trimmed Firm Control Cami Maidenform (perfect for tummy slimming and control) $22.95 (this is an amazing and comfortable piece of shape-wear that you can wear anytime!)

Cat Footwear Riding Boot $200

Old Navy Tote $36




To watch our segment on Fox 5 MORE show click here

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