Fashion Safari

Yesterday, I did a shoot with photographer Robert Kley , hair/makeup artist Mary Rockwood Crabtree, and an AMAZING model from Los Angeles Kahshanna

We wanted to flex our creative muscles!

Clean lines, neutrals, beige and cream, exposed brassieres, and  military influences are all big Spring /Summer Trends so we decided to go on :

Fashion Safari!  The Hunt for a Good Deal.

I’m going to tell you all a big secret! 

Come closer..shhhh…I styled this entire shoot from TJ Maxx. 

I know!  Fastionistas all over the country are shreaking  and telling me to shut my mouth!

But you CAN dress current, trendy, and fashionable shopping at outlets and discount stores.  You just need to be armed with knowledge of the current trends and an eye for quality pieces. 

The biggest factor when shopping outlets is to TAKE YOUR TIME!  DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED!  Peruse the store calmly and examine each piece carefully!  Ask yourself  “Is this piece either current or classic?” , “Is this piece constructed well?” ,”What can I pair this with?”.  One big mistake many shoppers make is grabbing pieces that they have a passing desire for without knowing what they are going to do with that piece, how they are going to wear it.  Then you just end up with a closet full of clothing with the tags still on that you never wear.  Visualize the look head to toe!

No single piece in this series of photos cost over $24.00.

for makeup tips advice and current trends check out Mary’s Blog at :

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  1. good job! you’re a girl after my own heart (style and budget sense). i am into basic classics, but i have been drawn to a small dose of camouflage and military-esque gear my whole life. it’s fun to have one or two trendy favorite each season which made me sooo excited to see the safari and military look out again – this means i can pull out my camouflague vans again. 😉

    another good shopper tip: know the return/exchange policy if you’re not 100% sure about your fashion find when you’re in store, either because a) you don’t feel like trying something on in store, or b) you’re shopping for someone else. i shop for my guy marcus all the time, so i always make sure i know the purchase agreement because sometimes i visualize ‘the look’ for him, but he is not into my vision when i bring the treasure finds home.

    as for taking your time: shop alone or with someone who is in the same ‘zone’. the last thing you want is to feel rushed or have your shopping spirit and patience trampled on. up here in toronto, we have winners (which is kind of sort of like tjmaxx) – it’s hit or miss, unless you know when shipment is coming in (ie. days of the week your store receives new shipment, or better yet, the time of day it’s placed on the floor).

    lastly: sign up your email address to your favorite stores, so you know a little ahead of time when good sales/ promotional events are going down. stores will often send out coupons and % off emails for ‘friends and family’ events to customers on their email lists. trust – not all stores spam their loyal customer base with useless information.

    on that note, i am out of here to pick up a couple of baby items.

    🙂 charlene

  2. I used to get all my neck ties from TJ Maxx…always impressed by the names they had…

  3. I love your blog. It’s nice to know you shop at these places sometimes to style your models. You can’t even tell the difference.

  4. Not only is the ‘finance conscious’ styling awesome, the photography takes it a step further! Too bad the girl’s so fat and stumpy with a big head…Just kidding! Relax! LOL

    Congrats to all of you. Shots kick ass!!!!!!!!!!

    See you soon!

    P.S.: Keep spreading the good word Christie xo