Fashion Trend: Men's swimwear what's right for you?

Mens swimwear was once one of the most ignored areas of Fashion but today men have an abundance of choices.  With all the kinds, styles, patterns and colors what is the right choice for you?  It depends on your physique, environment, and activity level.

Board Shorts

Board Shorts are  a loose fitting style of swim shorts with a leg length going down to the knees.  These are probably the most popular type  of swim trunk in the US.  These comfortable shorts are great for Parties, surfing, lounging and can be worn from beach to other locations and activities without notice.  This style looks best on someone tall and thin.  If you are under 6′, try to find one with a shorter inseam 20 inches in length, going longer will make your legs look short.  Board shorts are often baggy and made of a heavy fabric that weighs  you down in the water so they aren’t the best for heavy swimming types of activities.


Trunks are the classic mens swimwear choice, the kind your dad probably wore. But recently they have made a fashion comeback!  New hip versions are sold at places like Zara, Urban Outfitters and H & M bringing the classic swim Trunk to a hip new generation.

Made of a lighter weight material than Board Shorts swim trunks come in several lengths from mid thigh to upper thigh. Usually having a mesh lining on the inside. 

These are best for those who are shorter or who have a wider waist or thicker thighs.  If you have a belly opt for a draw string waist and avoid bright colors or alot of pattern, dark colors will help draw attention away from the belly.  For those who are short,  solid colors will help create the illusion of height, stay away from  loud patterns because they emphasize the division of the body at the waist and knee making you look even shorter.

Euro Trunk or Square Leg Brief

Euro Trunk is a form fitting, short, boxer brief cut trunk similar to a racer/speedo but with more coverage. 

Most high end designers make a version of this type of suit but unless you are travelling to Europe or you are a European or Japanese tourist you probably want to stay away from this style.  The advantage to these is they are great for tanning and if you have a killer body they show it off.  Just remember people are more accepting of this style if you have a European accent.


Racers are most commonly called  “speedos”.   This style is highly favored in Europe and among competitive swimmers.

My advice is “If you aren’t vacationing on “fire Island”, a male stripper, in a race,  or the Olympics please refrain from this style.”


Jammers are a  swim style similar to a compression short, it gives more coverage than racers and can be used as a training suit for running, cycling, and triathlons.  But again unless you are involved in a sport please don’t show up to a Summer pool party in this style…you may scare the children.

 Now that you found the right suit for you make sure it lasts!  Never use laundry detergent, dish detergent or Woolite, it will destroy the elasticity of your suit.  Most swimwear stores offer special washes for swimwear.  Always wash it gently by hand.

After reading this post please read the post “Sun Cautious” about sun protection!

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  1. I’ll be going with the board shorts thanks very much! You literally could not pay to wear “racers” in public….

  2. Okay, help me out. Here’s your parameters:

    I am about 350 lbs of jiggly good times.

    I am so hairy that sometimes my dog tries to bury her bone in my back shag.

    The last time my skin saw the sun was that time at day camp when I accidentally stirred up that hornets’ nest and I ran around shrieking like a little girl and ripping my clothes off because I thought my plaid flannel shirt was infested.

    My knees are a little knocked and my legs are maybe too skinny. Oh, who am I kidding? I look like one of the aliens from “Signs.”

    Other than that, I’m thinking speedo, yeah?

    Oh, and the doctor says that my toe fungus should clear up after a few months of ointment.

    1. LMAO! Daniel you kill me…yes I would say speedo possibly with a thong back in a bright color and lots of sunscreen! Accessorize with gold chains.