FeedMySkin Is Pretty Cool

This week I attended Cosmoprof North America at The Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Cosmoprof is an industry specific show that covers all the needs of the beauty and cosmetic industry. It is the ULTIMATE place where beauty professionals come together to exchange views and ideas.

Some of the key features of the show are seeing well know styling artists demonstrate techniques in hair styling and makeup application and well as discovering new and innovative products.

…and boy-o-boy did I discover some amazing new products which I will share with you over the next few posts!

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Lets get started with my favorite from the show: FeedMySkin.

I live in Vegas and as I have said before…it’s hot here.  Hotter than hell hot.  Satan’s blow-dryer on high hot.  So when I spotted FeedMySkin I was won over with one word: Frozen.

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A gourmet skin care line, FeedMySkin is inspired by recipes from some of the worlds premier spas and beauty editors.

Corene Hejl-Edgeworth, founder of FeedMySkin, believes fresh is best.  In her search to deliver skin care that was free of parabens, sulfates and icky ingredients she discovered that frozen was the key.  Freezing allowed her to create an affordable product that is 100% natural without the  use any preservatives.

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Here is a look at my fav’s from their line which are almost good enough to eat!



Aloe Pushup

Amazing!  A no-mess frozen aloe pop! Designed to go in your freezer this cool refreshing pop chases away puffy skin after a late night out AND  provides immediate relief after a day in the sun.  To apply use quick strokes to apply a thin layer on the skin.


Strawberry Scrub in A Tub

This scrumptious strawberry scrub will leave your skin smelling delish plus it smooths and refines the skin.  “We use big juicy strawberries (that are jam packed with alpha-hydroxy acid), shea butter, coconut oil and pure cane sugar to create an ex-spa-rience that will leave your skin feeling baby soft with no icky residue”.  Defrost before use then massage gently onto skin until the sugar is dissolved then rinse with warm water.


Pumpkin Masque

My readers know how much I love pumpkin products.  I have written many times about the benefits: Skin that is Pumpkin Perfect, The Great Pumpkin, etc.

Well this is the mother of all pumpkin products!  A spa quality pumpkin peel masque that transforms a dull,  lifeless complexion into youthful fresh skin.  In a salon you can pay upwards of $70 for peels like this!  To use chill masque then apply a thin layer to skin avoiding the eye area and rinse off after 10 minutes.

I could go on and on because I am absolutely obsessed with FeedMySkin.  To see more of their “cool” products visit their website at:

Do you have cravings?  A specific skin care need you need met?  Well FeedMySkin wants to hear about it:

“We wanna know your deepest skin care desires!  Tell us what you want and by golly we’ll make it happen…that’s kinda how we roll here at feedmyskin, and we’re ok with our customers doing all the hard work and dreaming up new products..just another reason why we’re so darn COOL!”

Click here for info on how to submit your cravings to Feedmyskin!

What is your skin craving?

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  1. Oooo, I can’t wait to try these. They look like fun (and might actually get rid of the pigmentation I have thanks to having a baby – stupid hormones)

  2. Ooh these feedmyskin products seem pretty awesome! I absolutely love the names and I agree that they sound almost good to eat! haha. I wonder how the “frozen” concept feels when in use. Very intriguing. Strawberry Scrub in a Tub sounds neat. Living in Las Vegas, I’m starting to learn that I need to pay attention to skin care more. Are these products available in-store or online only?

  3. I just learned about these products on tv, A&E, Rooster and Butch. Where can I purchase FeedMySkin products.

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