Feeling Absolutely Royal

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Maybe it’s because I have been obsessively listening to Lorde’s “Royal’s” or the fact that I am knee deep in Game Of Thrones withdrawals but my fashion eye is only seeing Regal.

This season its easy to be a princess.  The royal trend focuses on Medieval and Renaissance inspired looks infused with modern charm while maintaining a very majestic silhouette.

Romeo and Juliette meets delectable designer decadence.  True luxury.

Velvet, brocade, tapestry prints, embroidery, capes, mosaic prints,  puffy sleeves, high collars, full length dresses, sheer fabric sleeves and even crowns reined on the Fall 2013 runways.


Royals- Alexander McQueen
Royals- Dolce & Gabbana
Royals- Valentino

The key to keeping the trend wearable is to not let it get too costumey.  You don’t want to look like an escapee from a Shakespeare festival.

  • Focus on the silhouette and cut of the piece.  Empire waistlines, puff and belled sleeves create simple clean lines fit for a Queen.
  • Choose a royal color palette in jewel tones- purple, forest green, rich golds, oxblood and burgundy.
  • Brocade details
  • Don’t guild yourself head toe toe- choose 1 ornate statement piece.
  • Incorporate a Coronet Braid- this romantic mystical take on the traditional braid is super hot for fall and easy to achieve.  Here is a great tutorial for it: http://www.refinery29.com/easy-braid-hairstyles#slide-10
  • When in doubt wear velvet- the ultimate royal fabric.

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  1. I love all of the outfits featured here but I don’t think that any of them would work for me! Although I am fond of jewel tones… especially purple so that might work.

  2. Ive been on a royal kick myself, The White Queen mini series and book, rewatched Elizabeth and Elizabeth the Golden Age, just finished The Lady Elizabeth…. Im on trend in my mind… LOL

  3. Hello Alexander McQueen! Loved his style! 😀 I love crowns, not just for royal purposes but I love drawing them 😀

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