Feeling Green: Green Tea and the Tipcup

A few weeks ago I did the BluePrintCleanse, one of the best decisions I have made this year-  if you haven’t tried it yet order it now, seriously you will feel amazing!

During the cleanse BP suggests you drink alot of green tea, before the cleanse I hadn’t really been  much of a green tea drinker except for the occasional cup when out for sushi to wash down a sake bomb..lol.

I have since developed a taste for green tea-  a cup at night is the perfect way to unwind from the day.  I have also learned the difference between high and low quality green teas and yes, I have now become a tea snob.

I really enjoy loose tea- the kind that doesn’t come in a tea bag- its usually higher in quality, flavor and  freshness and less processed but it  really can be a mess to deal with and really inconvenient for a person on the go. Picture me on set in a rush, pulling out my  messy infuser, a tea cup and a bag of tea then spilling it all over the place trying to pour the leaves into the infuser whilst cursing and swearing and everyone staring- not very relaxing.

Enter the “Tipcup”.  This stunning elegant, functional cup made by Magisso called the “Tipcup”  is an infuser and teacup all in one!  I pull that beauty out on set and everyone asks “what is that” and “where can I get one”?

Always a fan of cool design I was drawn to this “tipcup” because of its sleek appearance.

Available in Snow White or Pure Black this no mess teacup is super easy to use:  tip one side to brew tea (with the strainer positioned underwater), and then tip the other way to drink (when the strainer is positioned out of the water, the tea leaves are no longer being steeped).

Love it!  Easy to take with you where ever you go- a revolutionary new way to enjoy a cuppa tea at home or anywhere.

My favorite pairing is the Tipcup with D’Adamo’s Mr. Itaru’s Special Green Tea Blend .

The blend is a “Gen Mai Cha” or brown rice tea. It is a traditional favorite in Japan and combines toasted brown rice with the finest premium green tea leaves.  The brown rice adds an amazing flavor to the tea with a delicious roasted aroma and full body flavor- a perfect healthy substitute for those trying to break their coffee addition!

Tea Fact:  Did you know that green tea gives you powerful antioxidants 100 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 25 times stronger than Vitamin E (not that it replaces these essential nutrients). The best green teas will boost immunity and help fight or prevent cancer. Green  tea also promotes healthy bacteria in the intestines and normalize the workings of the cardiovascular system. 

Brewing the Perfect cup of Green Tea

D’Adamo advises that when making green tea it is not necessary or desirable to use boiling water. Moderately warm to hot water is best. If the water is too hot the delicate leaves may loose flavor. Tea leaves should be placed in the water for about 30 seconds (45 seconds at the longest) and removed. Superior quality green tea should look light green when prepared in this manner.

Green Tea for everyone!

This week 2 lucky winners will receive “Tipcups” from Magisso.

To Enter:

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Then, leave a comment on this post between March 25 and March 31st,  telling me your favorite way to enjoy tea.

Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!

Last weeks lucky winner is: Elly Brown!  Congrats!

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  1. I usually prefer tea coming from the Long Island area and served on ice, hahaha. But Susie is all about hot tea, and this innovative cup would be a great gift for her.
    Thanks Christie!

  2. I have been contemplating the BP Cleanse for a few weeks (since your post on it) and although it’s expensive I have decided to order it as a 30th bday present to myself. I would love a tipcup to use while on it!!
    I love your blog by the way!! Perfect combo of wellness and humor!!

  3. I totally want to try the BP cleanse. My friends who have done it swear by it. I guess I should give it a go! And, I love tea…I’ve been such a coffee addict this last two years, but I need to find my way back to green tea Thanks for the reminder!

  4. When I remember to drink green tea I always feel healthier. Of course I add good local honey. Must remind myself to drink more.

  5. I’m addicted to green tea!! My favorite way to enjoy it is 1st thing in the morning and adding some Goji Berries to float on top. They add flavor and get plump and juicy to snack on while you sip. The Tipcup is genius! You always find the coolest “can’t live without” products Christie!

  6. I love to drink tea morning, noon, and night! I do like green tea, but I am a huge fan of black tea. Taxo Focus tea is amazing! I would love to try D’Adamo’s green tea blend.

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