Garnish your look: Sparkle and Shine all Summer

Polishing your look is like mixing the perfect cocktail!  Of course we would all like to start with something top shelf , add a little mixer, then top with a pretty garnish. The problem is that summer looks tend to be casual, comfortable and well, slightly boring.

Garnishing your look by adding  a little sparkle and shine is a great way to take it from forgettable to fabulous!

I spoke with the folks at Tarina Tarantino, The QUEEN of Sparkle, and here’s Tarina’s  advice on shining this summer,

“Summertime means longer days so I always keep a few extra accessories in my purse to change an outfit from day to night.   Especially important are hair accessories! When the temperature goes up an updo is in order.  Having some pretty jeweled hair clips will make your chignon perfectly chic.  I also love to layer a long statement necklace over a maxi dress which is a great look to take you from the beach to a dinner party.”

Remember not to over-do it!  You want it to catch the eye, not blind someone!  Try adding just a few key pieces to really shine!



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I am Super excited about this week’s giveaway!  Tarina Tarantino “the Queen of Sparkle” has partnered with me to give 1 lucky reader a little boost in her quest to Sparkle and Shine this summer! The winner will recieve one of Tarina’s “Anywhere Clips”! (photo below)

All you have to do to Enter is:

1. Scroll back to the top of this post and click on the comment icon at top right.

2. Leave a comment (between June 28 and July 3) telling me “How you plan to Sparkle and Shine through Summer”.

*Last weeks 6 lucky winners are: Elly B., Jessica, Alisa, Krystle, Kahshanna (so she never has to wear a gooey swimsuit again) and Susan!!  Congrats Ladies!!


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  1. I plan on glistening this summer here in FLORIDA, and I’ll add a bit of SHINE to my ROCK & ROLL (love’d that!) but I may just have to add a bit of “bodysuit look” to my black skirt you helped me pick-out – by adding the cameo and maybe a tank bodysuit, it maybe more fun instead of “STUFFY” !

    Thank you for the helpful advice. Please accept this as my submission for the giveaway.

  2. add a little bit of shine and sparkle to your face with Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick in Beach….perfect for summer!

  3. I’ll be using Kiel’s Super Fluid UV Defense all summer while I am running. The participation medals will create some sparkle and shine in the photos after the races. : )

  4. I plan to Sparkle & Shine this Summer by being all about the accessories, and I LOVE Tarina Tarantino! You will always find me with earrings, a matching bracelet and if not too overdone a coordinating necklace. I am defnintely all about the bling!! I am looking for a good shimmer lotion for weekend party nights if you have any suggestions, I need more shimmer to accentuate my summer tan!

  5. I’ll be getting pedicures (especially since I can’t reach my toes now) with a little glittery shimmer to sparkle maybe on the next visit. I just went last week and didn’t even think about sparkling, but now your blog has reminded me to sparkle this summer. Thanks miss!

  6. Well, I have to say the super cute Tarina Tarantino flower clip would be the perfect addition to my favorite new necklace. ALSO by Tarino Tarantino!!! (which happens to be my favorite birthday gift from yours truly: Christie Moeller – favorite fashion stylist) The 2 accessories together would really make me sparkle this summer. I also like to add a little body shimmer lotion. My favorite is Michael Kors scented bronzing stick.

  7. I will shine and sparkle from head to toe by using Chi shampoo and conditioner, Jergons shine lotion, using SPF 30 whenever I go out in the sun for protection and using a little sparkle blush to get that sun-kissed look. My lips will have sparkle lip gloss. My nails and toes are polished by Cute Nails in a cute sparkle stripe.

  8. I plan to shine this summer by doing Little Acts of Kindness for strangers. For example, maybe buy a person a Starbucks. It can even be as simple as smiling. Sometimes we all forget to the small stuff. To me I love to shine but I start within myself. Then I put shimmer on so I really shine:)