Get Your Hands Up for Press-On Nails, Faux Cuticle Tattoos and Midi Rings


Get your hands up!

This season the bling has moved from the wrist a la last seasons’ bangle stacking trend to the fingers in three new and avant garde ways that work hand in hand!

Press-On Nails, Faux Cuticle Tattoos and Midi Rings.

These aren’t those cheesy press-on nails your mom wore in the 80s.  These nails are kitschy, fun, easy to apply and durable! My favorites come from the collaboration of fashion favorite House of Holland and Elegant Touch Nails. Fab and quirky fashion designer Henry Holland brings a touch of his renowned sense of humor to your fingertips with the House of Holland by Elegant Touch collection. Whether your passion is for sweets, geeks, playing games or matters of the heart,  trick out your talons with nail art designs inspired by House of Holland’s  London Fashion Week collections.


ONE: House of Holland X Elegant Nails Geek Chic Faux Nail Set

TWO: House of Holland X Elegant Nails Sweet Tooth Nail Set

THREE: House of Holland X Elegant Nails Game Changer Nail Set

FOUR: House of Holland X Elegant Nails Heart Breaker Nail Set


Remember those tattoos you got in your Cracker Jack box as a kid?  Well, Faux Cuticle Tattoos are the grown up version of those. These easy to apply transfers come in decorative shapes and patterns that add flair to the skin just under your nail. Equal parts edgy and eye-catching, cuticle tattoos take the basic mani up a few notches in just minutes. Just like you did as a kid- cut your tattoo out, press it to your skin and apply water to the back. The backing will come right off leaving the design on your skin.  I like to rock this trend on the subtle side by adding these to just a few nails, be careful not to overdo it by putting them on every one.



Available at

Midi Rings much like midi dresses, which stop between your knee and ankle, midi rings are meant to be worn midway between the tip of your finger and your first knuckle.  They can be worn on any finger, look fantastic when you combine different metals and because they are so dainty they are perfect for doubling or even tripling up!  They come in a ton of styles which are fun to mix and match from thin and wide bands to chevron shapes, girly cute bows and bedazzled gems.


ONE: ASOS Multi-pack rings

TWO: Holly V Midi Ring

THREE: Hey Honey Midi Ring Set

FOUR: Love Midi Ring Pack

Which of these trends are you going rock on your digits this season?

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  1. LOVE this post. I can’t stand long nails so the press on ones are not for me, even though they are super cute. I’m totally in to those cuticle tattoos! I just saw them in Instyle an NEED them. And I want to love Midi rings but my man hands do not look good in them. 🙁 I’ll keep trying them on until I find one that works though!

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