Getting Lippy with butterLONDON


Continuing with my Earth Month posts is something new from a brand that is two of my favorite things: British AND Eco-concious!


butter LONDON was founded by She-Brit Sasha Muir.  On moving to the US she was shocked at the number of toxic ingredients in cosmetic products.  She saw the need for a new brand of  hand and nail-care products that combined high fashion and health, and set about building what is today, a premier British fashion brand.”

“London’s leading manicurist & nail trend spotter, Nonie Creme, joined butter LONDON and Sasha to help complete a complete range of hand and nail-care products without chemical nasties.”  All butter LONDON nail lacquers are 3 Free.

What is 3 Free? 3 Free means that  all the bad chemicals commonly used in nail lacquer that are toxic/carcinogenic- formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP have been removed.  butter LONDON lacquers are also Vegan and cruelty free.

Each season butter LONDON is backstage at Fashion Week collaborating with top designers and developing custom nail lacquer on the spot!  While backstage at Fashion week this  year butterLONDON discovered that one of the biggest trends for Spring Summer 2012 was a matchy, matchy manicure, pedicure and lips.

Enter butterLONDON’s LIPPY.  British slang for someone who makes impertinent or cheeky remarks- LIPPY is a range of long wearing lacquer-like lip glosses in shades to match butterLONDON’s  famous nail lacquers.

LIPPY products do not contain parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sulphates or bismuth and like their lacquer cousins are Vegan and cruelty free.

LIPPY launches this month in shades to match 5 of butterLONDON’s hautest lacquer colors  all named with butterLONDON’s signature use of cheeky British slang: 

Primrose Hill Picnic- a happy, punchy, tropical, fushia pink.

Definition: Primrose Hill is a famous park in North west London frequented by Rock stars, yummy mummies, actors and paparazzi.

Snog- a bright, happy, hot pink.

Definition: To Snog is to kiss passionately or “make out”.

Teddy Girl- a pale retro, bubblegum pink.

Definition: “Teddy Girls and Boys” were a youth culture movement in Britain typified by teens, fighting, drinking, shagging and then fighting some more.

Trout Pout- an opaque shade of cantaloupe.

Definition: Cruel slang for a woman who has “over done” the collagen in her lips, leaving her with a rather fishy face.

Yummy Mummy- A medium beige color that is stunning on every skin color.

Definition: Brit slang for impossibly slim, beautiful “stay at home moms” the Brit equivlent to U.S. MILFs

butterLONDON wants you to get Lippy this Season!

One lucky winner will receive a Lippy Gloss and Matching Nail Lacquer!

To Enter:

First, if you haven’t already, either “LIKE” us on Facebook or subscribe VIA EMAIL (links to both can be found on the top right side of sidebar).

Then, leave a comment on this post between April 8 and April 14th telling me your favorite LIPPY remark (what you say when you are feeling exceptionally cheeky).

 Good Luck and Thanks for Reading.

For additional entries use the button below to “SHARE” on Facebook and Twitter.

Last weeks lucky winners are: Saks Gift Basket: Alex K and Stila Solar Mirror: Courtney Juarez.  Congrats!



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  1. If I am not getting great customer service somewhere, if the person is being obviously rude to me, I will say, “well aren’t you being sweet?” Very sarcastically. Cheeky. Lippy.

  2. My mother used to tell me I was getting “Lippy” and she didn’t mean pouty full lips!! This was many many years ago. Guess the term has been around. Great colors.

  3. When offering friends bites of my food, I always say “ask your mouth how that tastes”. They always react like I said something naughty…

  4. Zip it. People never know quite how to react. Love all the “lippy” names – Snog sounds so much hipper than Kiss, doesn’t it?

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